Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


19. Chapter 18

(A/N: Hey guys sorry about the last chapter...i figured out what to write now soooo yeah. This is the real chapter 18...oh can you read my best friends book London Love? Its sorta a mix of a Zayn and Niall fan fiction. Shes thinking of taking it down but its soo good and i dont want her to take it down. So i really do encourage you to read it.)

~Louis POV~

I was the first to wake up the next morning. It was 9:00. Why was i up so early? I tried to go back to sleep but i just couldnt. I decided i would take a shower. I hopped into the warm water. It was so relaxing. I got out and shook my hair like a dog. I wore gray and white striped shirt with some black pants. I put on a pair of gray toms and went downstairs. I grabbed some toaster waffles and put them in the toaster. I went upstairs to grab my phone. I had a text message from Haliey.

'Can i spend the day with you and the boys?'

'Of course you can :) what about Rebecca and Britney?'

'They are going to the pet store'


'Brit wants 2 hermit crabs and Rebecca wants 2 fish'

'Ok...thats a bit strange. Come over whenever you want'

'Okay i shall be over in 5'

'Haha okay'

My waffles popped up signaling they were ready to be sent to the end of there waffle lives. I finished my waffles and put my plate in the sink when there was 3 knocks on the door. It must be Hailey. I opened the door and she came in.

"Are you the only one up?"

"Yeah...the boys are still asleep. So why exactly did the girls want fish and hermit crabs?" I asked confused on why they would want them.

"Britney wants to get 2 so she can name them Scott and Allison off of Teen Wolf and Rebecca wants 2 so she can name them Kovu and Kiara off of her favorite movie the Lion King"

"Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, to be exact" Someone said behind us.

Hailey and I turned around and Niall was coming down the stairs.

"Good morning" Hailey and I said together.

"Morning" He seemed to be really happy.

"You seem to be happy this morning"

"Yeah" he said smiling.

"And why is that?" I asked confused.

Hailey ended my confusion by saying "Um...he and my sister are now officially dating. In my opinion its about time. When they were in High School Niall would always be like I like Rebecca and Rebecca would always be like I like Niall and I was like omg just go out already. Niall never did grow a pair and ask her out. Im glad he finally did."

Niall and I were a bit shocked at the last part but after a few seconds we looked at each other and started laughing.

"Its true" Hailey yelled over us laughing.

I guess we woke up all the others because they all came rushing down the stairs. First Liam, then Zayn, then Harry. They all mumbled 'morning' considering they were all still quite tired. Me, Hailey, and Niall all said our 'good mornings' back.

I sat on the couch and Hailey sat on my lap. I put my arm around her and she put an arm around my shoulders. I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back immediately. The kiss turned passionate. She had her fingers in my wet hair. We were interrupted by someone clearing there throat. We looked up and Liam was standing there.

"No PDA in the living room."

"Liam you already said that about the kitchen" Hailey said.

"I am fully aware of that"

"Well where are we allowed to show public displays of affection?" I asked.

"In your bedroom" Liam said.

I could tell he realized that was a mistake because he instantly added "Just kidding"

I still asked Hailey "Do you want to go into my room so we can be alone?"

"Yes" We got up and started walking.

"Get back here children!!" Liam yelled.

We stopped and turned around.

"Will you allow us to stay in the living room Liam?" Hailey asked.

"Yes just keep it under control please" We walked back to the living room and sat back down exactly the way we did before.

"Hey are you guys even official yet?" Harry asked.

"You know now that you mention it. Hailey would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" I asked sort of nervous.

I was relieved when she said "I would love to Louis"

She kissed me gently. We were interrupted by gagging noises. It was Zayn.

"Really Zayn? You and Britney are probably worse then us" I said.

"Im proud to say that we are" He responded.

"Hey do you know what the girls are doing today?" Niall asked joining all of us in the living room.

"They are going to the pet store" Hailey answered.

"Why?" He asked.

"Brit is getting 2 hermit crabs named Scott and Allison and Rebecca is getting 2 fish named Kovu and Kiara."

Zayn and Niall looked confused.

"Its strange I know but they were both whining last night about how they wanted them. I told them it was a bad idea because Britney cant keep hermit crabs alive very long and Rebecca's cat Taz is going to eat her fish but yeah she doesn't care."

We all ended up talking about random things, at one point we were talking about dog toys and i have no idea how we came to get on that subject because there were currently no dogs or dog toys around.


~Britneys POV~

I was the last to wake up this morning. Rebecca was downstairs watching the movie Red Dawn. I hopped in the shower. I got out and didnt feel like doing my hair so i just left it.

"Hey when are we leaving for the pet store?" Rebecca already had tanks for our new pets because Rebecca has had TONS of fish, like 3 or 4 salamanders, and more fish. We got the tanks out of storage. We just need food, stuff for the tank, and most importantly the fish and hermit crabs.

"We can leave now if you want?"


It was 12:00. We decided to take my car. I grabbed my phone and put it in my purse. I grabbed my car keys and we went out the door. Rebecca said Hailey was spending the day with the boys and already knew what me and her were doing today. We headed off and started driving down the road.

We were stopped at an intersection and the light turned green. We drove and we were in the middle of the intersection.

Rebecca yelled "Oh my god"

I felt the car jerk and we started rolling. It was all a huge blur. My life flashed before my eyes. My birthdays, family, friends,....Zayn. Roll after roll after roll the car went through the intersection hitting other cars on its way. There was glass from windshield and Rebecca's window. The car rolled 4 times and was continuing to roll when everything went back.


~Rebecca POV~
Brit and I were driving to the pet store when some idiot had to run a red light going really fast. He hit my side and i blacked out on impact. I hope Brit is okay. I hope im okay. I swear if that person killed me i will find them and haunt them for the rest of there life.


~Hailey POV~

We were all talking about what we were gonna do for the rest of the summer, oh yeah Rebecca and Britney are staying for the rest of the summer now, when i got a phone call. It was an unknown number.

"Who is it?'' Louis asked. I just shrugged my shoulders. P=Person


P-Hi is this Hailey Chapel, Rebecca Chapel's sister?

I was starting to get worried now

H-Yes who is this?

P-Im Sandy. Your sister and Britney Young have been in an accident.

I was starting to tear up now.

H-Are they okay? Where? What happened? Please tell me they are okay!!

I said letting the first tear slip. All the boys looked worried and were looking at each other now.

P-Yes they are in the hospital. They are currently both in surgery getting stitches and glass out from the wreck. They will be able to have visitors when they come out.

I couldn't even say anything I just started silently crying.

P-Have a great day, im sorry.

With that i hung up. Everyone was silent. I broke down in tears.

"Rebecca and Britney go into an accident."I continued

"They are in surgery. They can have visitors when they come out. She said they are okay but if the need surgery then-"

I couldn't say anymore. Niall had tears falling down his cheeks but quickly wiped them away. Zayn was tearing up. He was pacing with his hands in his hair.

"Can we go wait for them to come out of surgery?" Niall asked.

We all agreed and piled into one car. We had to pass and intersection to get to the hospital. I saw Britney's car.

"That's Britney's car." I said.

It looked bad. There was pieces of the car everywhere. It was all smashed. The windshield was gone and so were all the windows. Zayn was driving and the clutched the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turned white. He started to let the tears go.

When we arrived at the hospital we all got out of the car as fast as we could. We went to the waiting room. After 10-15 minutes a nurse came in.

A nurse finally asked "Anyone here for Rebecca Chapel and Britney Young?"

All of us jumped up and she said "We put them in the same room so they would be more comfortable, and it a good thing we did there is quite a few of you."

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