Aja Nielson has just settled into Pursentin Private school for girls, but Pursentin is no normal academy. They teach teen girls how to hunt hyprid witches. But when the Bonn festival rolls around hyprid witches and tourists follow... leaving the Pursentin Private school for girls to stay on track with the creatures. As Aja and her friends track vampire, werewolf, and witchs, soon things get complicated... as famillar faces show up in Germany not looking the same as Aja left them. And as the part of the past threatens to ruin Aja's present, she soon realises the past is never far behind...


3. Beate's Bar

Chapter 3

“We’re not going to get caught now shut up” Else snapped at me in a whisper as her, Alix, Char and I crept in the empty halls of Pursentin, in the dead of night. “Yeah that’s exactly what people who get caught say” I hiss at her following Char in front of me. Else stops around a corner and puts a finger to her mouth. “Maxine! I know you’re away but baby you don’t have to get like this” I froze. I didn’t breath as I realised who had spoken down the hall… it was Mr.Kaiser. He seemed sad and a little bit annoyed and mad. “Maxine!” he called her name again, as our hearts beat faster and faster as he turned the corner…he didn’t even notice us. He just walked right past us listening to Maxine. Maxine Kaiser was his wife and taught us BB in September, (Bouncing back) if were out of shape. She was super nice and we’ve met her only a couple of times before. Mr.Kaiser talked on his cell phone as he retreated up the stairs. We had already prepared a good excuse (plan B) if plan A (our lie) failed. But we didn’t even have to use either as our Operations teacher the best in all of Germany walked right past us! He had trained us well. We waited until we could no longer hear the chatter on the phone and his footsteps as a weight lifted off my chest. Char let out a breath. “Let’s go” Alix nodded at us and I brought my thin sweater closer to me, darn I didn’t realise how cold it was. I followed my friends down the Grand Stairs of our school. I was terrified an alarm would go off, but the school made no noise. This school was built for keeping things out, not in. Getting back in would be the problem. “Are you sure you put the stick in the fire chute?” Char asked Alix and Else as we came to the big double doors. “Yes we can get back in” Else replied. We said no more as we slipped out the front doors silently, and felt the cold air of the outside of Bonn fill our lungs. We were out.

My friends and I giggled as we started walking outside of the fence of our school. “So were out, we just need to stay out” Alix said with a sharp edge to her voice. Char nodded and then turned to Else “Hey Else did you call the-“ but the white taxi car pulled up to the sidewalk. We had walked a fair bit to the small bus stop, just so it wasn’t obvious we were Pursentin girls. “To Bonn side square?” the taxi driver asked. We climbed in and Char pulled out some cash. “Here so we don’t have to pay you later” she handed it to him, and had immediately dropped the faintest sign of her German accent. Girls from everywhere went to Pursentin, so we all didn’t have much of an accent, plus they taught us to lose them to fool hybrids. “Haven’t you always wanted to kiss a bad boy” (Bad boy was our code for hybrids.) I starred at Alix twirling her hair, in shock. But she did have a point what was it like to kiss a vampire, a werewolf or a witch? Was it any different than a normal guy? “Yes” Else blurted, out of habit I looked up to see if the taxi driver was paying attention, but he wasn’t. “I always wondered that too Alix.” Char commented, then there was a pause of silence then Char broke it and blurted. “I have an AWESOME idea!” she paused for dramatic effect, she looked so excited. “Let’s go to a bar and do it” I raised an eyebrow at her. “Do it? You mean kiss one of them?” Char nodded a little too fast for her usual self and said. “Yeah! We’ll dare each other to chose the right one” Else shrugged. “I’ll do it” and we were all surprised by her outgoingness, then we all looked at her funny. She crossed her arms. “Don’t give me that look, we all need to let go once in a while” she raised one shoulder. “Maybe this is my night” Alix leaned back. “Sounds like a plan” Char raised her hands. “It’s official, all into kissing a bad boy? Say I” Alix was the first one. “I” Else rolled her eyes and said. “I” Char looked at me and I said “I” then she smiled. “I” Char beamed. “Deal” I gave them my evil grin and eyed them all. “Ladies this is only the beginning” and how right I was but in so many different ways…

This night is going to be awful I decided as Char pulled the door of the bar open. I had drunk before, only tried a little at a wedding and loved it but I didn’t say anything to my family because I wanted more. I was afraid I’d turn into an alcoholic. Else inhaled the smell of the room. Alix whispered in my left ear, “The bartender’s cute” I looked up but Else was already strutting over to him, “Dibs” she flashed us a grin. “So is the bouncer” Char whispered in my right, I laughed and Alix slipped away from us mumbling “Dibs” under her breath. I looked around. Else was doing well with the bartender and I squinted my eyes to see he had fangs under all those golden good looks. I saw Alix standing straight and talking up the bouncer who looked impressed. That’s my girl. “He’s a werewolf and witch” Char whispered. “I know” I whispered back. “Ooh these guys are perfect, Aj check them out” and I looked up to see 2 vampire/werewolf hybrids walk in, and were already checking us out. One with tossed blonde hair, looked really familiar, and his friend who’s called Jan by the blonde, had black hair and was completely in love with my sister. “Sepp they’re hot, let’s go over and say hi” Jan whispered to the blonde Sepp.  I grinned at them and headed to the counter. The bar was completely brown, wood from top to bottom and the male bartender was leaning against the spotless counter chatting Else up. The female bartender was young around age 20, and looked like a college kid. She looked like the kind of person who had lots of control, was mature but would still let you have your fun and cover for you. Her dark brown hair almost black was tied in a side braid and she poured a drink into a fancy glass that looked tasty. “I’ll have whatever that is” I said pointing at the colored drink. “A billion it is” she took my money I’d taken out of my pocket and put it in hers. “A bear please” Char said next to me. The girl grabbed a bear and stuck it in front of Char, then plopped the drink in front of me. I raised my eyebrows. “Then who’s this one for?” I asked confused. “Physic” she said quietly pointing to herself, and then raised a shoulder. “Meaning witch” She smiled and pointed to Char and me. “Hybrid hunters” she whispered. I smiled at her. “Impressive” I said taking a sip of the drink that made my mouth tingle in delight. Char took a big swing and stood. “I’m tired of waiting let me at that bad boy” she said to me, smiled at the bartender and I laughed. “You’re so impatient” Char did a courtesy, like she was a lady. “I know” then she turned on her heel and banged into Jan. “I’m sorry” she said, and then looked up at him. “I’m Char” she said slowly. Jan didn’t step back, “I’m Jan” Char put her hand on his arm. “I’m not sorry I banged into you then Jan” Char said and with that my sister strut past him and headed to a booth. Jan met my eyes and grinned. “Your friends amazing” I leaned against the counter. “Sister” I corrected, he gave me a nod and followed Char. I laughed and turned back to the bartender. “My names Beate R.R” she shook my hand. “Beate! Can you get me a bear?” Jan called and I looked at her. “You know them?” she turned around and snatched a bear. “My cousin and ex-boyfriend” she said with a sneer and marched to Char and Jan’s booth. “Here and enjoy” she said with another sneer and walked back to me. “We will!” Jan yelled sarcastically. Beate leaned against the counter and let out a huff. I looked at her and laughed. Then Sepp came over and asked “Would you like a drink?” I shoved the drink behind me and Beate took it pretending it was hers. Like I thought before, she could cover for you easily. “I’ll get us a table” he smiled at me. “You think you could get be another one, girl?” I whispered to Beate as I watched Sepp walk across the room. “Yup” she didn’t move, and then added. “Can you do something for me in return?” she asked in my ear from behind the other side of the counter. I agreed “Yeah, and what’s that?” she paused, and then with a dark voice that made me shiver she said with hatred. “Kill those bastards” then she went to get me another drink. It echoed in my ears: Kill those bastards… maybe this night would be fun after all…

“So where do you go to school?” Sepp asked me as I took a seat next to him in the booth. He turned to me. “Oh I go to Bonn American high school here in town” the lie slips so easily out of me, I don’t even try to stop it. Bonn American high school was the place I went to before I tried to get in BAS and then got into Pursentin. “Really? I used to go there, a fluke I didn’t see you there” Sepp took a sip of his drink. I didn’t flinch. “Oh yeah I just got into it” Sepp put his hands together. “Interesting, because I just left Bonn American high school yesterday” It was Friday. I cursed my lying and looked at him. He was eying me with an interesting look like he was on to me. “Okay what’s the deal?” I asked cutting right to the chase and leaned back putting my hands together. “What do you want?” He copied me and said. “Nothing, but I am on to you Pursentin girls…” I remained calm and raised an eyebrow. (I was really good at that) “Us Pursentin girls? What ABOUT us Pursentin girls?” Sepp paused, and then leaned towards me. “You’re never what you seem” I could smell the bear and alcohol off him, and he smelled of boy, completely boyish, but he smelled as normal as the rest of them: of ax and goodness. I leaned against the wall in the booth; I hope he didn’t notice my hesitation. He raised my chin with his figure. “You always get what you want” I felt uneasy like someone was watching us… (Other than my sisters of course.) He leaned back, as if he was just caught. “Isn’t that right Lenora?” he said as if sensing someone was there. I looked past Sepp, there stood another girl in bartender uniform with a hand on her hip. I starred at her for a while until deciding she wasn’t a hybrid, just a strong human. Her golden hair dripped to her butt, and it was straight as anything. She had jeans, the black apron with pockets and a blue/purple short sleeve that had tight string on the lining. She leaned to the side to look at me. “Is she your girl?” Lenora ignored his question. Sepp looked at her. “I just met her Lenora” she blinked slowly, and I noticed she had gum in her mouth. “You gonna kiss her?” she asked, for some reason I wasn’t surprised. “Maybe” Sepp said to my surprise. “Take it outside” Lenora said. “Come on Lenora we were just fooling around-“ she interrupted him. “Oh no you don’t you take it outside” Sepp raised his hands up. “Oh come on Lenora don’t be like this Beate just-“ Lenora interrupted him again and said. “Beate’s shift is over I’m in charge now, take it outside Sepp” I felt like a little kid being caught eating the ice cream leftovers from dessert. She pointed to the back door, that we hadn’t come in threw. “Get out Sepp” he signed and stood, I had to act naïve, and I stood and followed. He picked up my wrist without looking at me. “Come on girl, let’s go outside” I blinked at the girl as she watched us go and walked out of the bar. That walk felt like forever like it was in slow motion. I could feel the intenseness of it. I heard laughing, and smelled alcohol all around. I blinked as I watched my sisters’ stare at me like I’d betrayed them but also like they were proud of me. Beate turned slowly towards me, and crossed her arms, her jaw line was solid. Lenora stood in her spot by the booth and I could see her stomach lift up and down as she breathed. She was pregnant. I hadn’t noticed before but her belly was rather rounded. She looked only 23, like Beate’s age. I wondered who the father was. Sepp was holding my hand now and I slowly glanced down at it. He stepped out first into the alley way and let go of my hand. I stared at Beate behind my shoulder for a last moment and her eyes starred at me like she expected me to pull out a dagger from my boot and kill him in front of everyone. Beate looked at me like I had a dagger in my back pocket or something. (Which I did) I shivered in the coldness under my thin sweater. “You cold? Here” he says and takes off his jacket and puts me into it. “Hey aren’t you going to be cold?” I ask excepting the leather jacket. He puts his hands in his back pocket. “Nah I don’t get cold” he shrugs and we silently decide to brush off the slightest mention of his hybridness. We walked in the alleyway until Sepp stopped at a spot he looked satisfied with. “So Pursentin, why are you in town?” I was tired of this entire hunt and killing act with him; it was time for ME to finally have some fun. I crossed my arms over my chest and stepped towards him. I crept my figures up his chest and said. “Whatever you want me to do” I flicked his chin gently with my index finger. “I’ll never tell you if I were up to something anyways” I said with a sly grin and took a step back. I turned away from him, and then suddenly he was right behind me whispering in my ear. “You’ll do whatever I want you to do” it wasn’t a question. I lifted my arms up and looked at my hips; his arms were around me, as they slowly dared to creep up to my shoulders. I flinched then relaxed and Alix’s words burned in my memory. “I’ve always wanted to kiss a bad boy” the thought made me grin. With his vampire speed he pulled me back and suddenly I was against the wall facing him. He breathed like a normal person, and I noticed his hands were pinning me to the wall with my wrists. “Uh huh” I said meeting his eyes. His eyes were a deep brown, almost black they looked at me like it was normal; second nature. They seemed to stare into my soul. “You Pursentin girls are so…” he trailed off and leaned closer to me. I wiggled my wrists out of his grasp and put them by my sides against the brick wall. He stepped closer to me, so close our noses were almost touching, and the smell of bear came back to me. He held my face gently in his hands. “I didn’t catch your name” I lifted my chin up so I could see his face. “Maybe you’re not fast enough.” He laughed, but didn’t step back. He rubbed his thumb against my jaw line. “Us Pursentin girls are so what?” I asked. He eyed me like he was deciding something and then kissed me. At first it was soft, lightly even. I didn’t notice the pricking of his canines either, if they were even unnaturally sharp. He then kissed my cheek, then chin, and gently kissed my neck. I didn’t move, but my chest rose and fell so I guess I was breathing. “Amazing” he breathed. Sepp held my right arm, and then shifted back to my mouth. “Stunning” he slowly moved away and examined my face. We stood so close together, like we fit. “Beautiful” he smiled and looked down. “I never knew a Pursentin girl” I lifted his chin playfully. “Then I’m your first” a voice came behind us. “Aj! We gotta run!” yelled Char who was holding a piece of paper in her hand. Sepp and I both glanced up at the same time. “Whoa” Else stumbled back, but Sepp didn’t notice. Then it hit me, I was standing right beside a hybrid and he wasn’t dead…yet. Should I kill him? I was very yet aware my 3 best friends stood by the door to the bar and they’d probably just caught me making out with a hybrid…great. “I’m sorry to interrupt but…” Alix trailed off. Sepp put both hands on the wall next to my face and pushed off.  “That’s fine we were just gonna head back into the bar.” He turned back to me “I guess we lost track of time” but only I noticed the grin he was trying (unsuccessfully) hiding. How long was I out here? He put his hands in his pockets and glanced at me with his famous smile. “I guess I’ll see you around Aj?” he was teasing me with the name he picked up from my friends. “I’ll be around” I shrugged and watched him walk past my friends and onto the back porch. I smiled and pulled my jacket closer to me. “Bye” he said, I gave him a little wave. “Bye” then he opened the door and I remember his jacket. “Hey! You forget your jacket!” I call. He looks back at me and smiles again. “That’s okay you can keep it, it looks better on you anyways” and without giving me a chance to protest, steps into the bar and the door shuts behind him. Char comes over to me first and pulls at my arm with a girl squeal. “You got him good girl!” Else and Alix join her with a girly cry of their own and we all look at the door where he left. “He has some fiiine hotness my dear” Else nods. “Fiine” Alix echoes and I laugh at them. “You guys are nuts” and I turn to walk out the other exit of the alleyway. My friends follow. “Hey! Don’t you crazy us you’re the one who was making out with a-“ Else lowers her voice. “Hybrid” Char throws up her hands. “Who cares!?” Alix gives Else a nod. “Who gives a shit anyways?” I laugh and so does Else. “Okay whatever” she says and then Alix grabs at my leather jacket. “He gave you his jacket!?” she gives me an approved look. “That is so hot”, everyone laughs. We keep walking down the parking lot and into the small square nicknamed the side square. “He called you Aj too totally a keeper” Char nudges me in the ribcage, but I’m used to they’re roughness, we hunt hybrids for god sake’! “It’s even hotter when he says it” Else agrees. “My girls growing up” Alix hip bumps me and I throw back my head and laugh. “You sure you called the cab here Else?” Char asks. As if on cue again, the car pulls up in front of us but this time it’s an old women. “Taxi services?” she asks and we pill in. “I’m starting to think they’re lured to your voice Char” Else says. We laugh and I lower my voice and say to them. “Operation getting back into school now begins” Alix lets out a huff. “The hard part” she leans back and I nod at my sisters. “The hard part”

We giggled and laughed and pretty much behaved like we were drunk all the way back to the little bus stop a few minutes away from Pursentin. “Here” the woman said and I threw her some money. “Thank you” I said in German and the lady smiled, they were required to speak English while the festival was in town. She drove off and I turned back to my laughing sisters. We kept walking until we reached the gates of our school. “Careful, be careful” I snapped at them, but this was just like another hunt, we’d treat it the same. My friends and I walked up to the fire chute. “Shit! our stick is gone!” Char cried in panic. “We’ll go to the side entrance and hope for the best” Alix whispered, and we crept to the side. My heart beat faster and faster, and I glanced up at the camera. We were screwed. “On 3” Else said taking a hold of the door. Alix, Char and I took a hold of the silver door too.  My stomach felt sick and I said. “2” Alix gave a nod at Char and she gulped. “3” and we pulled open the door. It didn’t go off, but we knew better than to jump to conclusions. We made the mistake and let the door close on its own. The heavy side door shut with a huge bang!   And the alarms started to sound. The darkness of the halls sprang to light and I winced. We ran for cover behind a janitor’s cart off to the side of the hall. Char signed and shook her head. “I should’ve known” but Else hissed at her. “Sh!” and our Headmistress Collier came to the door and pressed on her touch phone. The alarms stopped and Miss Mallorone and Mr.Solberg followed right behind her. Silence, I thought they didn’t see us but then our Headmistress said something without looking at us “You can come out girls” and I knew we were busted. We all stood at the same time and clinched the cart. Headmistress shrugged and said. “It was a nice try” I beamed. “Thanks” my friends looked terrified, but I knew we wouldn’t be badly punished. Alix eyed me and then relaxed too. “Thank you Mistress Collier” Char and Else caught on and smiled at our teachers. “It was a nice try wasn’t it?” Else asked. Collier smiled. “It was” then she waved at us and turned. “Follow me” so we did. While we walked on the wood of our ancient school floors and marched behind our teachers, I turned to Else and said. “You jinxed us”

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