Is there life after death?

Jack was a normal kid with friends. He went to a casual school and wasn`t bullied often. But, when a brutal murder happens at his school, he wonders, "Am I next?"


1. End of the school year.

"Wallis!" My teacher came to the back, slamming a ruler on my desk. "Wh-wha?" I said picking my head up from my needed nap. "I am teaching a class right now and next time I see you sleeping in my class, I will see you in detention." The whole class laughed. Then, the bell rang. I got up and walked out with Iris. "So what happened in there?" She asked me. "I don`t know, I kind of just, slipped out of consciousness and fell asleep." I said, doing my locker combination. "So are you up for some pizza tonight?" Iris questioned. "No sorry, I have to work at Walmart. . .again." She nodded. "When will you ever get a break, Jack?" You see, the thing with Iris is that she has always had a 'thing' for me. I put that in quotation marks because she also likes this really buff guy on our football team named Riley. I don`t like him at all. He has probably slept with all the cheerleaders, and he has a girlfriend of his own. In this school, we have classifications for certain types of groups. But, I will tell you that in the next chapter.

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