Summer Love~ Niall Horan FanFic

Niall Horan just tried out for the X-Factor he got three yes' out of four and was nervous that he would only get two or less and have to go home. While he was there as soon as he walked out he bumped into someone. Jessica. She and Niall never knew that they would become friends. Almost half way into the season. Jessica had to leave the X-Factor and go home. But then, Niall was already in One Direction though 1D was formed only a week before on July 23, 2010. Secretly Jessica was Niall's Summer Love. Whether 1D wins the X-Factor or not, will Niall go back to Jessica or forget what he was to embarrassed to tell her?


1. Audition

Niall's POV~

There was a gigantic line, larger then I assumed even though I knew it would be big, stretching almost as far as I could see to the doors walking into the building. What was I getting myself into? Here I am from Ireland, but now I'm trying out for the X-Factor. Finally when I walked in, I had an urge to just turn around and walk out. We waited again for awhile until a group of 7 men came up to me and my family which included my mum, dad, brother Greg, and my grandma.

"If you don't mind, we're going to film you and you are going to tell us a little about yourself like what your name is, how old are you, where you're from, and why you are here. You get it?" They made it sound like it was optional. I started to get more nervous then before as they put me to the side and started filming.

One pointed at me and i guessed that meant to start. "I'm Niall Horan, I'm 16, and I'm from Mullingar in the middle lands of Ireland. I want to be like big names in the world like Beyonce and Justin Bieber is a perfect example. I've been compared to him a few times and, it's not a bad comparison." Inside I was thinking, what am I saying? 'Not a bad comparison'? I love Justin Bieber. I almost laughed when I said that but luckily I kept it in. "I want to sell out arenas and make an album and work with some of the best artists in the world." I paused. "Today, is the start of it all, if I get through today, it's game on." Then they stopped rolling and told me that was good. Nothing else was said from them and they walked away to another place and started filming them.

About ten minutes after, someone told me I was next up. I had to go down a long hallway and wait right outside the stage while my family went down somewhere else to a Tv on the other side of the stage. As soon as someone told me I was up, my heart started pounding so hard it felt like it could break my ribs. I walked on and I saw the largest crowd I have ever seen. Though it wasn't a big accomplishment because I've never really been in front of an audience. They cheered even before they knew my name. Many yards infront of me I spotted Louis Walsh, Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole, and Simon Cowell. "Hey Guys." I said settling myself in the middle of the stage. 

"What's your name?" Louis questioned. "Niall." "Niall? Niall what?" "Horan." I replied. "Why are you here today?" He asked. "I'm, I'm here to be the best artist I can be." "And Niall, how old are you?" "Sixteen." He looked surprised for some reason. He leaned back in his chair. "So you're like an Irish Justin Bieber, yeah?" I laughed at the fact he referred to him. "I can reckon so, yeah." "Is this going to make you popular at school?" Katy spoke up. "Yeah I suppose Kate, yeah." She turned back at the audience, laughed, then looked back at me. 

"Off you go." Louis said. I began and suddenly it felt when the music began that I wasn't scared anymore. It's weird how it has that effect on people. "I gotta change my answer and machine, and now that I'm alone, and now it says that we, can't come to the phone, and I know it makes no sense, cause you walked out the door, but it's the only way I hear your voice, anymore... Its-" Simon raised his hand for me to stop. Katy was the 1st to speak, "I think you're adorable," I know it was a compliment but I also knew things weren't gonna go so well. "and you have krisma, I think that just maybe you should just work on it, you're only sixteen! I started out when I was 15 and I didn't make it until I was 23!" Well no offense Katy, but you aren't that good of a singer and you don't even write your own songs.

"I think you're unprepared, and I think you came with the wrong song, you're not as good as you thought you were, uh, but I still like you." Simon said making the words hit me hard. "Yeah you know, you're obviously adorable," haha well thank you Cheryl, "and you have a lot of charm for a 16 year old, but, the songs to big for you babe." "Niall, I think you got something, I think people would absolutely like you, cause you're likable." "What did you say?" Simon said. "I said I think people will like him just because he's likable and not just because he's Irish." Umm, thanks? "Yes, Niall will be liked just because he's likable." Simon mocked. "Oh shut up." Louis laughed and so did I.

"Simon what do you say?" "I'm gonna say yes." With all the critisism he gave me, I loved it to hear him say yes. The crowd cheered. "Cheryl? Yes or no?" "I'm gonna say no." The crowd booed her and inside so was I. "I'm gonna say YES!" Louis announced. The audience cheered louder from when they had with Simon. Of course Katy protested. "Come on Katy! He needs three yes' to go on!" "Ok, can I just say that, I do agree with Cheryl you do need more experience, and by the way, just because you're likable in doesn't mean that you're gonna sell records! Talent does!" I knew I was going home now. "And you do have a seed of it, but..." The crown pounded in her ears to let me go through. She debated in her head. "Yes of course, you're in." The crowed roared as loud as they could and I screamed YES! "Don't let us down!" She smirked. "I won't!" I assured her. And I knew I wouldn't let them down. Like I said, it's game on.


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