Aja Nielson has just settled into Pursentin Private school for girls, but Pursentin is no normal academy. They teach teen girls how to hunt hyprid witches. But when the Bonn festival rolls around hyprid witches and tourists follow... leaving the Pursentin Private school for girls to stay on track with the creatures. As Aja and her friends track vampire, werewolf, and witchs, soon things get complicated... as famillar faces show up in Germany not looking the same as Aja left them. And as the part of the past threatens to ruin Aja's present, she soon realises the past is never far behind...


5. Announcements

Chapter 5

“I just didn’t want her to know okay?” Else explained as we marched down the busy halls on our way to Operations class for 6th period. We dodge a student. “Why? She’s from Seconington, it’s not like she’s untrustworthy” I point out, Else doesn’t even bat an eye. “I know there’s something weird about her…” Char hops over a girl tying her shoe by her locker. “How weird?” we don’t even glance at her. “Like she’s lying” Else says her hair flying behind her as we rush down the hall. “I guess we could investigate” Alix suggests. “That always works” I say. It was promising, it always does work. Investigating helps; let’s just say my little pow-wow group weren’t the most behaved students in Pursentin. We walked in the Operations classroom. “There’s something really fishy about-“ Else was interrupted by Collier’s piercing voice on the PA. “Were going into full LOCK DOWN” We went through many lock downs different levels to it but NEVER full Lock down. Mr.Kaiser put down the text book. “Klaudia and Aja would you go get some weapons in the closet the passwords 12027228.” Our lock downs weren’t like most schools. Klaudia and I walk to the closet on the other side of the room as our sisters ducked under the tables. We remained calm but I couldn’t help ask; “Who do you think it is?” Klaudia shrugged and handed me a gun. “Something serious we don’t go into lock down everyday” Was that a joke? I took that to mind and ducked under a desk. We all took our places holding the weapons, as we starred at the closed door. Silence, then a pause, the door burst open and I took aim. The door flew open. My heart slammed against the insides of my rib cage and then I saw…skirts? I lowered my gun a bit and the group in front of me started laughing. One shifted her gun to her other shoulder. “You should have seen your faces!” I dropped mine. It was our sisters, our older sisters, the graduates of Pursentin; the Tex Tower girls. “Viktoria!?” I gasped, opening my eyes wider. She shifted her gun. “Little sis long time no see” I opened my arms and ran towards her. “No kidding?” she lifted me up. “You’re so big!” Viktoria was what public schools called a buddy reader, but they were like our mentors or whatever. Only some people got them, Viktoria and I were really close, we used to make up family memories, since none of us liked going home Viktoria was my real sister pretty much. Everyone started getting really mad and the Tex Tower girls only laughed harder. “Viktoria what was the meaning of this?” Mr.Kaiser asked. Viktoria put me down and made a sway with her hip. I heard her whistle under her breath. She had probably forgotten how young (and hot!) he was. “Mr.Kaiser” she struts over to the calendar. My sister had some serious grace with her. She pointed to today that marked a faded erased pencil writing Senior Prank Day. “You’ve clearly forgotten of our tradistion Mr.Kaiser” he lowered his head like he was ashamed of himself. “I was so caught up in the festival…” he trailed off and shook his head. “Damn” he mumbled but only I heard it. Viktoria shook her fingers at him. “Gotcha!” and then she turned on her heel. Collier’s voice came on the PA again. “False alarm everyone proceed to the Meet and Greet Hall.” The Tex Tower girls put their arms up and ran out. “Wahoo!” I turned to my friends and laughed. “Come on” they followed and Alix hip bumped me like she always did. “That’ll be us one day” I threw my arms around their shoulders as we walked. “Yeah, yeah it will…” we marched past a buzz of people laughing and talking. “I bet Headmistress Collier saw it coming” Char said as we reached the Hall. “I think she didn’t” Else said debating. “The bets on” Char nodded to Else and we laughed. We took our seats and Headmistress Collier tapped on the microphone. “Well” she gasped. “We’ve trained our graduates Tex Tower girls well didn’t we?” I heard one yell from the back in agreement. “Everything we know Mistress Collier! Everything we know!” everyone applauded and laughed. Collier shook her head. “With the festival around, I think it’s all us teachers have been talking about.” She smiled. “I knew it was coming. But I didn’t think it would be this” Else grinned at Char and she rolled her eyes at her. “What’s my prize?” Else whispered. “I just wanted to let our freshmen know that it is a tradition in Pursentin history and there for not a real lock down” Collier talked of upcoming announcements and then a loud buzzing rang out into the almost quiet air. Mr.Kaiser reached into his pocket in panic and dashed out into a spare room. Collier didn’t even bat an eye. “I wonder what it could be” I thought aloud. We all knew the sound of that noise all too well. Mr.Kaiser and every teacher’s phone was on vibrate…except one exception; An emergency call. All programmed to the same plan. If it was REALLY important, the phone would ring. “Doesn’t sound good to me.” Alix says not taking an eye off our Principal. “Agreed” Else and I cores, and we grin at each other. “I bet we’ll find out later.” Char says. Collier clues it up and tells our grade to stay behind. Char was right I bet…we will find out. “Mr.Kaiser why don’t you make this announcement” she steps aside and goes to sit down by her best friend and our maker and professor in weaponry Miss Nadel or as we call her; just Nadel. “Ladies” he starts, and my Operations teacher looks a bit nervous. Who would have thought? “I just received a call from a very stressed local…” he paused and put his hands together. “He told me of a spell a witch was doing to create an emotionless possessed army of hybrids; vampire and werewolf combination” he spoke into the microphone a tad louder. “But the spell went incredibly wrong, and now they are out of his control. He managed to capture them in an office building, he’s secured the walls and windows and they can’t escape.” I knew where this was going, my Operations teacher continued. “There are 49 of them. Kill them all for a mark.” Then he forced a smile. “It is a test, your 2nd. Because of the spell we will know when they die. Kill them all and use team work” he signed. “BUT he cannot hold them for long, so we are leaving tonight” the smile no longer looked fake but almost evil. He was excited “Get ready for 8’oclock sharp, or we leave without you and you get no mark.” He paused and then said; “Get your gear girls, time for a pop quiz”

“Sir I think it would be best if you don’t underestimate my girls” Mr.Kaiser said eying the man. I smiled, and Ursula winked at me. “But still sir you can’t think that I’ll-“ Mr.Kaiser interrupted the complaining man. “I’ll what? Let them kill them for you?” he looked around. “I don’t see anyone else volunteering” the man went silent. Mr.Kaiser knew his stuff. He shouted at us. “Assemble ladies!” and we turned. I pulled at my gun, setting it in shooting mode and headed for the door. “Use your ear pieces to speak to one another and work together!” and with that I opened the door. Steffi, Kai, Char, Alix, Else, Ursula and I stepped in. It was quiet. “We’re coming in through the back door” said Klaudia in my ear. “Who’s with?” I asked leaning against the wall and walking in the dark empty halls to the elevator. “Do these work?” Char asked. Else just pressed the button. “We’re not ready Else what if someone comes through!?” I shouted at her. “Jana and I” Beatrix replied for Klaudia in my ear piece. “Is Micky there?” I hear Alix ask. “We’ll be ready” Else said to me. My gun was loaded and I took aim, the rest of us fell quiet and the elevator doors opened. It was 4 vampires/werewolves. I pressed the trigger rapidly and the bullets went flying. “Get the other one!” Ursula yelled at me. My heart slammed inside my chest and the sickening feeling of nervousness washed over me like a wave. I began to become stiff but pressed on as I took aim in front of the other elevator. “Back me up!” I yelled and Alix came over. The 4 bodies dropped and I heard Mr.Kaiser in my ear. “4 down” The elevator doors dinged open and I heard a loud hiss and then 7 images immerged. “We need more!” I shouted at Else, Kai, Steffi and Ursula. Steffi ran over first and pulled at her wooden arrows. “One!” she shouted as the arrow flew and drove into one’s chest. “5” Mr.Kaiser said. “Two” Steffi counted as the bodies dropped. “Aj watch out!” Alix yelled but it was too late. Arms grabbed me front behind and I threw them over my shoulder without blinking. It cursed and hissed at me and I drove an already out dagger into the heart of the beast. “Thanks!” I yelled at Alix. “Welcome!” she shouted firing more wooden bullets at the beast. “7” Mr.Kaiser counted and the last one dropped to the ground of the elevator floor. Else came and daggered them all and then put the daggers back in her weapon. The blood stained her already filthy weapons belt but no one commented. We all let out a breath. “19 down already girls good job” Mr.Kaiser said in our ear pieces. “Leave the bodies let’s go” Kai said. “No Micky’s not here she begged to come though she’s with Lilo, Carlene and Maxine.” Beatrix continued after all the hybrids dropped. I paused and made a count in my head. “Who’s Nadine with?” Klaudia replied for me. “Christa” Else kicked the bodies out of the elevator. “19 out of 49 we can work with this” We all pilled in one of the elevators. “24” Mr.Kaiser corrected. “The girls are fighting in the east wing of the building if you want to help” Kai pressed floor 2. “We’ll make our way up.” Alix took out more bullets and stuffed them in the shotgun. “We’ll trap them up on the top floor” I nodded and ripped out the main floor button. “You can go up but not down again” Char frowned. “What about us” Ursula gave her an evil smile. “They’ll get us out don’t worry about that” The elevator door dinged and opened, and then a hybrid dove at us. “Get away from the mouth!” Kai barked at us. “Get it off!” Char shouted wrestling it by the arms it bit at her and she dodged its fangs. “Get off my sister!” Alix yelled loudly at the hybrid and threw it across the room. We stepped out of the elevator and charged towards it. “This is for us!” Char yelled and the dagger collided with the moving hybrid. She raised her head and yanked the dagger out. It lay unmoved. “29” Mr.Kaiser said. I shook my head and gestured at the girls to follow. “Man our sisters are getting around.” Kai took out her silver knives. “We have lots of silver lined daggers don’t we?” Steffi pulled out some more. “Plenty” I stopped and put my hand over them to block them from continuing walking. “Did you guys hear that?” Else put a finger to her lip. A long pause, I could feel the tenseness built up quickly. We didn’t move a muscle. “Get em’!” yelled a huge group of hybrids as they charged for us. “Jump!” Alix shouted and we did. A second later we collided on their heads. I ripped a head off, and kicked my boot shoe into the heart of one that Char was gripping. Another one came towards me and I lifted my elbow and knocked it’s chin. “Hey guys mind if we join you?” yelled Christa over the fighting sounds.  “Not a problem!” Kai said slicing silver lined dagger into another. “32” Mr.Kaiser counted again. Nadine threw one over her head. “Were low on weapons toss me one!” Steffi who was loaded chucked 2 silver lined wooden daggers and her and Nadine caught them with each hand. “Nice catch!” Steffi called back and she tossed a hybrid to the ground. I watched in the corner of my eye as she drove one of her daggers into the heart and threw it over her shoulder as the heart stopped. “There were 11 of them!” Kai cried. “8 now!” Christa added in the cries of chaos. “34” Mr.Kaiser said as 2 bodies by Else and Steffi dropped. I shoved the dagger into the one that was attacking me and moved on with it. The dagger gripping in hand another came towards me, I threw it at him with all my might. The hybrid was charging towards me and collided with my dagger, its body dropped and I went to fetch my weapon. “37” Mr.Kaiser’s voice in our ear pieces announced. “6!” Ursula yelled and threw a dead body over in the pile with the rest we were throwing in the same direction. “Dead!” Nadine finished off for her. “2 left” I said and turned to them; the last two hissed at us and we surrounded them. Our odds were fabulous; 9 against 2. “Why are you killing us!?” screamed the girl one. “Why’d you come after us?” Ursula replied with a snap. “You killed our brothers and sisters!” the male yelled. “Down stairs” the girl finished for him. “We have to” I said not unkindly. “Why?-“ the girl started but Steffi threw her wooden lined silver knife and her head sliced off. The guy screamed and I threw my dagger directly in his heart. He crumbled to the ground and else went to dagger the girl to be sure she was dead. “let’s move” Nadine announced and Mr.Kaiser counted; “39” then a pause and we heard a long pitching scream from far down the hall, then a loud bang. “40” Mr.Kaiser corrected himself. “Hello girls” Jana smiled coming from the room, Klaudia and Beatrix followed her on both sides. “Great you guys are here I have a theory” Alix raised her eyebrows at me as she adjusted and played with her shotgun. It was lowered but I couldn’t help but flinch a tad. Alix noticed of course. “Scared?” she teased. “Perfect! Were on the same floor!” shouted Lilo from the other direction of the long hallway. “Hurry it up!” Kai frowned at us, and they rushed near. “Alright were all here” Char said looking around. The other team with Lilo, Micky, Carlene and Maxine had come too. “We need to spilt in groups of 4” I said, I looked around at everyone who had gathered in a circle. “Mind if I make this plan?” Else replied first; “Please go ahead” I waited for everyone to nod and cores “Yeah” “Yes” or “Sure” I smiled and nodded myself. “Good, It’s 16 of us and only 9 of them” I paused. “No offense but they probably heard us already and gathered at the top floor” everyone coursed. “Right” I continued. “We go all the way up there, take east, west, north, and south wings in our groups and rip out the button on the elevators except floor 18” (This office building was huge) “If they’re not up they’re yet they will be and they’ll probably attack together that 4-9. We all come in after one of the groups calls us and the group that was attacked hold them off until we get there.” I waited and let the plan sink in first. “Sounds good” Maxine commented. “And we come in and finish them off” Char says, I nod. “Right the odds at first will be 4-9, but that’s not too bad, we’ll keep an open eye on each other and stay close by. Probably east and north and south and west preferably.” I nod again, and ask; “Sounds good sounds good?” Carlene then asks; “What are the groups?” I shrugged and looked around. “We all have our weaknesses and our strengths so I’ll try to balance it out” I look around at them as they wait patiently. “You guys don’t mind if I decide all this right?” they all comment individually. “That’s ok” “That’s cool” “Yeah it’s fine” I smile. “Good, east team: Klaudia, Else, Nadine and Lilo.” I direct my head in the direction of the elevators “You guys can wait over there and get ready” they nod at my instructions and head over talking and adjusting weapons. “Carlene, Christa, Alix and Jana you can take west hall” they go over and join the others by the 5 elevators. Alix hip bumps me before heading over. “Good luck” I grin at her. “We don’t need luck just strengths and wits” I turn to the rest. “South will be: Beatrix, Kai, Ursula and Char” they leave and I turn to the 3 left besides me. “Steffi, Maxine and Micky we’ll take north hall.” I turn and say. “Without further a dew we’ll begin” and each group take an empty elevator and the door closes behind us. Maxine and Micky look a little nervous and anxious. “Stay calm” Steffi says to them and divides her weapons as I yank out the elevator buttons with my true pure silver knife. I leave the button 18 and we wait. “We all need at least 3 silver lined wooden daggers” Steffi starts her lecture and I’m only glad to listen. She hands them out. “I don’t know what the other groups are doing for weapons but we all have a gun right?” I raise mine with Micky and Maxine. Steffi smiles at us. “Good” she adjusts hers and gives it a little crank. “These are our main weapons: dagger and gun.” Steffi pats on her bow. “But we have our strengths” Steffi looks at Maxine with her spear, me with my daggers and finally at Micky who I just notice is carrying a mace ball on a long chain. Steffi and I raise our eyebrows at her. “A mace?” we cores. Micky shrugs. “My dad taught me it’s my favorite tool” we were all taught how to use the maces but no one really preferred to throw a spiky ball of death around on a chain, but I guess Micky was different. We shrug and Maxine starts talking. “Alright we make our way down the north hall and check all the rooms, we’re bound to find something, so we tell the other groups right away and get them to tell us if they find anything suspicious.” The elevators binged opened and we raised our weapons. “Don’t bother” Ursula’s dry voice rang in my ears. We lowered them. “There’s nothing here” Ursula from the south team said and put her back to us. “Preparation now!” Kai announced not so quietly. “Shut up Kai they’ll hear us” Alix snapped at her and she lowered her voice. “ok” so we adjust our weapons and Maxine tells her idea, then we all spilt up. “Time to get started” Char said and raised her gun and followed her south teammates down the south hall. The east team shrugs and turns too. “Need us call us” Nadine says and leads her group off, and then the west team smiles at us. “We’ll find them don’t worry” Carlene says and they take off in the west direction. I give them a little wave “See you on the other side” then I turn to my teammates. “In a line” Maxine directs. “I’ll go front, Steffi bring up the rear, Maxine come behind me.” And my friends step in line and I’m about to take off then I see Micky waiting with an unreadable look on her face. I study her. “I guess you’ll go in front of me” I pause then stop and step out of line. “Never mind bad idea Steffi can’t shoot arrows behind her” I point at her. “You go in front, we’ll switch places.” Then I look at the line again. “Micky that mace is useless in the middle you need room.” I nudge her behind me. “I guess you’ll have to bring up the rear.” Maxine and Steffi look at me with uncertainty. I sign and answer they’re mind question: Can we trust her? I look around. “Guys we don’t have a choice, this is perfect we’ll have to trust-“ I stopped before saying ‘Micky’ and then correct myself. “Each other”  Maxine looks away, then Steffi does too saying nothing. “Let’s move” Micky said impatiently. We start to walk down the left side of the hall and Micky keeps glancing behind her. I start to wonder: Can I really trust this girl? “Continue, there’s nothing in there” Steffi says from in front, the room ahead was completely empty. Someone must have just moved out. We follow the straight hall for hours; nothing comes up. I hear nothing and I’m beginning to become anxious. I really hoped my plan would work. I didn’t want to be the one that was wrong and wasted so much time, while the creatures waited for us and soon discovered we were after them.  The tension grew, and we only breathed silently. If there was anything in our hall we couldn’t hear them, and THAT made me worry, Could THEY hear US?, they must be pretty good at staying quiet. Just when I realised I was barely paying attention, a loud BANG! Rang in our ears and I heard Char yell in our ear pieces: “They’ve attacked from the roof! FROM THE ROOF!” we all glanced up. I heard Micky mumble a curse under her breath and then Beatrix shouted at us in our ears: “Get to room 335! ROOM 335!” and without another word we charged down the opposite end of the hall that we were making our way down, and Ursula’s voice said with warning: “They’re crazier than the rest of the ones we killed.” A long pause that will haunt me for the rest of my life then Kai’s worried voice announced. “Guys something’s wrong…they’re different more vicious” but we kept running in the direction of the sound of chaos. “Don’t you guys get it?” Ursula asked she knew what was going on and I waited for her farther answer, because Ursula ALWAYS answered her own questions. I could picture Ursula frown in my mind. “They were tweaked with by the witch; he never wanted them to die. He sold them to an old powerful hybrid for 710 million dollars. We have to kill them either way”

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