Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


25. Chapter 22

~Hailey POV~

I woke up the next morning with arms around my waist. At first i was shocked then I remebered i spent the night with Louis last night. I got out of his grip and wet downstairs careful to be quiet so i didnt wake anyone up. I checked the time on the stove and it read 11:00. Everyone else must have stayed up pretty late last night. Im not sure if Britney and Rebecca stayed over here. Well i guess i will find out because im gonna call them and get them up. I started with Rebecca. I queitly went back upstairs and grabbed my phone. Louis was still sound asleep snorring. When i reached the kitchen i pulled up Rebecca's contact and pressed the call button. I heard Smile by Avril Lavigne. Thats Rebeccas ringtone because thats her favorite song(it really is my favorite song). I heard a loud crash from upstairs.


~Niall POV~

Last night the girls just decided to stay over here. Me and Rebecca fell asleep around 1:30. Im not sure what time the others fell asleep. All i know is when i fell asleep, Hailey and Louis were laughing and talking. I was dreaming about Tour when Avril Lavigne started singing during our concert. What the hell?? What is Avril Lavigne doing singing at our concert?? Who does she think she is?? Huh?? How dare she?? She has no buisness here!! This is One Directions concert!! Not hers!! She can go sing at her own concert!!(Im sure Niall would never be this rude...but when i was writing this i made my sister choke because she was laughing so hard while drinking water...I also love Avril Lavigne so no offense to her). I felt the bed move ALOT. I jumped up and Rebecca was on the floor. She jumped up and started fumbling with her phone. She yelled into it "What the fudge monkeys do you want hailey?!" She huffed then pressed the end call on her phone. "What was that about?" I asked her. "Hailey wanted to know where I was" "Oh, well i wont be able to go back to sleep now" I said getting out of bed. I walked to the doorway and held my hand out to Rebecca. She smiled and took it.


~Britney POV~

I was dreaming about a unicorn in my bed and i was fighting with it trying to get it out because i wanted to take a nap. It refused to leave. Then i heard 'LALALALALALA' in my ear. I screamed in Zayns ear because it scared me. Zayn rolled of the bed and since i was in his arms i went with him. I jumped up and turned my phone off. I grabbecd the pillows off the bed along with the blanket. I layed down next to Zayn and fell back alseep.


***3 sdh0oqued na;aye&&& hours later***

~Rebecca POB~!

Its 2:00 and Britney and Zayn still arent up. They must have stayed up pretty late last night. The question is...doing what?? I walked upstairs and didnt see them in bed. I noticed all the covers and pillows were gone. I walked around to the other side of the bed and saw Zayn and Britney sleeping on the floor snuggling. I pulled out my phone and took a picture. I put it on Twitter saying 'Well @Britney_Young and @zaynmalik have clothes on and arent sweaty so i guess there just snuggling. The question is...Why on the floor??' I went up to Britney and licked her face. She hates when i do that. Her eyes shot open. I ran for my life and screamed. I heard Zayn yell "Britney dont kill her" I ran downstairs and everyone was staring at me. Britney tackled me to the ground and spit on my face. Zayn pried her off of me and i wiped my face on Nialls shirt. He took it off and threw it at Britney. I walked over to the pantry and took out some gold fish. "Why do you have goldfish?" Niall asked me. "Because i want them for breakfast" I said shoving a handful in my mouth. he just shook his head and laughed. I put the gold fish in a cup. Everyone was watching TV in the living room. I finished my goldfish and layed down right in the middle of the living room floor. "What are you doing?" Liam asked. "Sleeping" I responded. He laughed. I actually did fall asleep too. I was having a dream about a zombie apocalypse. Britney was running into a mob of them. "Britney what the fuck are you doing?!? Do you want to die?!" I screamed. She was attacked and they ate her. "Okay obvouisly you do" i said. I woke up and everyone had a confused look on there face. "What?" I asked. "What were you dreaming about?" Britney asked. "Was i sleep talking?" I asked. Everyone nodded. "I had a dream that we were in a zombie apocalypse and you ran into a mob of zombie thats why i said 'Britney what the fuck?!?! do you want to die?!?' and then they ate you so i said 'Obviouly you do' then i walked off." "So i died and you just left, you didnt cry or anything you just walked off?" Brit asked. "Yupp" I answered truthfully. I got up and walked into the kitchen. "Hey Niall?" I yelled. "Yeah" He yelled back. "Do you have any brownie mix?" "Yeah. Look on the top shelf" I reached up but i wasnt tall enough so i some how knocked the box off the shelf and it landed on the floor. I had the brownie mix made and it was a huge bowl so its gonna make tons of brownies. I dropped a metal spachula on the ground. "What was that?" Liam asked. "A spatula" i yelled. "Clutz"Hailey said. "How about you shut the hell up?" "God no need to be so bitchy" she said.  I took the metal spatula and threw it at her. I missed just barely. Hailey jumped up and Niall mumbled "oh god this is gonna be bad". Hailey slapped me in the face. I kicked her in the stomach and went and grabbed the brownie mix. I dumped it over her head. Luckliy it was in the kitchen so it wouldnt stain the floor. The boys stood there with there mouths open with shock, well except Niall because hes used to it. "I told you guys" Niall said. Hailey got up and swung at me. i ducked and we bothe slipped in the brownie mix so we were wrestling on the floor. We were slapping each other and pulling hair. Britney came to go break us up but Hailey slapped her in the face so we were all fightin agaisnt each other now. "Niall what do we do?" Liam asked. "Nothing. Theres no use in pulling them apart" He said calmly. All the boys turned to Niall who was still on the couch watching TV. "what" Louis asked. "They will stop eventually. Just leave them alone" We fought for about another 5 minutes then us girls just started cracking up. We were all laying on the kitchen floor laughing really hard. "Thats it. Your done?" Zayn asked. We nodded. "That was a terrible waste of brownie mix" I said. "yupp" Britney said. Hailey got up and said "Im gonna go home and take a shower" Louis went with her. Me and Britney were covered in brownie mix, not as much as Hailey but we still had alot on us. Britney Got up and kissed Zayn. He had brownie mix on his lips now and hand prints on the sides of his face from Brits hands. She started licking it off he laughed.  I got up and gave Niall a hug. He was still shirtless. "You girls better clean that up" Liam said. Britney and I started licking the floor. "WITH A MOP" Liam yelled. "Your a pooface" I told him while sticking my tongue out at him. I went and grabbed the mop.I started mopping the floor. When all the brownie mix was cleaned up i went upstairs to take a shower. I just grabbed some of Nialls clothes and put them on. Britney must have used the other shower because her hair was wet and she had a pair of Zayns sweats on and one of his shirt.


~Hailey POV~

I needed to go get this brownie mix of me so i went home to take a shower. I noticed Louis followed me. "Why are you following me?" I asked turning to look at him. We were halfway to my house. "I didnt want you to be lonley" He answered. I nodded and kept walking. "So do you guys always fight like that?" He asked. "Yeah, that was nothing though. You should see us get into one of our bad fights." "You guys get worse then that?!" He asked. "Oh yeah. Were terrible" I unlocked the front door and walked in. I walked upstairs Louis still following me. "Are you gonna follow me into the bathrrom to?" I asked laughing. "If you want me to" he said winking. "LOUIS" I yelled. I was blushing really bad. He just shrugged. I walked to the bathroom and shut the door. I also locked it not taking the chance of him walking in. I took a fast shower. I had to wash my hair twice just to make sure i got out all the brownie mix out. I put on blue shorts with white stars and a white shirt thats long sleved with a british flag on it. Louis was laying on my bed playing on his phone. I walked into my room while brushing my hair. I sat down on the bed next to him. "Ugh i want to french braid my hair but i cant do it to my own hair" I said with a fake pouty face. "I will do it for you" "You can french braid??" "I have 4 younger sisters. Ive learned how to do alot of things with girls hair" "Oh yeah thats right" He took the brush from me and gathered my hair. I started running my hand up and down his leg in a teasing way. "You are so mean:" He said. I laughed. I kept doing it and his grip on my hair got tighter. "Ouch" I said. "Well maybe you shouldnt get me all horny while im doing your hair" He answered back and we both started laughing. I didnt stop running myhand up and down his leg though. When he was done i turned around. "Thank you" I said brushing my lips against his. He closed the gap between us. He ran his tongue on my bottem lip asking for enterance and i accepted. He wrapped his arms around my waiste to pull me closer to him and i put my arms around his neck. he layed back so i was lying on top of him. He was ready to pull my shirt over my head before Rebecca walked in and said "Hailey Marie Chapel what are you doing?!" i sat up and said "Nothing!" She rolled her eyes and walked away. We went downstairs and everyone was trying to pick out a movie. "Hey lets watch Narnia, none of us boys have seen that except Niall" Loui suggested.(The boys probably have seen that....but me has a funny coming up). We put in Narnia and turned off the lights. Liam and Harry sat on the loveseat. The rest of us sat next to our girlfriends. Rebecca and Britney were sitting next to each other whispering things.


~Rebecca POV~

I whispered to Britney "Lets be dramatic during the movie" "What do you mean?" She asked. "Like when Lucy goes in the wardrobe say 'noooo dont go in the wardrobe' and do that like through the entire movie" "Good idea" When the movie started and the bombs were going off Britney yelled "oh my god get out of the house run do something!! Save your self forget the picture!!" Then when they were leaving there mother i said " is could they leave her?!" When Lucy went in the wardrobe Britney said "No Lucy dont go in there!! Your gonna die!!". When she came out and they didnt believe her i said "You dumbo poofaces!! How could you not believe her?!?! Shes telling the truth!!" The guys were staring at us and so were Hailey, but we continued trying not to laugh. When Edmond went with the white witch i said "No shes bad!! Shes going to pioson you and your gonna die!! How could you betray Lucy and Mr.Tomlinson??" "What" Louis said. "I meant Mr. Tommy" "Its Mr.Tomas" Britney said. "No its Mr.Tumnus" I said. "Oh yeah that" She said. We continuted through out the whole movie. When the movie ended Britney got up and walked to the coat closet. She opened the door and Zayn asked "Where are you going?" "To Narnia to tell Lucy that she needs to go home" She answered and walked it the closet and closed the door. We laughed and she came out and sat back down. "Lucy is home now:" She said. When the boys stood up to go home i jumped on Nialls back, Britney attatched herself to Zayns legs, and Hailey jumped into louis' arms bridle style. Zayn couldnt move with out tripping. When Louis tried to set Hailey down she didnt let go so he fell on her, then she jump back into his arms. I wouldnt let go of Niall. "What are you doing?" Loui asked. I answered with "I dont want you to leave" "Well i guess you guys could sleep over" Niall said. Me and Hailey cheered.


~Zayn POV~

I felt Britney slowly letting go and falling back. I looked down and her eyes were closed. Haha she fell asleep. "Im gonna take her to bed she fell asleep" I said picking Brit up. I carried her to her room and set her on her bed. Her arms were around my torso. I pulled up but she wouldnt let me go. She opened her eyes and said "We didnt promise Liam this time" She was faking her sleep. I smiled. She sat up and kissed me. I moved onto the be and deepened the kiss. I took her in my lap not breaking the kiss. She pulled off my shirt. I moved my lips to her neck. She moaned and dug her nails into my back. I smiled and pulled her shirt over her and threw it on the ground. She did the same to me and kissed up and down my jaw.

A/N im not going into detail on that cause i think its awkward for me to write, but im sure you get the point.... Zayn just took Britney's virginity.

kgkgmgggguohoih BYE ILL UPDATE LATA

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