Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


1. The Party

~Katie's POV~

I watch as people grind and dance on each other, lights flashing all around the room, people drinking people kissing, worst off, people starring.

"Hey babe.'' A man slurred as he wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"Well hello, how are you on this fine night." I watched as his face was dark but I could see the smirk on his face, this is not good.

"How about let me show you how to have a good time." I watched as he trailed his hand along reaching my waist and pulling me closer.

I was drunk, but wasn't too drunk, I was at least sober enough to know what was going on, as for my room mate she's gone, I can't find her, I need help, but I knew this was the fate, and punishment I deserve.

"Uhh I'm sorry but i think I should go find my friend, maybe another time." I smiled and tried to walk away.

I felt a rush of cold air as I'm slammed against the wall. I opened my eyes to see the guy, the list in his eyes was scaring me, I knew this wasn't good.

"Please let me go!" I yelled.

I watched as he laughed and lifted my hands above my head. "I will when I am done with you.

"Please dont." I watched as he left sloppy kisses up and down my neck.

I felt tears stream down my face, I wanted this to be over fast, but this, this is taking for ever.

"Please let me go you you ass!" I cried as I kept moving.

BAM! Next thing I know I was looking at the ground holding my cheek as it was throbbing in pain.

"Listen whore! I will let you leave when I am done with you!" He yelled.

"Please just go!" I cried again.

"You little!"

"Get Out." I heard a unfamiliar voice.

I watched as figure stood in front of me.

"Hey Man I was just trying to have some fun."

"Well it doesn't look like she's having fun is she?." The figure asked.

I looked up an down the back of him, I can tell he has tattoos from the shirt he is wearing, his dirty blonde hair, he was fit, and the back of him, he looks so... Sexy.

"Well let me finish up and get out if the way!" I watched as the man pushes the Guy.

"Why you!." I watched as the figure in from of me punch the guy straight in the mouth. Now I'm really scared.

"I said Leave!."

I watched as the man held his face and cursing at the figure as he ran out be fore his Life was over..

"Are you alright." The figure asked as he watch the man leave.


"Umm yeah, well uhh I have to go.."

The second I turned around I felt a hand on my waist as someone turned me around, and I was met with pacific blue eyes.

"A simple thank you would be ok."

"Ohh uhh unm.."

"Whoa your breath smells like alcohol come over to my house tonight,bill take you home tomorrow."

"I don't think that's a good idea, I mean, well I have to fun my friend..."

"Ohh you didn't come alone?"

"Ok now you sound like that guy."

I watched as he began laughing.

"What's so funny?"


"You, Im gonna be still laughing tomorrow when you won't remember."

"I'm not that drunk I hope you know." I informed him.

"Yeah, yeah, well I better get you to my place, you don't want anymore strangers rubbing up on ya, do ya?." He smirked.

"Umm no, sir, I wouldnt."

"Good Girl, now your mine so listen to me." He smirked and grabbed my hand.

This guy is crazy, who says I'm his, all I have to know is where his house is and if it is close to my house, first, I need and escape plan.

I walked behind him, with his Hand still in mine as he left the club. I looked all over the place to find my friend Kyrstin. But she was no where to be found, I'm doomed.

"Right this way, Love." He said directing me out of the club.

Love? Love? Did he just call me love? Who in the world does he think he is calling me love? Im not his girlfriend, he's just a stranger, I feel like I'm going to be raped.

"Lets go wait over at the park bench while are ride gets here?"

"Uhh umm, sure." I smiled nodding my head as he led me to the park.



"It's a nice night." I said sitting down on the bench.

"Yeah it is, I'm glad I found some one like you you seem like a kind person." He said looking at the sky.

Ahh a sweet talker, how I love them.


"Thanks, I get that a lot, and by a lot, I mean a lot." I said giggling a bit.

I looked over to see him on his phone as he laughed with me.

"Your a happy person I take it." He said looking at me.

"Well not really, I mean my dad abused me, my mom passed away my sister left me to defend her self from her dad, so all I'm left with is my friend, or roommate Kyrstin. She is very nice and intelligent, I think you will like her alot." I said smiling.


"Sorry about your family." He frowned. "But you have me, if you trust me? And glad you have a close friend."

"Yeah me too, and only if I I ow you a little bit more." I replied.

I watched as he smirked and looked at hi phone again.

I swear e creeps me out, but another thing is, he's so attractive I don't know what to do I can't just attack him with a kiss, and be like "ohh sorry, that's my thank you for the club accident". It just doesn't work like that. Why does he have to look so good?

"Is there something on my face?" He asked.

I shooked my head no, I felt recalling embarrassed I felt my cheeks turn bright pink.

"It's ok love, and ohh are ride is here." He smirked pointing to a black car coming up.

I stood up as The guy once again took my hand and led to to the car. He opened up the door to not be attacked my the cold air but the smell of drugs.

"What is in here?!" I said covering my nose and getting In.

"Aww come on love it can't be that bad." The Boy smiled.

I looked to my left to see a guy with short but long hair, he looked like he was in his early twenties, his eyes red, and his breath smelled like smoke.

"Soo Niall your bringing Home yet another girl." The driver said laughing.

"Ohh shush Zayn and just drive god Damn." Niall said looking at me.

"Your name is Niall?" I questioned.

"Yes love and I know your name." He smiled.

Ok creeper alert.

"Ohh yeah, well what is it!?" I questioned.

"It's Katie, Katie Smith." He smirked.

"How do you know!?"

"Whoa creepy Niall don't let her run away." The passenger said.

"Thanks Harry." Niall said as he turned to me. "I know your name because, you're Name tag is on from your work." He chuckles a bit.

"Ohh I totally knew that." I said looking straight a head.

"Whoa Nialler you get the pretty girls." The guys next to me said smirking and resting his hand on my lap.

"Hand off." Niall said growling.

I watched as the boys started to argue a little, I could feel Niall's body tense up a little, but it still made him hot.

"Come on mate, I was just kidding. Can't you take a joke anymore." The guys said.

"Well I don't play the way you play, Josh" Niall said resting his hand on my thigh.

Alright I don't let any one rest there hand on me anywhere, josh is just creepy, but when Niall did it, I get this feeling of sensation, I feel warm, I feel safe. It's weird, like mixed emotions.

"Dude calm down, don't need to be upset I was joking, J.O.K.I.N.G!." Josh emphasized.

"I swear to god, if you don't keep your mouth shut I will." Niall said staring at him.

This made josh extremely quiet.

"We're here." Zayn said, pulling up to an old house. It was old, but very pretty and big, how could Niall afford this.?

"I am not going in there." I exclaimed.

"Ohh yes you are." Niall said getting out of the car with me dragging behind.

"Are you freaken kidding me right now." I raised my voice.

"Nope." He laughs and lifts me up bridal style.

Something tells me, he likes to play hard to get.

"Be gentle with her Niall." Harry smirked.

"Don't want a baby coming." Zayn laughed and drove off.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Niall said under his breath.

"What?" I asked looking up at him.

"Nothing, so katie." He smirked.

This can't be good.

"What?" I asked again, this time more nervously.

"Welcome to your new home."


Hey guys! What do you think? I think it's pretty good and going to be a good fan fic!

Thanks for all your support and please check out my friends fan fic it is extremely good.

Third Times The Charm

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