Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


17. The Race

~Ariana's POV~

"Hey Katie." I smiled as she came out of the room.

"Hi..." She sighed.

"Whats wrong..." I asked her.

"Niall.." She said walking down the hotel hall with me.

"Ohh im sorry, you guys fighting." I asked concerned.

"No, just, were both confused, well i am anyways." She said looking down.

"Confused about what?" I asked.

"I don't know if me and Niall are.."

"Are what." I waited for her to finish.

"Dating.." She sighed.

"Ohh, well i can tell you, he does love you. I occasionally her Liam talking on the phone with him and he talks about you all the time." I smiled.

"Yeah i know i hear him sometimes." She smiled a bit.

"Why don't you go talk to him." I smiled.

"Yeah i think i will." She said hugging me. "Thank you.."

I embraced her more feeling kind of bad for her i mean, i can tell she really loves Niall but is afraid to get hurt.

"You're welcome." I smiled as she walked away.

Im glad i can help a friend out. I said to my self over and over again until i reached my room and closed the door behind me.

~Josh's POV~


"What the fuck!." I screamed at the tv as my soccer team made a bad goal. Yes the UK! 12 Jamaica 4 yeah! (I know nothing about soccer teams so shhh no judging!)


"You're so weird." Casey said laughing as she sat next to me.

"Hey our team is winning." I smiled.

"Really." She laughed.

"Yes really!" I squealed like a girl.

"I swear there is something wrong with you josh." She said laughing.

"No theres not." I pouted.

"Aww babe." She said laughing as she pecked my cheek.

"Thats all i get." I pouted more.

"Yup." She smiled and walked to her bed.

"Thats not fair." I whine like a kid who got his balloon popped. (Im sorry that made me laugh!)

"Life isn't fair sweet heart." She laughed.

"You're not fair." I sighed.

"I know I'm not. " she said laying down and covering with a blanket.

"Comfortably?." I chuckled.

"No." She pouted as she kept moving around.

"Here." I said taking off my shirt as i laid down in the bed a brought her close.

"T-thanks." She said stuttering a bit.

"No problem babe.'' I smiled.

"Just one question." She said.

"What is it." I asked placing a kiss on her for head.

"Where did you get those scars from.' She asked.

"Ohh i think its time you know.." I said looking down.

I thought she would never bring this up. But its time for the truth.


~Katie's POV~

"Whats the plan until dinner." I asked Niall as i sat on his lap and curled up.

"Anything we want really." He said rubbing my thigh up and down.

"I just wanna relax, I'm still tired after some one woke me up!." I cried out.

"Sorry babe.." He said in his raspy voice that made my stomach drop.

I turned to him and just smiled. "I forgive you." I said kissing his nose.

"And i forgive you." He said pressing me down on the couch ad his lips brushed against my neck.

"F-for what?" I asked.

"For teasing me." He smirked as he kissed my neck softly.

It took everything to hold back a moan but he was to passionate and i did not wanna give him what he wants.

"I never teased you." I said playing with the back of his hair as my legs wrapped around his torso. Damn my female hormones!

"You don Remember, its fine will start new." He said lightly sucking on my sweet spot causing me to moan. Damn my female hormones!!

I felt his hand travel down my body as his other on the couch for lifting his weight off of me. That's sweet.

**i would say sex scene xD I'm sorry if it's not good lol**

I pushed him down on top of me but not feeling his weight but his erection growing, he was really turned on with my moans, I'm not going to give in anymore.

I felt him suck and kiss my neck harder trying to get me to moan, but all he's getting out of it, is Love Bites. Great will be matching. Well soon we will be. (if you know what i mean ;D)

I felt him trail his hands up and down my body feeling me everywhere, it felt good, too good.

He made his way up to my jawline and finally my lips. His warm soft lips moving with mine, in perfect sync,nit was amazing.

I felt him licking the bottom of my lip for an entrance i didn't grant it just yet, i just wanted to have some fun, right?

I felt him get annoyed as he trailed his hand to my bum and gave it a squeeze causing me to gasp as he stuck his tongue straight in my mouth. The jerk! He ruined my fun.

Our tongue's fought for dominance and of course i let him win. I felt him smirk in the kiss knowing that he knows he won. Jerk.

We pulled away after a few to catch out breaths as i rested my for head on his.

"I love you Niall." I open my eyes too look into his pacific blue orbs.

"I love you too Katie. Just one question." He said as he caressed my face and pressing his lips against mine again.

"What. Is. It." I said between kisses.

"Will you me my girl friend." He pulled away and looked at me.

"Of course i will Niall." I shrieked as i hugged him.

"Good." He chuckled as he picked me up.

I held on tight as he walked over to the bed and laid me down.

"Are you ready then.'' He smiled.

"I was born ready." I laughed as he joined in and leaned down to connect our lips once more.


I was ready.




(I had so many writers block I know Niall asked Katie out like three times so just bare with me!)

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