Thought I was Forgotten

Isn't it funny how they say love will always find a way? That cant possibly be true. Niall and Rebecca were best friends. Until the day when Niall decided to live his dream. He left for X-Factor right after the huge fight. Niall said he could never forget about the girl he loved, but he did. She thought she was forgotten.


13. Chapter 13

~Zayn POV~

I woke up with my head pounding. I barely remember what happened last night. I went into the kitchen to look for some asprin. All the boys were down there. When i came into view.

Louis said "Asprin's on the counter".

I bet they all had to take some. We got so drunk last night. I remember everything until we started drinking. I sat down on the couch next to Niall. We started watching SpongeBob.


~Britney POV~

I woke up and realized what happened last night. I need to talk to Rebecca. Her and Niall need to patch things up and move on.  Rebecca was watching an episode of Teen Wolf.

"Hey what episode is that?" I asked.

"Umm its the one that Scott thinks that Derek a.k.a. my husband is dead, but he's not. The new one is on next."

"Oh ok, let me get some asprin then I will come watch it with you."


I went and got some asprin from the medicine cupboard. I hate taking pills, if they are big i freak out. Luckily asprin isn't a big pill. I took some water and kept it in my mouth so I could take the pill. I put the pill in my mouth and I held it there getting ready to swallow.

Rebecca yelled "Hurry up the episode is ending!! I swear to the holy forest monkeys of the trees that you are the slowest pill taker ever."

She stretched out the 'R'.

"Okay okay im coming"

I swallowed my pill and went back into the living room. Right when I sat down the episode started. Hailey was still sleeping so she's gonna have to watch it when it comes back on tonight.


~Niall POV~

Since Rebecca and I's houses are so close you can hear if theres screaming or yelling over there. We were watching the news now because spongebob ended. There was a huge section over what happened backstage last night. There was even a video. I cant believe what the press is capable of. There was also news over the after party. We were all drunk and there was 3 girls with us of course they are gonna think we are dating, but really the only ones dating are Britney and Zayn.

There was a section over two guys who break into peoples houses and sometimes murder people after they get what they want. That kind of stuff isn't normal here. When we get a robber here it's weird, but a robber who murders people to. They say the robbers/murders are from Dublin so I guess that's why they are here. I don't think anyone will get hurt here though. They will probably just pass on through.

 After that ended we heard screaming at Rebecca's house. We saw a guy in all black close the door behind him. Those guys are next door. All the boys realized it too.

"Liam call the police!!" I yelled.

I ran out the door and all the boys except Liam followed because he was on the phone. We ran over there and burst through the door. Britney was pinned up against the wall with a gun to her head. Rebecca was in the kitchen trying to stop the other guy. When we came through the door he grabbed her and put a knife to her throat.

"Come any closer and they are both dead" One of the guys said. Both the girls were crying. All us boys were near tears.

"What do you want? We can give you any amount of money you want." Zayn said.

"You cant possibly give us the amount of money we want." The other guy said.

"Yes we can" Louis said.

"We are a world famous boy band." Harry said.

They guys looked at each other. Here was our chance. Zayn and Louis went for Britney and me and Harry went for Rebecca. We heard a gun shot. The guy shot Zayn in the shoulder. The other man holding Rebecca started to cut her throat but harry lunged for the knife. The guy cut her on the side of the neck. We heard sirens outside. Louis had a hold a guy. Rebecca's neck was bleeding really badly. So was Zayn's shoulder. The cops came through the door with Liam.


~Rebecca POV~

I cant believe the boys saved us. Im going to have to forgive Niall now. It's not that I don't want to forgive Niall, it's just that I'm afraid to get hurt again. The robbers were in the cop car and they could no longer hurt anyone. 

Niall and Britney were in the ambulance with me. Louis went to wake up Hailey and they are behind Zayn's ambulance which has Harry and Liam in it. When we got to the hospital Zayn had to go into immediate surgery. I had to get stitches. When they finished bandaging my neck everyone came in my room.

"Are you okay?" Niall asked

"No im not okay!! Those fucking bastards interrupted the new Teen Wolf episode!!" I yelled.

Everyone laughed except me.

"Its not funny, it was just getting to the good part." I said.

"well how about we watch it when it comes on tonight." Britney said.


I got released an hour later. Zayn got out of surgery and we went to go see him. He got stitches too. We all got out of the hospital an hour before Teen Wolf started.

"Come on guys lets hurry up and go watch teen wolf, I have to see my husband come back to life" I said. Niall and I haven't haven't officially made up yet but we were talking at least. We all piled into one car and trust me it was hard. When we got to Nialls house Liam said something to Niall and I knew it was about me because Niall started walking towards me.

"Can we talk?" Niall asked

"Yeah I guess but make it fast because we have 17 minutes until Teen Wolf starts."

"Okay well, about last night-"

I cut him off by saying "Its fine I should have listened. I was just being stubborn and I should have forgave you last night" He just smiled.

"Okay. I really am sorry though"

"What did I say about that word hmm?"

"That it doesn't mean anything anymore, its pointless, and pathetic"

"That's right now lets go watch teen wolf" I said smiling.

We hugged then I sat next to him on the couch. Britney was sitting next to me. Zayn had his arm around her and she had her head on his shoulder. They are seriously like too cute. Niall had his arm around me but in a brotherly like way. Louis was sharing the recliner with Hailey and Liam was sitting on the other side of Zayn.


~Britney POV~

After all that has happened today i think i deserve some Teen Wolf also some ice cream.

"I want some ice cream" I said.

"Oooo me tooz" Rebecca said.

"Liam will you help me get ice cream for everybody?" Niall asked

"Yeah sure"

They were both starting to stand up when Rebecca grabbed Niall.

She said "On commercial, its getting intense."

"Whatever you say queen Rebecca" Niall said sarcastically.

"NO!! Britney is the queen!! Im the princess." Rebecca yelled.

 Everyone jumped at her tone, but we all laughed anyway.

"Fine princess Rebecca" Niall said laughing.

When commercial came Niall and Liam got up a to get the ice cream.

"We have chocolate ice cream so looks like everyone is getting chocolate" Liam yelled from the kitchen.

I like chocolate so that's fine. When we got our ice cream Teen Wolf was just coming back on. We all ate the ice cream really fast.

"Me has a tummy ache, Niall make it go away" Rebecca said.

"You were the one who wanted ice cream, that was a stupid mistake for someone who is lactose and tolerant. But I guess I could find some of your old medicine I doubt my mom got rid of it" Niall got up to go look for whatever he was looking for.

Before he left I said "Get me some too"

Im lactose and tolerant also. Me and Rebecca's tummy aches went away and Teen Wolf ended.

We were gonna go home but Zayn said "I would feel safer if you guys slept over here"

All the boys agreed. Niall has two guest rooms so we decided that I would sleep in one and Hailey would sleep in the other. Niall was gonna sleep on the couch. Of course Rebecca wouldn't let him.

Rebecca argued "No your not"

'What?" Niall asked.

"Your sleeping in your room"

"But you sleeping in there"

"Yeah so? Its not like we never slept in the same bed Niall. We've had sleep overs before and last time I checked we always shared a bed"

"Fine" Niall finally gave in.

After that we all got changed and went to bed.


A/N: Okay I know this chapter is sorta stupid and non-realistic but just go with it alright. Pleaseeeeee :)

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