Aja Nielson has just settled into Pursentin Private school for girls, but Pursentin is no normal academy. They teach teen girls how to hunt hyprid witches. But when the Bonn festival rolls around hyprid witches and tourists follow... leaving the Pursentin Private school for girls to stay on track with the creatures. As Aja and her friends track vampire, werewolf, and witchs, soon things get complicated... as famillar faces show up in Germany not looking the same as Aja left them. And as the part of the past threatens to ruin Aja's present, she soon realises the past is never far behind...


4. Busted?, or not?

Chapter 4

In the middle of the night here we are: Else, Char, Alix and I are plopped in the 4 chairs that sit right in front of Headmistress Collier’s big desk. She sits behind it and takes off her glasses. “Girls…under the circumstances, I will have to tell you your wrongs before your rights” she signs. “Because you did indeed do some rights that will get you here” she points to her desk. “Instead of in a coffin” Her joke made me smile, but I didn’t laugh. She leaned back. “First off what you did was extremely dangerous and against school rules.” She stood. “I don’t assign many rules here ladies. But you girls must realise I expect those rules to be followed” she crossed her arms and starred down at us. All my friends had their heads down like they were ashamed to be here. I glanced out the big window on the left wall. The night was beautiful, and the darkness seemed to linger around our school. I had to admit I didn’t really like to leave school. I loved the fact of leaving behind these walls that seemed to drown the rest of the world out. People say friendships aren’t perfect, but I’ve never had a problem or seen a problem with my sisters. No one was perfect yes, but here at Pursentin they don’t teach you to fail, they teach you to be good, and sometimes that’s our own perfection. I’ve been pretty darn happy this whole time. I arrived here last year in November, grade 10. I’m my own happy, and getting in trouble because sneaking out is not shaming but embarrassing. “You must also remember with every step you take, you are a hybrid hunter. A huntress and that is a dangerous job.” Headmistress Collier walked out from behind her desk. “Now sadly I must punish you for this mistake, because I was not aware of you leaving neither was anyone of this school…” I thought of Mr.Kaiser… surely he knew we’d left. He couldn’t have just walked past us without knowing. He’s the best operations teacher in all of Europe! (And let me tell you there are a lot of schools like this in Europe) “I will assign you to clean the stalls of our newly built stables” I looked up and blurted. “We’re getting horses!?” my friends’ heads rose. Collier smiled. “Yes and you my dears will be the first one to have the honor of cleaning they’re stalls” I didn’t lose my perkiness I was happy, who cared if we had to muck they’re stalls? We get to see them first! Then our headmistress added something that DID make my spirits dapper, but only slightly. “AND you will take 3 new P&E courses as testing for the grade 12s” I cringed; the grade 12s had HARD P&E courses. Collier glanced at me. “It will only make you better. These courses you’ll take for 2 weeks, the stall mucking is for 3 weeks” she gave us a nod then sat back down in her huge black leather computer chair. “Now your rights” she leaned forwards and put her hands together. “What you must know is I don’t assign many rules because I believe all females should have the right to make choices of their own” she eyed us. “You have the right to leave on Friday and Saturday nights but WITH permission. Something you girls did not have” I gulped and decided to tell her the idea that was brewing in my mind. “Headmistress Collier, I think Mr.Kaiser knew we were gone” she turned to me and looked surprised, my friends did too. “Is it true girls?” she asked my friends but they weren’t just my friends but my BEST friends and they knew they had to play along. “Oh yes we passed him in the hall” Alix said and we shared a look, but if Collier noticed she didn’t say. “Well this changes everything I didn’t ask him…” Collier examines her nails and then stands. “Very well, you girls go get some sleep I’ll talk to Mr.Kaiser in the morning” she looks at me. “You stay here Aja I need to speak with you” my friends stand and look at me, like they don’t want to leave me in the lion’s den. Its okay I mouth and they nod and leave. We’re very protective over one other. I turn my head back to Headmistress Collier. “I didn’t want to ask this in front of your girls, but Aja where did you get that jacket?” I stared down at it and felt sick. I had completely forgotten about it. “Um I bought it’ she just shakes her head at me. “You know how I feel about lying but at least you have a reason behind it, though I don’t know what it is.” She leaned back. “I was very delighted when you joined our school Aja please don’t make me send you to Secconington.” She gave me a nod. “Aja tell your friends that I say you can leave school on Friday and Saturday if you wish but remember you must tell me.” She laid her hands flat on the desk. “Next time tell ME you are leaving” I stood. “Thank you Headmistress Collier” she was like a mother to me.  I turned around for the door and then she added. “And do take a shower Aja, you and your friends reek of alcohol and hybrids” she wrinkled her nose and I tried not to laugh as I left the room.

“What’d she say!?” Char shouted at me as soon as I stepped into the dorm room. I took off my shoes and sat on Else’s bottom bunk. Else looked at me. “She asked me where I got the jacket” Else hit me on the arm. “Shut up!” Alix dropped gracefully from the top bunk above Char, who didn’t even flinch. “Jesus’ Else you’re so loud!” Char giggled from the other bed. “She’s totally onto us” I threw a pillow at her. “Char be quiet this is no laughing matter!” but we all paused then broke out into laughter. Alix turned her head towards me. “What else did she say?” I shrugged, and then giggled. “She told us to take showers we smelled like alcohol and hybrid” Else’s mouth dropped open. “We can kiss our Friday nights at Beate’s bar good bye” Char whined. “Noooo, I like Jan” We starred at her. “Jan?” Char shrugged. “Well I’m supposed to go to a movie with him Saturday night” Char brought her legs up on the bunk bed. “He gave me his number” Alix practically pounces on the bed. “Shut up!”  Else slaps her on the arm. “Do you want the whole world to know!?” I hissed at both of them. “SH!” Char giggled. We should’ve kept an eye on her she had way too much alcohol. I shrug and sit on her bed next to Char. “I think you should go” everyone looks at me. I shrug again. “What? It’s not like they lock us in here we just tell Collier we’re going to the movies and she lets us go” everyone pauses and thinks about it for a bit. Else nods and points a finger at me. “That could work” I raise my hands. “Problem solved.” I take off Sepp’s jacket and hang it up. Alix whistles. “Damn I wish I got a hot jacket” I flash her a grin. I change into my pajamas in the corner that we set up for changing and climb up to the top bunk. “I never thought about it like that” Char says. “Like what? Like we were allowed to leave?  We’re not prisoners Char” Else says tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, and I makes me think of Sepp and his forceful looks and gentleness that never made sense to me. Alix wraps a whip around her wrist that I didn’t notice she had. This night had made me a little rusty on my skills. Char plays with the piece of paper. “I’ll call him tomorrow” Else gets up off the bed. “Yeah you should. Hey guys we should probably get to sleep now, you never know what time our punishments will start” Alix is already heading up to her top bunk. “Already on it” Else smiles and climbs into bed. “I love you guys” Char drops the giggles and tucks herself in. “I love you guys too” Alix looks down at us. “Me third” I close my eyes. “Me fourth” then I drift off to sleep…

“It was so late last night” Else yawns. I stretch my arms. “Time for warm up” Char crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. “I used to hate that” Alix is wide awake and already dressed; she’s cleaning out her gun. “Come on you 3” she nudges us with the gun on our butts. “Grab your clothes and get ready breakfast is served in 2 hours” I go over to my chest of drawers. We all had one and that was our main space for storage. You could keep boxes and suitcases under your bed but we mostly put our weaponry there. The closet from the actual private school before us had closets but we used that for a change room corner. We were taught to use our bodies not hate them. Privacy wasn’t an issue but we weren’t like those creepy people who talked to their friends while butt naked.  The door swung outwards, and our chests of drawers were on both sides of the dark green room. The floor a dark ancient wood, like most of the rest of our school. We laughed and walked out. We all showered and changed then grabbed some weapons and put them on in case and headed down to the breakfast room. (The dining hall) We grabbed our food from the buffet counter and scurried over to our usual big table and sit down. “What’s going on?” I whispered to Steffi. “Collier’s not here, and teachers are talking and running around” I nod and look around in curiosity. Teachers were indeed running around and talking like something was about to happen. I thought about our test. Had it something to do with this? I straightened my back and decided to tell them the story about the blonde and her friend. Everyone listened as I spoke my story about the blonde and Micky. “I was so scared for them. I couldn’t expose our talents to save them, but we had to protect them too.” I looked at Klaudia. “Thank god you were there” Klaudia beamed. “Ah it was nothing” My eyes opened wider. “Nothing? Klaudia you saved our whole plan” Klaudia smiles. “Thanks but I don’t think I get extra credit for it” Kai leans across the table. “So what did the girls look like?” I was about to launch into an explanation when Klaudia who’s across from me says. “Like that” she nudges with her chin. Everyone’s mouths fall open and people next to me look behind them to see what everyone’s looking at. Their mouths open wide too and spin around doing a double take. There’s a girl walking next to headmistress Collier in a uniform, but I know all my sisters by name and I’ve never seen her in school before. The world almost stops, it’s dad quiet in the Grand Dining Hall and I have to think about what I was going to say to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Micky. I was going to explain Micky. “Speak of the devil” Klaudia whispers and then I click in and Headmistress Collier says. “Girls this is our new student” My mouth drops open like my sisters. “Micky?”

At the sound of her name, Micky looks up. I raise my chin and she winks at me, a look that says. Nice to see you, remember me? Collier puts a hand on her shoulder. “This is your new sister students. Say hello” Hello Micky” we all cores. Collier steps forward and opens her arms as to great us. “Micky is from Seconnington and is now bumped up to our school.” She gestures to our table. “Lilo, Kai, Beatrix? You 3 have an empty bunk in your room yes?” she asks. Lilo Vogel who was always the 3rd wheel on Beatrix and Kai’s tight friendship stands up and says. “Yes” then she decides something and walks over to where Micky stands. “In fact, I’ll show her around if you’d like Headmistress Collier” Collier smiles and puts a hand on Micky’s shoulder again. “Yes that would be kind of you I am quite busy” she lets out a huff, and we laugh. She smiles at us. “Well fair well girls continue with your breakfast” Lilo nods at Collier then starts talking with Micky and they head to the buffet counter. “Well I didn’t see that coming” Klaudia says turning back to the table.  I shake my head like I’m disappointed. “I’m with you there sister” we all take deep breaths and then burst out laughing together. It was the usually crowd at the table: Me, Alix, Else, Char, Nadine, Maxine, Klaudia, Ursula, Steffi, Jana, Carlene, Christa, Kai, Beatrix and Lilo, but Lilo was now coming over with Micky and as soon as we started laughing she arrived. “Um hello girls” Klaudia looks up and raises an eyebrow. “Mika right?” Micky holds herself with confidence; I should’ve known she was a Seconington student. “Micky short for Mickia actually” Ursula fakes a smile (she wasn’t a good first impression but once you got to know her she would stay loyal at your side and was hilarious) Kai looks up at her curiously. “Is that German? That can’t be” Micky grips her tray and I can tell she’s still a little nervous. “I was born in Alaska” as if that’s an answer. “Come sit” Lilo says and leads Micky over to her spot and sits down next to her. We all (not including Ursula of course) look at her. “So tell us about yourself” Kai says and puts some breakfast in her mouth. “Like what Mistress Collier said-“ we interrupt and correct her. “Headmistress” but Micky just picks up from where she left off. “I used to go to Seconington but they thought it would be good if I go here” we nod, but we’re all thinking the same thing: she was too good for 2nd place school so she was bumped up. “Who was your blonde friend you were with on Thursday night?” we all gawk at Klaudia, but she shrugs and rolls her eyes. “What? We were all thinking it” Micky smiles nervously and says. “Oh that’s cool, it was my friend from my old school who didn’t go to Seconington, Amalie” Micky raises a shoulder. “Yeah she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed” Ursula smiles, and I wink at her and she rolls her eyes back as if to say: you wish I was trying to be friends with her. “What do you like to do on your free time?” Lilo asked, no one really asked that; we didn’t really have free time so we didn’t know what we liked to do except train. “I read in the library mostly. I like the research idea” Micky puts some food into her mouth and this is where I know she actually went to Seconington she doesn’t immediately scream. “This is so good!” our food was better than the ones in public schools. “How did you like Seconington?” Lilo asks. Micky thinks about it for a second and we all continue eating. “Um I liked the training-“ but Klaudia interrupted her. “You didn’t ask my question” no one bothered to explain, it was the question about her friend. Micky looked ashamed of herself. “It’s not a night I was proud of… my friend was about to walk into that alley of a bunch of vampires and I couldn’t even stop her. I sort of panicked and tried to reason with her but it was useless.” She shook her head. “Amalie and I were at the festival and I saw” she points at me. “You” she points at Klaudia. “And you talking to the police officer” Micky shrugs. “I’d like to move on from that my teachers warned me it was a bad idea to see my friends and family from my previous life because I couldn’t expose myself and my school.” Lilo rubs her back kindly. “It’s okay we understand. Hey guys what was all that racket last night?” Lilo asks trying to change the subject, I catch on quickly and say. “Ohmygosh you will NOT believe-“ Else nudges me hard in the rib. “Oh it was nothing we just tried to leave the school for the festival and failed” I nod mutely. I didn’t really get why Else didn’t want to tell any of our sisters but I was insulted and I trusted her. Alix and Char gave us a look from across the table, but they’re eyes quickly moved on. An awkward silence fell and then Lilo stood up, her plate and Micky’s empty. “Well I need to show Micky around this entire school before Monday so I better go.” Micky stands and follows Lilo. “It was nice meeting you all” and we wave to her. “I better finish cleaning my gun” Alix says standing and she gives me a look that says; come! Play along! I hoped Char and Else would follow because we all knew that Alix finished cleaning her gun before we even had to go downstairs for breakfast.



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