Tainted Enchantment

Seventeen year old Sophie has just enrolled herself into a magical boarding school for fairies, a creature no one at her age believes, and doesn't know it. But whilst struggling with the distance from her boyfriend Drake and family, she unravels the truth about her real father and why people are out to kill her. In the end, who can Sophie trust? The boyfriend that has come to rescue her? Her best friend? Her roommate? Or the fey father she never knew she was related to? Which one is out to kill one of the most powerful fairies in history? Will the surprise she discovers send her into waves of depression? Follow the journey as Sophie learns who to keep close, and who not to keep close.


17. Chapter Seventeen

My first class was on the fourth floor or the "school" building. Chemistry. After racing to the library to borrow three text books for my three classes that morning, I waltzed into the laboratory, nearly falling asleep. It was a large room and nothing like the ones at my previous school. The tables were in three rows, one desk for two. After sliding in beside Sara, I plopped my chin in my hands and rested my eyes until the teacher arrived.

     "Alrighty kids, time for some chemistry!" The teacher was overly enthusiastic and almost frightening. His hair was a jet black and his eyes were a mix between red and brown - purple. His cheek bones were pushing against his skin and his side burns were two inches too long. He was disgustingly ugly, but mildly handsome in his own way. Vampire. I couldn't determine how I knew ... I just did.

     The class groaned in a synchronized fashion. The teacher laughed, revealing a giant set of crystal white teeth and a shiver went down my spine.

     "For this task you will be grouped in pairs. First pair; Sara and Fran." I heard a quick apology escape her mouth as she walked the distance of the classroom to meet her new partner. It went on like that for a while, the people I knew walking away until it was only boys left to group with.

    "Ah, here we are. The interesting couple. Markis and Sophie."

     My head jerked up to stare at him.  "What do you mean, couple?"

     His teeth gleamed.  "I heard you two bickering this morning at the stables."

     "Great..." I muttered, making my way over to where Markis sat.

     "Awe, why so bitter?" Markis asked when I sat down.

     "Well, if you must know, I have to work with you," I sourly responded.  "And on top of that, our chemistry teacher seems to think that there's some chemistry between us."

      For the first time since I met the guy, his cocky attitude fell away.  "Would that be so bad?"

     "Considering you can be a bit obnoxious sometimes, yeah, both ideas aren't the greatest," I answered honestly.  "Plus, I have a boyfriend back at home, whom I love a lot."

     "I see," he voice was icy.

      We started our assignment without further conversation about ourselves and focused on the assignment on hand.  I couldn't help but notice that he was cold and silent when there was nothing that needed to be said, and I couldn't shake the feeling that that might have been because I had hurt his feelings.  What was I supposed to do, though, lie?  And he's hurt me before.

     Even so, how come I couldn't shake the guilty feeling out of my stomach?

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