Together Forever...

My name is Carly Jennings I loves a guy once but I had a bad start I'm really scared to love again.I find someone but will I ever learn to love again?


1. Flash Backs

-Flashback 2009- "Hi Carly." "Hey ." Ok so um... I may like a guy or I may not I really don't know at this point. "So Carly um I was wondering if uh maybe...." I cut him off "Yes I will!!" Ok well his name is Lucas I thought that maybe you should know. "Really great see you at Science then I really can't wait to work with you!"  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was asking me out,oh darn I guess thinking isn't my thing.*Later that day* "Ok so Carly pour the liquid into the tube it isn't that hard,here let me help you." Lucas  grabs my hand and pours the green liquid into the tube,he's so cute!!!! "Thanks." I said "No problem love." ok before you ask I live in Holmes Chapel if you don't know where that is look it up! "Carly umm I um would you like to get something to eat or drink or something after school?" he said. Ok Um OMG!!!  "Are you asking me on a date?" I asked "Uh yeah,Yeah I guess I am." OMG NO WAY THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER I LOVE LUCAS!!!

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