Tainted Enchantment

Seventeen year old Sophie has just enrolled herself into a magical boarding school for fairies, a creature no one at her age believes, and doesn't know it. But whilst struggling with the distance from her boyfriend Drake and family, she unravels the truth about her real father and why people are out to kill her. In the end, who can Sophie trust? The boyfriend that has come to rescue her? Her best friend? Her roommate? Or the fey father she never knew she was related to? Which one is out to kill one of the most powerful fairies in history? Will the surprise she discovers send her into waves of depression? Follow the journey as Sophie learns who to keep close, and who not to keep close.


8. Chapter Eight

As soon as the party was over, Drake decided to walk me home.  He said something about wanting to protect me from stalkers, rapists, and drunk molesters, but I think he was just trying to spent more time with me.  Either way, it was a sweet gesture to walk me home.  There were times that we held hands, other times that he would put his arm around my waist, and the other times where we just stopped to kiss under the moonlight.

     "Thank you," he said finally, breaking the silence that encouraged us to think - but also kiss - more. Either way, I didn't mind.

     "For what?"

     He pulled me closer to him as we approached my street and the light that was on out the front. He tucked a small piece of my hair behind my ear and stroked my cheek. I melted under his touch and gave up my body to him.

     "For the greatest night of my life. I love you, Sophie."

     Then I kissed him softly and sweetly and he walked me to my door. With a wave goodbye, he jogged off into the street without a side glance. I felt light and over the world with joy. It was done. I'd let him have what he needed and enjoyed it - more than our kisses or the way he caressed my cheeks or neck when we embraced. I'd shown him how much I truly loved him.


With only a week until I left for my new boarding school, things in the house were chaotic. Owen was being a pain, always crying when he didn't like the food we ate - now that he began eating food other than mashed banana - and mum and dad were too busy worrying over me that mum nearly lost her job, leaving her with only her part time antique book store.

     I spent most of my time packing with Todd or with Drake. One night, Drake had snuck into my back yard to knock on my window and, after my mind stopped whirling and thinking about kidnappers, I slid out of my window and went to the little picnic he'd set up in the park just down the road. I struggled to stay awake, which annoyed us both, but it didn't make a difference. Whether Drake's intention was to repeat what we'd had at Lilah's in the park when it was freezing cold, my mind couldn't wrap around the concept of such a tiring process that late at night. We settled for kissing and eating chocolate muffins with lollies on top.

     Todd stopped by on my last day at home with a box of jam-filled donuts covered in pink, speckle icing. It was just me home with the rest of my family out purchasing last minute supplies and Drake at his soccer match. We ate two each and collapsed on the couch feeling as fat as ever.

     "I'm going to miss you, Phie," he confessed after about ten minutes of flicking through the weekday television shows and discovering there was nothing at all appealing to our age. He threw the remote to the ground and wrapped his friendly arm around me.

     "Why so serious? It's not like I'm dying or anything!" but even I couldn't bare the thought of not seeing him for the long period of time that I was going to be away.  Todd was my best friend and I was afraid of what he'd get up to without me to keep him safe and off drugs and alcohol.

     "You're my best friend, and plus, how will I know you're keeping loyal to me?"

     "You make that sound like we're dating."

     "With all this time we spend together..." he climbed over to me on the couch and pulled me into his arms, faces close. This was just the usual Todd trying to be funny and me having to go along like I was enjoying myself. "We practically are!"

     I shoved him off of me and pulled him to his feet, dragging him up to my room and showing him my messy room with clothes and toiletries splattered everywhere. He smiled at me and threw himself into the pillows piled in the corner of my room.

     He watched me for a while as I folded clothes and placed them neatly into the bags and slid out my guitar from under the bed, strumming some chords that I hummed a tune over. He smiled sadly as I broke into random lyrics that popped into mind but we both fell silent when we heard the front door rattle loudly with the force of three almost dangerous knocks.

     "Expecting another friend to pop by?" he asked me in an amused tone, gesturing his head to the picture of Drake and I beside my bed. I shot him a scowl and hurried to get the door. It was Cassandra.

     "Oh, hello, Cassandra. Um, looking for Todd?"

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