Teach Me to Dance, Teach Me to Love

Sage is a nobody. She sits at the back of the class, she eats where no one else is around. She's always been afraid to love. The only place she feels accepted, is in the dance studio. Alone of course, until Angel steps into the picture. Will she finally learn to love? Or will she just brush him off like she did everything else.


4. Chapter 3

I sit in class next to Angel while I wait for my turn to say my poem I wrote out loud to the entire class. The boy that was just reciting his poem sits down, in obvious relief it went well. I cross my fingers, hoping the teacher won't call my name next, but when do good things ever happen to me?

"Ms. Sage Dustin, you're up sweetheart." The teacher pats the back of the chair that sits behind the microphone. I sigh, and walk up to the chair, sitting in the spotlight I've always dreaded sitting under. 'Oh god' I think. 'I'm gonna choke'

I take a seat and look at Angel in despair. He gives me a reassuring look. I sigh, and look at the paper my poem is written on. "Uh, m-my name is S-sage and, um, uh, this is my poem about friendship..." I trail off. I sigh one more time, before starting the poem. "Drifting, twisting, floating, falling. Down a never-ending stream. This stream may go on forever, forever it may seem. The way my love for you my friend, is infinite. It too may never, ever quit. Drifting twisting, floating, falling. Down a never-ending cliff. This cliff may go on forever, it may never shift. The way my heart for you my friend, is warm, is welcome, all of these. I welcome you with open arms, come and go as you please. Drifting, twisting, floating, falling. For a hundred-million years. Friendship goes on forever darling, through all the fars and nears. Or so they say, cause' far away friendships may just end. And if you leave, like some of these, I'll never, ever mend." I finish. I give a quick half-smile, get up, and fast-walk to the back of the class where I sit back down next to Angel and slump down into my seat.

"Wow, that was really good Ms. Dustin." The teacher says. I sit up just enough to let him see me smile, then I slump back down. 

"Why're you slouching so much? You should be proud of that. That's really good." Angel says. I scoff.

"I don't want people knowing I have any sort of talent. It'll draw attention to myself." I say. He grins and chuckles a bit. 

"So I'm guessing you don't like having the spotlight." He says. I nod. The class ends shortly after and we make our way down to the auditorium for dance. Though I don't want to admit it, I'm a fair dancer. That's why I traded this class out for Social Studies. I don't need it when I'm going to be a dancer when I grow up. We get there, and we change into our leotards and tutus. I steel myself, because I already know Angel will laugh at me. I walk out and sure enough, one glance and he's choking back laughter. I walk past him and go to stretch. He walks over and leans against the post. "So, ms. ballerina, how do you feel all dressed up in your tutu?" He asks. 

"I feel just fine. What about your ball-squeezing leotard? Didn't expect that now did ya pretty boy?" I say with a wink. We both laugh and Ms. Monroe calls for attention. 

"Okay class." She says. Her Latino accent and long, black hair automatically gives away her ethnicity. She's my favorite teacher at this school, and I'm her favorite student. I don't think it hurts to have a bit of Latino heritage as well. I stand in the front of this class, and only this class. "Today, we'll be continuing our work on our current pop song performance. As you all know, this song is 'Temporary Bliss' By the Cab. And I expect you to have this song down pat by the end of this week. You'll definitely need it if you're going to perform at the showcase. Well, this one, or others. Okay, well, enough of my rambling. I'll have Ms. Sage Dustin demonstrate the portion of the song we've already worked on." She says. I instantly freeze. 

"Ms. Monroe. I couldn't possibly-"

"Now, now my faithful student. You are the best in the class."

"Well, I wouldn't really say that..." I argue.

"Nonsense. Now please demonstrate the portion of the song we've learned up front." She says. I sigh, and give her a look. She just smiles at me. I roll my eyes playfully and walk up to the front of the room. 

I sigh and take my position. "Are you ready?" Ms. Monroe asks.

"Yes." I sigh. She starts the music, and I start to dance. the elaborate dance-moves is what takes up my mind as I focus on them, and the music. Turn, turn, jump, pop, pop, slide. The routine goes through and I stop at the end of what I know. I pant and wipe my sweat-covered forehead.

"You see?! That's what I'm talking about!" Ms. Monroe walks back to the front of the class. She puts an arm around my shoulders and gives them a small squeeze. She lets me go,  and I walk back to my place. 

"You're really good." Angel says.

"Thanks." I mutter. 

"Alright class. From the top!" She turns on the music, and we go through the routine. Angel just tries to keep up. When we finish, Ms. Monroe tells us to go practice individually while she helps Angel out. I walk over to them, and tap on Ms. Monroe's shoulder.

"Ms. Monroe? Uh, if it's alright with you, I'd personally like to tutor Angel. If that's okay..." I rub the back of my neck.

"Sure. That's okay. If it's okay with you Angel?" She turns to him. 

"Yeah. We can start after detention-" 

"You got detention?" She immediately turns to me. 

"Well yes but-" 

"No buts! I expect better from you!" She starts rambling in Spanish. 

"Ms. Monroe, it's my fault." Angel says. She stops talking and looks at him, then at me.

"Your fault eh?" She says. He nods. She sighs and shakes her head slightly. then she walks off muttering in fast Spanish again. I turn to Angel.

"Did you really have to bring up the detention?" I ask him. He shrugs. I roll my eyes. I teach him some of the basic steps and Ms. Monroe calls us to go to the locker rooms. I change and wait for Angel outside of the boy's locker rooms. He comes out about a minute later. We're just about to walk out the door when Ms. Monroe calls for me. I look at Angel. "Hold on, okay?" I ask. He nods and sits on one of the chairs.

I walk over to Ms. Monroe and she escorts me to her office. "Take a seat." She says as she walks past a chair. I sit and look at her as she sits in her chair behind the desk. 

"So, what's up aunt B?" I ask. When no one else is around, I call her aunt B, because, well, she's like a mom to me, but not really. She taught me everything I know, and she helped me with moral support after my dad died.

"Don't you 'aunt B' me young lady." She says. She looks at me with serious eyes, and I know this is no time to joke around. I don't say anything, so she starts talking. "Okay, showcase is in two weeks, and you're suddenly getting detention? You're a straight A student, you are a model citizen, and now, you're hanging out with some sort of... boy!" She says.

"It's his first day! And plus, I don't have any friends! He could be my friend." I say. 

"Listen sis. This boy, he's a troublemaker. I can already see it. Stay away from him Salvia. (Sage in Spanish)"

"What if I can help him? Please aunt B! We can help each other, in different ways." I say. She sighs.

"Okay. But if you get in trouble because of him, I'll be muy enojado (very mad). Do you understand?" She says.

"Yes aunt B." I say. I get up.

"Te amo! (i love you)" she calls after me.

"I love you too!" I yell.

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