Aja Nielson has just settled into Pursentin Private school for girls, but Pursentin is no normal academy. They teach teen girls how to hunt hyprid witches. But when the Bonn festival rolls around hyprid witches and tourists follow... leaving the Pursentin Private school for girls to stay on track with the creatures. As Aja and her friends track vampire, werewolf, and witchs, soon things get complicated... as famillar faces show up in Germany not looking the same as Aja left them. And as the part of the past threatens to ruin Aja's present, she soon realises the past is never far behind...


6. Changing the modd

Chapter 6

“What the hell were you talking about!?” I scream over the sounds of fighting when I reach Ursula who’s going around daggering the hybrids. I join her. She shrugs. “We thought it was something but it wasn’t” I raise my eyebrows at her. “Ursula you told us something really bad” she fronted. “No I didn’t, I didn’t say anything Kai told you everything” I eyed her and Char jogged up and nudged Ursula away. “It wasn’t Ursula you were talking to” Ursula had already joined the fight and didn’t hear a thing. I crossed my arms. “WHAT are you talking about Char?” she signed. “Remember how Mr.Kaiser said there were 39 hybrids?” I nodded. “Yeah” Char looked ashamed and uncomfortable. “Well there was another; a witch and vampire hybrid. The witch’s right hand man. He was really powerful” I frowned. “Was?” Char nodded. “Yeah he just died. Klaudia came in and threw her wooden spear at him.” She nudged her head at the body by my feet. “That was him. He can forge other people’s voices and wipe their memory clean. Ursula isn’t herself right now we don’t know how much damage he caused” I stared down at him. “Did the witch have a left hand man?” Char shivered a little. “Yeah you killed him he was the last one you guys killed on the second floor. He wasn’t a witch” Char looked around. “No worries though these are just the really crazy ones” Kai came up to us and started giggling. “This isn’t over! It’s only beginning” she laughed and my mouth dropped as she skipped away and started twirling around in a corner by herself. “Kai was affected too and her personality isn’t normal” Char explained. I watched as Kai danced by herself and Ursula saying nothing as she dodged and stabbed her opender. That wasn’t like Ursula she would talk to you if she was killing you, tease and betray her secrets because you’d just die when she was finished with you. That’s when you know you’re going to die on the hands of Ursula Luther… because she’d start talking. I shook my head. “What are we going to do?” I ask and char signs. “I don’t know give her to Dr.Paulis she’ll fix them” I rub my eyes as I picture our kind, but not caring school doctor Dorothea Paulis work days and nights in the hospital wing of our school with the crazy Ursula and Kai. I stop and realise: Beatrix! “Is Beatrix affected?” Char shook her head. “He didn’t get to me and her” I eye her, that’s what a crazy version of Char would say and I’m about to come up with an excuse to leave when Char says. “Don’t bother not trusting me, I wouldn’t be explaining this to you if I was crazy” she had a point and I relaxed. “True” Char rolled her eyes at me. “We just started working on the field and I feel like I’ve been doing this for ages” she rubs her eyes and I notice she looks tired too. “Kai just got back she’s not getting much luck with these tests” I pause for a second and think of Mr.Kaiser would he send Kai off to Seconington if she caused trouble on the next test? Else and Alix walked over. “There’s only 3 left they’ll die soon” and like on cue the bodies dropped in the middle of the room and all my girls screamed cries of victory. I glanced at Kai who didn’t look happy but giggled anyways. She looked drunk. Ursula looked sad and lost and very disoriented. She turned around every 2 seconds and seemed to brush away tears. “Ursula will get better right?” I ask. I turn back to my friends. “We don’t know” Else said honestly. Kai went over to Ursula. “Jesus no!” Char cursed and ran over to Ursula just in time for Kai to put her hands on her hips and stare at her as she led Ursula away. Char whispered in her ear and suddenly Mr.Kaiser was there with a bunch of paramedics and 2 stretchers. They loaded Ursula on as she cried silently, and Kai’s piercing scream rang threw the air. They had to wrestle her down and she continued to scream and struggle. I felt bad for them. “The crazy and the clueless” Alix shook her head, like she was disapproving. I stood up for them. “Hey don’t say that would YOU like it if someone called you clueless or crazy went you don’t even remember who’s calling you that” we started to walk and at first Alix looked mad and then her face softened. “I guess your right” Else and Char nodded at her. Mr.Kaiser came over. “This is Kai’s last chance.” He said, I began to defend her when Mr.Kaiser interrupted. “I’m sorry Aja make sure you tell her that when she wakes up. It’s the rules: 3 chances on tests. We don’t have to time to save everyone.” I frowned and was going to say more when he gave me a pill. My regular self would’ve studied that thing like it was the answers to my exam, but I wasn’t feeling that great. The friend that I could count on most for dry comments and saucy tricks of the words wasn’t herself and my friend that just redeemed herself had just fallen behind again. So I said nothing and I took the pill. I knew right away it was a sleeping pill. Since this school is not ordinary none of the stuff inside is either. Our pills were highly affective and I felt tired right away. The world around me slowly blurred. I don’t even remember the ride home; which was bad because we’re trained to notice everything. It would hurt my skills but I didn’t care. I remember Char, Alix and Else help me in bed and I remember them helping each other. “I’m sorry” I said but it was for everything and anything and no one in particular.

It was Saturday morning and I honestly felt like I had a hangover. By the time I got up everyone was down stairs in the dining hall getting breakfast. I poured myself some coffee from the station and I patted over to my friends who were deep in conversation about something serious. “Hey guys” I said everyone stopped to give me some concerns “Are you feeling better?” and some “How are you?” s and some kind “Hello Aja” s too. Then they continued. “It’ll take 2 days for Kai, and 2 weeks for Ursula at least, she’s more confused than crazy” Klaudia said taking a sip of her orange juice. Micky frowned and leaned in closer. “How will she take the other tests Mr.Kaiser said we’ll be having at least 2 next weeks” I shrug. “Ursula scored the highest in the first test. I’m more worried about Kai” We all stop and think for a long time about the first test and how Kai barely passed. I look at Micky. “You said Seconington gets lots of ex-Pursentin girls right?” Micky plays with her eggs on her place. “Yeah and vise-versa. Depens on the girl though” Micky tried to put it lightly but failed. We we’re all thinking the same thing: Kai would probably become a Seconington girl and we all knew it. Mr.Kaiser started walking over to our table. “Hello Mr.Kaiser were concerned about Ursula and Kai how are they doing?” Christa straightens her back and turns around to where Mr.Kaiser is coming over. He lowers his voice. “Kai will be ready for visiting tomorrow. I think she’ll be better by then” I pause then ask. “How is Ursula?” Mr.Kaiser pauses then crosses his arms. “Better but still bad. She’s confused and going under in an hour so Dr.Paulis can do some tests, she knows she’s not usually like this so Ursula will be quickly cured” he stops and straightens his back and turns around and says to us. “You can come visit her in 6 days if you want” then he leaves. “Great!” Nadine throws up her hands. “My roommate might not make it into third term with me!” she jabs her chin on the palm of her hand and I see she looks tired too. Maxine puts an arm around her. “We don’t know that I still think Ursula will be better we should all go visit her in a week” Klaudia corrects her. “6 days” but Maxine ignores her. “It’ll be okay Nadine, Ursula is strong” I say nothing and put my food into my mouth. “Can we talk about something else?” Jana comments. Carlene looks delighted. “We’re going into town around lunch time want to come everybody?” My eyes shoot open as I think of Beate and Sepp. I’d love to see them again! “Yes!” I gush and look up at Carlene. “Who’s coming?” Jana raises her hand. “I am” Alix catches on like always and puts in. “Yeah me too” Char looks equally happy. “Sure!” Else crosses her arms and pauses then decides. “It couldn’t hurt” but I knew well that it COULD hurt. “I guess I’ll go too” Klaudia shrugs. “We’re cooped up in here too much anyways” Nadine nods. “Count me in” Beatrix bits her lip then says. “We should study but I guess everyone’s going and we’ll come home before dark right?” Christa waves her hand at Beatrix. “Oh yeah totally” Carlene glances at Lilo. “Are you joining?” Lilo looks at Micky who looks a little worried. “Um I’ll go” Micky chews at her nail. “Um I’m not too sure but… I’ll go with you guys” Carlene gives her a kind look. “Don’t worry your safe with us” Klaudia gives her a grin. “But beware we’re party animals!” she laughs and we all do too. “We always have fun. I’ll join” Steffi says. I look around the table at everyone, I think everyone is going, I hope so anyways. This was exactly what I needed: fun times with my girls. Then we start talking about what we’ll do in town. Carlene whips out a map and we plan the restaurant we’re going to and the movie we’ll see. Christa pointed a finger at everyone. “Bring money too” I laugh. “As if Klaudia could cover for all of us” Klaudia eyed me playfully. “Are you making fun of my richness Aja Neilson?” Nadine laughs. “Richness?” Alix points to Beate’s Bar on the map. “Hey we should go there” my roommates and I share a look then Maxine says. “Have you been there before Alix?” Alix doesn’t even think about she lies directly to our friends’ faces. “Nope never heard of it” but we all brushed off that little situation because my friends knew when our sisters were lying and I guess Alix wanted us to tell them later. I guess tonight is later.

“Oh great” Christa said frowning. “What is it?” Micky asked clueless. We all didn’t blink and coursed. “There’s a hybrid following us” Micky is about to glance back but Carlene nudges her. “Not yet” Klaudia shrugged and adjusted her piles of shopping bags she was carrying. “I guess we’ll try to ditch him” Jana adjusted her shopping bags too. “This way” we followed. We stepped into an alleyway, but I wasn’t scared I was with 13 girls highly trained. There was only one guy. The guy kept following us. He wasn’t from around here or he would’ve known this was a dead end and he was falling in our trap. I leaned to the side and whispered to Steffi and Maxine. “Can you guys cut around him that way” I pointed to the side door of one of the brick buildings with another door right in front of the alley way. The guy headed over to us. “Alright let’s do this” Nadine said and we put down our shopping bags. “Greetings” said Carlene and opened her arms. We all crossed our arms like body guards and he turned around quickly. “Very funny” said Maxine with her arms crossed blocking the entrance. “I’ll join them” Jana whispered to me and disappeared in the building. “So what gives you the honor of following us?” Klaudia smiles, taking the place of Ursula’s speaking skills. “I was payed” the 20 year old blurted. I lifted my chin. “By who?” Alix pulled out her knife. He signed. “I’m a new one” I raised an eyebrow. “Hybrid right?” he replied. “Yes I heard about you guys in the office and they told me to track you and get caught” Else frowned and pulled out her crossbow. “You know I am pretty handy with this” the guy put his hands up. “They told me to give you a letter.” Char took out one of her swords. “Where is it?” he pulled something out of his pocket. “It’s from a local witch, Beate” I try not to react. But I walk over to him. “Give it to me and tell me who THEY are” I snatched it from him. He eyed me. “You know her” I didn’t care; I replied I knew my friends wouldn’t let him run free in the city. “Not well” I said. Alix, Char and Else came over and peered over my shoulder as I read the letter:

Dear Aja, Char and friends

I say friends because I know she will share this with the rest of her kind roommates. This is quick. I am leaving town for 2 days and won’t be able to rest if I do not tell someone of what I know. I know this: There is a group of werewolves controlled by a very bored witch. They live in the apartment building downtown called Kenny’s. It is old and every time someone thinks people still leave there this hybrid gets food and the person never leaves. I don’t know how many humans they have hostage but I know there is many. There are 19 werewolves (including this one) in the building. Hunt them down and I will show you one of my many secrets in return. I hope to become friends with all of you good people. Come to 59 55th street leading South Avenue in 3 days. Put the bodies in the sewer by the sign marking #78 I’ll dispose of them.


I turned around and faced the girls. “Ladies we have a task.” I looked at all of them. “Mind if I give directions?” they shrugged and I took that as a yes. I pointed at Jana, Steffi and Maxine. “Make sure he doesn’t leave” I turned to Nadine and Carlene. “Sort our weapons we’ve got 18 hybrids to kill” I feel the hybrid tense behind me, I shaked it off and pointed at Christa. “Get Mr.Kaiser on the phone make sure he knows where we’re going” I handed her the letter and she ran off. I stuck my thumb at Klaudia. “Use your richness and transport those bags to our rooms please” Klaudia rolled her eyes but followed my instructions and I knew she was joking. Then I nudged my thumb at the girls who were left; Lilo, Beatrix, Micky, Else, Char and Alix. “Kill him” the hybrid’s face filled with fear. “What!? No!” but like a bullet Jana threw her knife, she gave it so much force it dragged the hybrid to the wall and pinned him there. He wiggled but the girls were already there. I stepped back and said “Hold him steady” they did and I pulled out my dagger and took aim. Alix grinned at me and I threw it from across the alley. The hybrid dropped and I went to retrieve my dagger.

“Out of the van ladies” Mr.Kaiser said only 45 minutes later. Klaudia had come back with Mr.Kaiser and the van. Surprisingly no teachers with him. “There are 14 of you and only 18 of them” he started. He tossed each of us a dagger. “I dough they will rampage you” he looked at all of us. Then turned around and started tossing back the guns from the trunk of the car. “But you’ll be prepared” he sounded like Cade Courtley when he said that. “Aja” he snapped, I looked up. “You’ll be our navigator” he shoved a thumb in the direction of the apartment building. He turned to Lilo. “You’re our leader you go head first in the line” I found it hilarious how he said head first instead of just first. She nodded and loaded her gun. “Carlene you’re our look out” he continued. “Char you’re the coverer. Make sure you cover the person when they need to move, there’s always more than one so Micky and Christa work with Char” Char didn’t smile at Micky. He turned to Jana in the back fixing up her knives. “Jana you’re the Enforcer. Make sure you know where everyone is and if they’re ok” Jana smiled and looked around, satisfied Mr.Kaiser turned to Nadine. “You’re the planer, you decide what the plan for attack is” he turned to Maxine and Beatrix. “You guys are the Fieldies. When the Coverers distract the attacker you guys go” He tossed an herb sprayer at Alix. “You’re our Weaponer make sure everyone has the right weapons for each attack” then he took a deep breath and turned to the last person: Else. “Else you are our attacker. This is the most risky job and must be used carefully. Your mostly work with the Fieldies but you are the one that strikes. Therefore attacks” he put both hands on his hips. “In most cases I’d say split up but this time and this time only I want everyone in a group together. Work with each other and I’ll be on the line” he gave us one last nod and he said. “Alright let’s get us some hybrids” then we turned and headed in threw the front door of the apartment building with only our thoughts of what was inside…

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