Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


34. Rescue Mission

~Katie's POV~


"We nee to get him out if there!" I screamed at Harry.


"He will be fine!!" He yelled.


"All you care about is you're safety and not his!! I hate you! All of you!!." I screamed as i fell crying on the ground.


"You need to calm down Sweet Heart." Perrie said softy as she rubbing my back soothingly.


"I moss him so much." I cried as i buried my face in her chest.


"Shh we will get him back, i promise." She said.


"T-thank you." I said softly.


"Now lets get you a cup of tea while they plan, yeah?" She asked as i looked up and nodded.


After a while Perrie and I finally got up and went to the kitchen to get my tea as we sat down a relaxed.


"What do you think there talking about." I sniffled as i drank my tea.


"Well we have to get Niall out of there before something bad happens." She said.


Something bad happens! What if he's already dead... That's worse!


"Please change the subject." I said trying to hold back the tears.


"Ohh sorry." She frowned as we started to talk about other topics.


It's really nice to have Perrie around, she is an absolute Sweet Heart, and i love her, if i ever have to move i wanna move in with her, and keep out connection strong.


"We have a plan." Josh said coming in and looking at us. "You ready Katie?"


"Ready." I said looking at Perrie and nodding while walking to the others.




~Niall's POV~


It seems like hour's day's month's year's. i just wanna be out of this Coma, i wanna see Katie and her beautiful features. I wanna hold her. Kiss her. Touch her, i miss her too much.


"Well well well, still no recovery." Simon said walking in as he placed some water on the night stand next to the bed.


'What do you want Bastard.'


"Seems like you're little girl is coming to get you after all. But I'm afraid we are going to have to kill her." He laughed.


'You're sick'


"When is my little Bad Nialler gonna wake up." He said in a baby voice.


'Damn, you're so fucking annoying.'


"Simon." Louis barge in.


"What!" He yelled like he was mad at Louis for interrupting.


"There here." He said softly.


"Great more killing. I want the girl alive." He said leaving me in the room alone.


'No Katie!!'


I started to feel some numbness in my hand i felt it move! Yes score!


I felt my eyes twitching, what is this! Its quite scarying me! I never get scared.


I shot open my eyes to and a whiff of a familiar scent. I looked to see Katie standing at the door way.


"Niall!" She yelled happily as she ran towards me.

I sat up quickly as i hugged her, i didn't care about the pain. Im just glad i have her.




~Katie's POV~


"Where here" harry said to us all as we are looking around the place.


"Becca Katie and Athena stay together and look on the first floor got it." Harry said.


"But why not the others." I asked.


"Because they wont be on the first trust me." Harry said as i nodded.


"Lets go." Becca said as me and Athena followed.


"I haven't really met you guy's before." I said softly.


"You don't need too." Becca said going ahead.


"Sorry about Becca's Feelings she once dated Niall." Athena said.


"Ohh really, im sorry." I said.


"Dot nee to be, they went there separate ways 2 years ago, it's fine, but anyways im Athena! I knew Niall since we were kids but we never liked each other like that." She smiled.


"Ohh." I laughed. "Nice to meet you im Katie." I smiled.


"Well, welcome aboard miss Katie." We laughed as Becca went her own way.


"Shit, are you prepared." I asked her as i saw her pull out a Knife and Gun.


"Yup." She smiled making me laugh.


"I hear beeping from over there.." I pointed to the first door.


"Alright go open it." She said holding the gun to the door.


I opened very slowly to not see a bed. But Niall on it a he was starring at me.


"Niall!" Yelled as i ran to him and hugged him tightly.


"Hi Katie." He coughed out.


I didn't hesitate to do anything. I pulled away as i kisses him as tears fell down.


I missed this, i missed him, i cant believe i got my Nialler back.




~Simons POV~


"This is ridiculous!" I yelled as the gang cane in.


"Sir they are here in the house." Louis said.


"Is anyone gaurding down stairs?!" I yelled.


"No sir but."


"Why Not!!!" I yelled making a few people run down stairs.


"No time for fooling around!"


"Yes sir."


Next thin i know i hear sirens. They found us.


"God damn!" I yelled running to my window and climbing down.


"Not soo fast!!." I heard a guy say as they tackled me.


"Harry get off!!." I yelled.


"Nighty night boss!" He said before that i went into a world off darkness.


What did they do to me.





~Niall's POV~


"Its alright Katie we are safe i promise." I said rubbing her back.


"I missed you soo much." I said trying not to cry.


"I know.." I said softly.


"A guys not time to fool around!" Athena said as she kept shooting.


"Lets go." I said as i got up quickly.


"Go where." Katie asked.


"Just come on!" I yelled grabbing then both and running out as fast i can.


"Something smells." Katie said as i looked back to see the house caught on fire.


"Damn it." I said. "You guys go." I said pushing then ahead of me.


"I wont leave you." Katie said.


"Go!!." I yelled as she began crying as athena took her out.


"Nice to see you sacrificing her." Louis chuckled.


"You did this." I growled looking all over to see smoke and fire.


"I know evil huh." He smirked.


"Where's el." I said looking around.


"Ohh she passes away. One of you're men shot her." He growled.


"Ohh so you think you had the right to rape Katie?!" I growled.


"Ohh i know she enjoyed it." He smirked.


"Go to Hell!" I screamed as the house started to collapse.


"See you there Niall." He smirked disappearing in the flames.


I turned around as fast a i can and ran out.


I finally made it before the whole house collapse.


"Niall!" I heard as i kept coughing.


"Niall you're hurt." Katie said coning up to me.


I kept coughing a i saw paramedics tun towards me.


"You're going to be ok." She said as we both went in the ambulance.


"You're going to be ok." She kept saying a i started to drift off.


I am going to be ok.

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