Tainted Enchantment

Seventeen year old Sophie has just enrolled herself into a magical boarding school for fairies, a creature no one at her age believes, and doesn't know it. But whilst struggling with the distance from her boyfriend Drake and family, she unravels the truth about her real father and why people are out to kill her. In the end, who can Sophie trust? The boyfriend that has come to rescue her? Her best friend? Her roommate? Or the fey father she never knew she was related to? Which one is out to kill one of the most powerful fairies in history? Will the surprise she discovers send her into waves of depression? Follow the journey as Sophie learns who to keep close, and who not to keep close.


1. Chapter One

     "Oh my gosh, Mom and Dad, look!" 

     I was pointing at my computer screen, pointing at an e-mail.  A special e-mail: it was my acceptance letter to Inglewood Academy! 

     "Oh, congratulations honey!" my mother exclaimed before wrapping her arms around me.

     "Good job, Sweetheart," her father wore an expression of pride.  "I knew you could get in.  You've always been such a hard worker."

      "Am I allowed to go?" I asked, feeling both excited and scared.  They gave me two encouraging nods of approval and Rufus, my Labrador puppy, licked my face.  I typed in a response letter, checked my parents' proud expressions once more, before pressing the SEND button. I peered over the laptop screen to my brother, Owen, who was watching us all curiously.

     "Where is Soapie going?" he asked, crawling into my lap.

     "Sophie has applied to go to a special school," my father tried explaining to Owen.

     "But shwe already goe' to school," Owen said.

     "It's a special school," my mother tried explaining to him.  "Sophie is going to live there while she goes to school, so you might not be able to see her as often as you do now, sweetie."

     Tears dampening on his cheeks, he sniffled, wiping the moisture away from his nose with one of his tiny little hands, and cried out.  "I don't wan 'phie to gwo!"

     I smiled sadly and turned away, refusing to let my family see how emotional I was about enrolling in a boarding school and accepting the fact that there was only so much time left together before I wouldn't see them for the whole school year.  I mean, yeah, there was winter and spring break, but it wasn't the same, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had expected to get accepted, though- who wouldn't accept me?

     I was the perfect seventeen year old young woman - yes, I call myself a young woman - who worked hard to get the results I did. I prepare and revise for every test or exam, do my best in all assignments handed out, even if they're not summative! And despite being a bright young woman who comes from a successful family with a crazy dog and a moody brother, I was not classified as a total nerd at school and managed to score the best boyfriend every girl could hope for.


     Drake and I had been together for three years. I guess you could say we were in love but he didn't know I was leaving our high school for a boarding school and I was biting my nails at the thought of telling him. What would he say? Would he be disappointed and yell at me for never finishing anything I started, or would he be thrilled and help me in every way to prepare mentally and physically for the big change? His reaction possibilities were endless.


     I pulled out my brand new iPhone and called his cell as soon as I was alone in my room and had stopped the tears from falling.

     "Hey baby," he answered after two rings; he always seemed to be ready for my calls.

     "Hey Drake," I replied, trying to hide a sniffle.  "What are you doing right now?"

     "I just finished playing a game of basketball with the guys," he responded.  "Why, what's up?"

     I took a breath.  "I was hoping that we could meet up.  I need to talk to you about something.  Meet me at the cafe in ten?"

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