Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


20. Chapter 19

~Niall POV~

The nurse led us to Rebecca and Britneys room. We walked in and i was really scared. They were both sleeping.

"They will wake up soon...they will probably wake up at different times. When one wakes up push the call button because they need pain medicine."

We all nodded and said okay. Luckily, the room was pretty big and there were 3 chairs on Britney's side of the room and there were 3 chairs on Rebecca's side of the room. I sat down in a chair and I pulled it up to the side of Rebecca's bed. Zayn did the same to Britney. We would exchange worried looks every so often. Britney started to move.

"Britney?" Zayn said in a questioning voice.

She mumbled something but none of us could make out what she was trying to say.

"What was that?" Zayn asked.

"My body hurts everywhere"

"Im gonna push the call button for you" Zayn pushed the call button just as he was instructed.

The nurse walked in and told us of all her injuries. 1.Broken leg  2.Concussion  3. A cut that is like 3-4 inches on her right arm has stitches 4. Dislocated shoulder She gave her some pills.

"Now she might get a sure how to say this. She is gonna act like she's on laughing gas. Its gonna seem like she is on drugs. Im just telling you this now so you don't think its an allergic reaction" She told us.

What is that supposed mean? Well I guess were gonna find out.


~Zayn POV~

After around 5 minutes Britney started acting wierd. Like it was exactly like the nurse explained it.

"Haha guess what?" she said

"What?" i said smiling and half laughing.

"I can see noises"

"Really?" I said sounding interested, im holding back my laughter.

"Yeah" Niall tapped the bedside table.

"What was that?" He asked.

"I don't know but I saw it!!" She almost yelled.

"Well where was it?" Louis asked.

"I don't know but I saw it with my own eyeballs I swears"

None of us could hold back the laughter anymore. We all started laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" She asked.

"You" Harry responded.

"What is wrong with me?" she asked worried.

"Nothing babe your just acting funny"

"Oh well, what's wrong with my Bubecca?" she asked.

"She's sleeping" Niall said.

"Well get her up she cant sleep no more, WUBECCA GET UP!!"

"Shhh" We all said.

"Why?" She asked still being loud.

"Because we are in the hospital" I said softly.

"Well that's dumb, why are we here?"

"Because you and Rebecca got in a car crash."

"So it was like vroom vroom crash?" She asked with a straight face.

How does she do that?

"Yes like vroom vroom crash"

I was laughing so hard I had tears coming down my face.

"Why are you crying Zayn?" Brit asked.

"Im not crying"

"Yeah you are"

"No im not im just laughing really hard that im crying"

" no get it"

We all just smiled. I think she's so cute. I know I haven't been dating her that long but I really like her, maybe even love. I know that sounds crazy but its true.

"Im hungry" Hailey said.

"Yeah can we go eat something?" Louis said.

"Yeah lets go get something to eat, is it okay if we leave for a little bit?" I asked Britney.

"Yeah I guess"

"Okay, Niall are you coming?"

"No im not hungry" He said.

You can tell he is really taking this hard. He has never passed up some food. I haven't seen him laugh only smile for a split second. We all decided on Nandos and the nurse said we could bring Britney with us surprisingly. As long as she was only out for less then 30 minutes because the medicine will wear off and she would need some more. We decided we would get the food to go. We left after saying goodbye to Niall.


~Niall POV~

When Zayn asked me if i was hungry i said no. I dont feel like eating anything. I just want Rebecca to wake up. I just got her back and now i feel like im losing her again. I still dont know what all of her injuries are. I know she has 2 broken ribs, concussion, and a broken arm. I dont know if she had to get stiches anywhere. I cant believe this happened to her. Who would do this?

I decided to watch some TV so I found the remote. I channel surfed until I found Twilight. I started watching it. It wasn't too bad of a movie. Everyone came back with there food and we had call the doctor so he could hook Britney back up to all the machines.

"She's still not up?" The doctor asked.


"Well we have a medicine that we can give her to help wake her up faster but im not gonna guarantee it will work. It depends on how bad she got hit in the head."

"Can we still try it?'' I asked desperate for her to wake up.

"I will be back in, in a second" He walked out and came back in with a shot.

He put it in her arm.

"If she doesn't wake up within another hour then press the call button"


***45 minutes after the shot***

Its been 45 minutes since the doctor gave her the shot. im really worried now. Britney is still on the drugs the nurse gave her. I seriously wonder what that stuff is because it sure does have an effect on people. Someone mumbled something. I looked away from the Tv screen and everyone was looking confused.

"Wubecca is up" Britney said.

"My side hurts" Rebecca said.

Thank gosh she was up. I pressed the call button. The doctor walked in with the same shot he gave Britney.  Rebecca's eyes widened. She doesn't like needles at all.

"When am I allowed out of here? Wait, what even happened? Why am I here? Can i have some apple juice?"

The doctor answered her with "You can get out of here maybe tomorrow or the next day. You and Britney got in a car crash. Your here because you have 2 broken ribs, a serious concussion, a broken arm, and a large cut on your leg that has stitches. Yes you can have apple juice but someone needs to go get it for you"

"Well why is there a needle in your hand?" She asked

"Its pain medicine for you"

"There aint no way your gonna get that needle in me, I think I can deal with the pain"

"Rebecca please" I begged.

"Niall you should be the one on my side" She said.

"No I cant not with this, you need the medicine. I cant put you threw that much pain" She sighed as in giving up.

"I am not going to let that man put a needle in me" She yelled.

"I can get her a swallow pill if that will work." the doctor said.

"Um...can I talk to you outside?" I asked.

"Sure" the doctor said.

We stepped outside and I asked him "Is there a way we could give it to her in her apple juice?"

"You know that is actually quite a good idea, I forgot we could do that. There is a way, it's just pricy."

"Okay let's do it. Money is definitely not an issue"

The doctor went and got the medicine and I went to get the apple juice. We met back in front of the room and we put the dissolvable tablet in the drink. We shook it up and let it fully dissolve before I walked in and gave the apple juice to Rebecca.

"This tastes funny" She said.

Great. She knows.

"Its apple juice from the hospital. What do you expect?" I said.

"Good point" She drank the rest.

I didn't think that would actually work. I could tell the drug kicked in because she was lauging out of no where. It was 3:00 now.

'"I want a fishy. Niall can I have a fishy?"

"Uh...i guess" I answered.

"I feel weird." She started poking her face.

"Am I poking my face or is this someone else's face?"

We all started laughing.

"Its your face" Britney said.

I was looking at Rebecca. Wow was she beautiful. Im so glad that she's gonna be okay. I don't know what I would do if I lost her permanently because I just got her back. I was knocked out of my trance.

Rebecca was saying "Why are you staring at me, is there something on my face?"

"No, there's nothing on your face" I said laughing.

"Britney is there something on my face?" She asked Britney.

"Yeah, its right there" She responded.

"Right where? Niall get it off!!"

"Rebecca there is nothing on your face. I swear"

"But Britney said there was"

"Well Britney was just kidding"


Rebecca and Britney started having a contest of who could make the weirdest noise. Those girls were really strange. Visiting hours ended at 5:00. They let Zayn and I stay as long as we were comfortable sleeping in chairs. The girls fell asleep around 6:00.  Zayn and I had a really long conversation that ended around 7:30. We both ended up falling asleep in those really uncomfortable chairs. I have no idea how but it happened.


A/N: Sorry its short. Im not exactly sure what to write, plus my sister put me in a depressing mood today so yeah sorta hard to write.

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