Aja Nielson has just settled into Pursentin Private school for girls, but Pursentin is no normal academy. They teach teen girls how to hunt hyprid witches. But when the Bonn festival rolls around hyprid witches and tourists follow... leaving the Pursentin Private school for girls to stay on track with the creatures. As Aja and her friends track vampire, werewolf, and witchs, soon things get complicated... as famillar faces show up in Germany not looking the same as Aja left them. And as the part of the past threatens to ruin Aja's present, she soon realises the past is never far behind...


2. the Burnitory

Chapter 2

I ran for a while, my adrenaline pumping before I even left the scene. The only people I saw were my sisters dragging back hybrid bodies in the shadows. I soon found a street of shops, most of them said closed on the front. I tried to stay quiet. I am invisible, no one can hear me, and no one can see me. Then I found my hybrids; a couple and they sneaking out into an alley way, by a little group of trees. Bingo. I pulled out my sword and snuck after them. My heart began to pound, and I was swept by an un none feeling…excitement? Was that really it? Oh my gosh, I was EXCITED to kill some hybrids? My mind was seriously messed up. Focus! Screamed a stricter voice at me, and I was sure it was Mr.Kaiser. I snuck up behind them using the dark trees to cover me. The swords too big. I told myself. Shit, I cursed and switched it with a dagger, slipping an extra one up into the pocket of my sleeve. Then I stepped on a twig. It snapped, and the hybrid senses of the girl came alive. “Did you hear that?” the strawberry blonde head of the hybrid looked up. They were talking in German, but I was fluent.  “It’s probably just the wind” I held my breath, not daring to breath. The girl shrugged and they continued kissing. I moved closer. Making sure I stepped on nothing, but I had disturbed my amount of surprise so the girl was listening for something. I put my right hand on the tree to steady myself. The girl pushed off the other hybrid. “Wait hold on…” I waited, he moved closer to her, and she put her hand up as he spoke. “Belle it’s probably an animal or something” she snapped at him. “Yeah that’s what people say in horror movies before they get caught!” he stepped closer, and put his hand out. “Come on it’s nothing” the girl wasn’t fooled. “Sh!” she hissed, and he was silent. I held my breath; this time actually for real, hybrids could hear breathing, so we were trained to hold our breaths up to minutes at a time. “It’s just because your new Belle, you’re just over reacting-“ she cut him off. “I am NOT overreacting Jake! I heard something!” but the guy wasn’t letting his girlfriend or whatever get to him, he leaned her against the wall and breathed on her neck. “I won’t let anyone hurt you Belle. I’m older you know” at first she tensed, and then relaxed as he pulled her into him. I let out a silent breath. I was going to kill whoever was closer, but the guy was older, I had to catch at least HIM by surprised. I switched my dagger into my left sleeve which was the trigger one that acted like a crossbow, and lifted my leg and stepped closer. The thump, thump of my heart beat forcefully in my chest, as it banged against my rib cage, as it pulsed. The darkness hung around me, as it blended me in the trees. (Pursentin girls wore shades and dark greens for a reason) I moved sideways so I could take aim to the guy, and pulled up my sleeve. I put my finger on the trigger, and waited. I took aim, pressing my wrist to the edge of my eye so I could see were the dagger would hit. He turned, and without hesitation I pulled the trigger, the dagger went flying. “Jake!” the girl screamed and dove in front of the dagger, to catch it… but she missed and it collided with her chest. I stepped forwards, as the guy stood stunned. I held up my other dagger and threw. Shit, the damn girl, the bloody girl who smelled of new blood, I had wasted a perfect shot on. I needed to get the older one! Quick or he’d be telling his friends of the girl he was bent on getting revenge on. I didn’t think, I snatched my other knife out and held it in front of me for protection as I stepped forwards. The girl dropped and curled up and waited as the wood hit her heart. The guy catches my flying dagger. Shit! I cursed and watched as he swat down and stroked the girl’s hair. “Sh my Belle, it’ll be over soon” the girl choked. “I heard something Jake” he nods, and the wood hits her heart and her eye’s turn blue. At least I know she wasn’t human. Her skin turns gray and she stops breathing. Jake slowly rises, he’s face burning with anger, and grief, his eyes turned demon like He growled and zipped towards me. Like a flash he was on top of me. I was on my back, but he thought I was a weak human, that just had good aim. I dodged his bite knowing it could do only harm to me and dug my herb soaked nails into his hip. He howled, and I threw him over my head. My knife came out and I drove it threw his chest. He winced and I yanked out my dagger, positioning it, and then he yanked out the knife and threw me across the alley way. I put out my hand and only landed awkwardly by the wall. If I didn’t brace myself I’d be knocked out now. I still gripped the wooden stake as he stalked towards me he’s stabbed skin already healed. I pushed myself off the wall, and threw my dagger at him. He dodged it and sweep to the right, but that was where I wanted him to go, because I faked my throw and now he was on the ground. He choked and coughed, then died as quick as Belle. I gasped a few breaths, and then collapsed on the pavement. Keep moving, said the drilling mode myself and I crawled to the bodies. I pulled out the bloody dagger and put it on my belt. The blood dripped down the side of my pants, but I ignored it. Then I moved on to the girl and pulled out her dagger. Her face bent in a sad face. She was young, said the soft side within me. I put that dagger on my belt and stood. I was aching with pain, which I ignored. I picked up the girl with my right hand and the boy with my left and started to drag them towards the woods. The reason Mr.Kaiser had picked this night to do our test was that it was the night before a day of rain, which would wash away most of our traces of blood and fights. I checked the time; 4:06 ! Crap!!!! I was half way across town, and there was NO way I could call a taxi. I started speed walking. You can NOT MISS THE VAN! I moved faster as panic flew into me, I pictured myself waving to the van already driving and shivered. I looked around for more of my sisters but no one was this far. Almost everyone was back when I reached our meeting place. I walked faster. I felt so stiff, like I hadn’t stretched. (Which I did if you’re wondering) I walked for what felt like hours, I tried glancing at the watch over and over again, a trick I learned to make time slowed. But it felt like it was only making it faster. I saw our meeting stop right ahead and it was 4:13, and I broke out into a run. I heard lots of. “Oh god, thank-you” and “You scared the crap out of us Aja” when everyone was hugging me, looking relief and Mr.Kaiser nodded at me for praise and read my time. “4:13. 59” then Char broke out. “Where’s Kai?” everyone looked around in silence. No one said anything deep in thought. “It’s okay girls she still has 1 minute” but that minute was the longest one of our lives. No one talked, or moved. She was the only one who hadn’t made it back. I swear I could hear the seconds ticked, then Mr.Kaiser shifted his weight. “I’m sorry girls’ times up” then he slammed the trunk and got in the front seat. We all starred around, and slowly got in the car. “Ladies not every one of you will all ways make it back” we fell silent. He turned on the car, and then we headed back to school. I shifted around in my seat way in the back. Poor Kai, I’d miss her. I stared out the window of the van, one of us hadn’t made it back in time… one of my sisters were gone. Then the rain started to fall. I knew my first test was over…

“Are you helping?” Else asked me, jogging up. “Yeah I guess” I shrug. Sorting through the bodies, great. “Fun times” I said sarcastically, Else laughs. “I heard we’ll be doing lots of tests while the Bonn Festival is going on, lots of hybrids” She flashes me an evil smile. I grin. I guess it won’t be THAT bad sorting dead bodies, at least hybrids don’t smell. Mr.Solberg caught up with me. “I can write your name down as volunteering right Aja?” I adjust my pile of books on my arm and breathe. “Yeah count me in” I fake a smile, and Mr.Solberg gives me a nod, that nod that tells me I’m not fooling him. “Great meet us at the Burnitory” I nod, the Burnitory was an old beat up barn where we burned the bodies. Alix comes up next to me, “I guess were partners” I roll my eyes. “Alix were ALWAYS partners” she laughs. “True” then we link arms and head to the barn.


I picked up Belle. My guilt was eating me. The bodies of hybrids don’t decompose, so she still smelled of perfume from the bath and body works. You know that place in the states. I get another whiff, she must be American. “That was yours wasn’t it?” the voice behind me says. I spin around. Jana leans against the parked truck by the barn. She points at the body with her hand. “I said, that one was yours wasn’t it?” I nodded slowly. “Jana I’m gonna be honest, I loved the chase, but the guilt…I swear it’s eating me!” I blurt, she doesn’t react. “Yeah well Carlene and Steffi killed a mother and daughter.” I never had stopped and thought about the lives of these creatures, I sort of just brushed it off… they could have feelings for all we know, they could be hybrids surviving on animal blood. We don’t know that. The guilt! Belle and her boyfriend we just talking they weren’t planning a mass murder, none of them were. They could be good people just coming into town for the festival. “Earth to Aja-this is Jana copy back” I blinked and shook myself. “I’m sorry what?” Jana signed and tried again. “I said yet again I might add, don’t let the guilt get to you, they could be worse than you think.” She points at me and picks up a body. “I think it already did though” I crack a tiny smile. “Yeah, it already did…” Jana flashes me a hope sign with her hand, putting the thumb in the middle of her palm. “Jana! Something’s moving come quick! Aja grab a weapon, some things rising!” I snatch a huge gun lying against the barn door and drop Belle. I move to the back of the truck and I see everyone surround it as the bodies’ stir. “Something’s alive” whispers Steffi, who like me is almost always on body job. I aim my gun. Mr.Kaiser has an herb sprayer and Mr.Solberg still clenches the clip board. My heat begins to beat faster as one body rises. She shakes her head. “I think I got a neck crap” she moves her head left to right. I don’t reckonise the figure and I’m about to shoot when someone yells. “Kai!?” Kai turns to the person. ‘Who’d you expect it was” she does a creepy voice. “A vampire?” the girl steps up. “Kai you scared the hell out of me!” then she hugs her. “Surprise” she grins. “So you were here the whole time?” Jana asks stepping up into the trunk. Mr.Kaiser lowers his herb sprayer and I put down my gun. “Yup” she looks sort of proud then turns to Mr.Kaiser. “I hope you don’t mind Mr.Kaiser but the van was gone before the truck and my clock was a little late, I thought I was on time. I was putting my bodies in the back over by the side when the van was driving away” she tugs as her lip. “So I jumped in here” she looks around the trunk, and then steps down. “I’m just happy hybrids don’t smell my bodies would probably creep me out to watch decay” she shivers and shakes a bit. “BodieS?” Beatrix looks at Kai, clearly asking about the plural of it. She nods. “Yeah I got 3, that’s why I took so long getting back” I hug her. “I’m just happy you’re okay” Beatrix’s black/blue hair dangles in the wind as it starts acting up. “We should bring Kai to the infirmary to see if she’s okay” Beatrix says putting a hand on her shoulder. I step back from Kai. Relief flows into me as it sinks in. Kai is really here. My spirit just lifted a bit. Mr.Kaiser pats Kai on the back. “Good job kiddo” Beatrix puts her full arm around Kai. “Are you okay?” she sniffs. “I’m hungry” she blurts. Mr.Solberg comments. “I’m sure you are you haven’t eaten since dinner last night” Beatrix starts to lead Kai way. “I’ll bring her in, if that’s fine with you Mr.Solberg, Mr.Kaiser?” she gives them a nod. “You have permission” Mr.Kaiser waves his hand. “Alright everyone get back to work she’s fine!” then everyone starts talking and dragging bodies into the Burnitory. “I can’t believe that” Else says calmly popping up next to me. Alix trails behind her. “I know” I pick up Belle brushing off the uneasy feeling I get. “Kai’s a trooper, we should’ve known she was fine” I notice Else and Alix dragging Jake, and try out to cringe when his hip hits a rock. “Something up Aja?” Alix asks, because she’s my best friend she knows something’s up. I point to Jake. “I killed him” then Alix raises the other body in her hand. “And I killed him” we stay silent for a moment. “Load the bodies on the moving stretcher!” Mr.Solberg calls, then Alix lifts the other body and plops it down with a loud thump. Else puts Jake onto the stretcher and puts his dead hands together on his chest. “You went out after us, and you were the only one who did. I think you got a good mark Aja” Else says shaking some hair out of her face, as she pushes the wooden crate farther up the line in front of the mental tunnel, that will burn the bodies. I move Belle’s strawberry blonde hair into place and fix her twisted pink top. “Thanks it scared the hell out of me, to run back like that” Alix put her hand on the stretcher for support. “I thought I’d lose my best friend then” she said, I look up and our eyes meet friend-to-friend, and Else isn’t paying attention.  Not when she doesn’t want to be. “I’m going to get some more than we can head back” she says brushing past us. “Okay” we cores. Alix stares at me. “But it taught me a lesson that we’re here for the business” She puts her extra hand on her hip. “Damn it Aja don’t scare me like that” I just stare at her. Alix isn’t happy; she looks like her emotions are out of control. Different ones pass her face every few seconds. “Come here” she says and I hug her. Alix is my best friend. She’s been since a year ago, when I came to this school after not making it into the B.A.S that I’ve now learned was a school for vampires… they would’ve turned me if I had passed that test. The thought makes me shiver, and I try not to think about the 5 other boys and girls who had passed the test. I hadn’t noticed I shed a tear until Alix says. “Don’t cry Aj” it was my nickname. “You guys ready to g-“ Else comes back threw the barn door. “Hey! I want in!” then we all hug 3 way. We start to laugh, and then Char comes in saying. “I was coming to pick you guys up for lunch-“ she raised both hands. “Why wasn’t I invited?” Char laughs and joins in. “Ladies I think that’s all of them, you girls can leave now” We all come apart and face Mr.Kaiser. “Okay Mr.Kaiser” we all cores and turn to leave. Char glances back and laughs. “Look at his face!” we laugh. “I think he’s crying!” Alix says. We keep walking out the barn. “Guys we made him cry!” Alix nudges me in the side, and I can’t help but laugh.




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