Tainted Enchantment

Seventeen year old Sophie has just enrolled herself into a magical boarding school for fairies, a creature no one at her age believes, and doesn't know it. But whilst struggling with the distance from her boyfriend Drake and family, she unravels the truth about her real father and why people are out to kill her. In the end, who can Sophie trust? The boyfriend that has come to rescue her? Her best friend? Her roommate? Or the fey father she never knew she was related to? Which one is out to kill one of the most powerful fairies in history? Will the surprise she discovers send her into waves of depression? Follow the journey as Sophie learns who to keep close, and who not to keep close.


11. Chapter Eleven

It was in the school hall that I set eyes on him. Markis Darwin. He sat with a group of boys but also a few girls, who sat staring at him with wide and desperate eyes.  That was how most of the girls in the lunch room stared at him, along with a few boys.  I don't think I could blame them, though.  He was beautiful.  Not that I was checking him out or anything.  Even if I was, it was for the sole purpose of offering my opinion to Maxine, Sara, and Honey.  It was girl-on-girl bonding time.

     It didn't look like he tried to do his hair; it had that just-woke-up look about it, adding to his rouge charm.  His roots and sideburns were a light brown while the rest of his hair was blonde, and he couldn't seem to wipe that scowl off his face.  The jawbone was pronounced on his fair skin, and if he raised his arm just high enough, the sleeve of his black polo would slide up high enough for one to see the infinity sign tattooed to his wrist.  The sleeves would also stretch a bit against the barely noticeable muscles.

     There was something else about him.  Something I couldn't identify that added to his charm.  But then again, everyone at this school seemed to have some unidentifiable allure about them.  It wasn't just the guys; it was the girls too.  I just couldn't put my finger on what it was...

     "So?" Sara asked, shaking me from my thoughts.  "What do you think?  Isn't he dreamy?"

     "He's... impressive," I admitted.

     "That's it?" Max appeared to be astounded.  "Just impressive?"

     Honey rolled her eyes.  "Well, even if she thought about him even more, it wouldn't do her any good.  It's not like she can have him or anything."

     I couldn't help going on the defensive.  "Even if I wanted him, what makes you think that I couldn't get him?"

     "Who wouldn't want him?" Honey fired back.  "He's practically forbidden, and you know, a lot of people want things that they can't have.  It's as though he doesn't have a type.  All the girls who have the nerve to have approached him, and even a few of the guys in the closet have attempted to approach him.  He hasn't said yes to anyone.  It's as though we would need to cast a spell on him to get him to look our way."

     I couldn't help but look at her doubtfully.  "That's a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it?  All boys have some kind of weakness."

     "Well, it isn't my bed, or anyone else's bed," Honey confirmed, pulling out a compact mirror and checking her makeup and puckering her lips  before clicking it closed and standing up.  "Now, if you'll excuse me gals, I'm going to find someone to break in my bed.  Sara, you might want to wait for me to open the door before you try to walk into our room.  Toodles."  She beamed and blew air kisses as she walked away, strutting her body in a way that made boy's eyes follow, their mouths drool, and their imaginations run wild.

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