Tainted Enchantment

Seventeen year old Sophie has just enrolled herself into a magical boarding school for fairies, a creature no one at her age believes, and doesn't know it. But whilst struggling with the distance from her boyfriend Drake and family, she unravels the truth about her real father and why people are out to kill her. In the end, who can Sophie trust? The boyfriend that has come to rescue her? Her best friend? Her roommate? Or the fey father she never knew she was related to? Which one is out to kill one of the most powerful fairies in history? Will the surprise she discovers send her into waves of depression? Follow the journey as Sophie learns who to keep close, and who not to keep close.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Maxie yelped, throwing her hands into her pockets and gasping at my sudden entrance.  The sparks that had been at her fingertips disappeared and the clothes that had been floating from her closet fell to the floor as though they were puppets and their strings had been cut.  She looked at me with wide eyes filled with shock.

     "S-Sophie," she stuttered.  "I wasn't expecting you to be back so soon."

     "What," it took me a lot of effort to sound calm, "was that?"

     Her hand pushed some hair behind her ear and she looked around.  "What was what?" she asked, trying to play off her nervousness.  I could tell though; it was in her stance.

     "Your clothes were floating out of your closet," I stated.

      She looked at the clothes at the ground really quickly before looking back up at me.  "What?  Oh, that?  That was just a trick of the light.  Yeah,  I'm practicing for the part time job that I have.  Isn't it cool?"

     I let out a breath of relief before I collapsed into a bean bag chair.  "Oh, good," I breathed.  "For a second, I thought I was going crazy."  I stretched my arm up, accidentally hitting a photo frame.  It tipped over and fell, but it never hit the ground; Maxine had held her hands out, and those sparks were flying out again, her palm facing up, and the photo frame just floated in midair.  I raised my eyebrows as she slowly lifted her palm up and the frame simultaneously floated back up on to the shelf.

     "Okay, so I was practicing my magic," Maxine confessed.  "So what?  It's no big deal."

     "No big deal?" I repeated.

     "Yeah," she said in a no-duh kind of way.  "Inglewood Academy is a school for magic.  There are witches like me, and fairies, and vampires, and werewolves, and all of those things that humans believe aren't real.  So what are you?"

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