Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


20. Niall's Brother

~Greg's POV~

I was stuck in this house for a week. No Food, No Water, Not good air, sone deadly wounds, with cuts and bruises. I am lucky to be alive.

I heard a car stop in front of the house as car door's slammed. Shit there back! I knew i had to escape. But i couldnt get up as fast as i used too.

I heard a gun shot to the door as it broke open. Wait don't they have the key.. I watched as the door open and i saw Harry and Niall and a girl.. She was at Niall's side, she was pretty but yet not the bad type of girl.

"W-water." I called out as i barely could talk.

I looked over to see Harry's face shocked as he saw me.

"Niall come here." He said.

"What." Niall said as he looked at me.

"Greg!?" He called out as i just smiled with tears in my eyes.

"Hello brother." I smiled as i tried to move.

"Oh my gosh what happened." He said looking through my cut's and bruises.

"I know it looks really bad." I said.

"Yeah, who did this too you." Niall asked.

"Louis and Zayn, they wanted to know where you are, but i didn't know, i went to you're house, but it was empty, so i came here, they must have followed.." I sighed and winced in pain.

"I may have some body to help you.." Niall said softly.

"Whose that." I whispered looking up at him.

"Well my girl friend can help, her mom taught her nursing. A bit, so yeah." He chuckled.

"Sure bring her in." I smiled.

"Alright." He said walking over to the brunette girl that was with them the whole time.

Niall and Her began to come over as she looked me over.

"Have you had any food?" She asked.

"Not for a week, same with water." I sighed.

"Ok well hold on." She said running out with harry behind her.

"Why is harry going with her?" I asked.

"We need to protect her." Niall said leaning against the wall.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because shes wanted."


~Katie's POV~

"What to use what to use." I sighed a i looked through the medical kit.

"Why don't you bring the whole thing in..?" Harry said.

"Ohh duh." I laughed and took the kit and walked in.

"Niall, Harry can you please leave me alone with Katie, i need to talk to her." Greg said starring at me.

"Is that ok.." Niall said looking at me.

"Yeah." I smiled. Im not totally sure what's going on, and i sure do not wanna know.

I watched as harry and Niall left and got in the car. Im surprised they went in the car, ohh nope theres Niall with his gun? Whats going on

"Hello Katie." Greg smiled as i sat next to him an opened the kit.

"Hello umm Greg was it?" I asked.

"Correct lovely." He smiled.

I got a wet cloth and started to clean his cuts.

"So you needed to talk." I asked as i felt him tense up.

"Yeah its about Simon." He said wincing.

"Sorry." I said as he nodded. "What about Simon." I asked.

"He sent Louis and Zayn after me." He said trying to catch his breath.

"What about them.." I said worrying a bit.

"They want you." He said looking at me.

"What do you mean they want me.." I said.

"They want you because you're the weakness." He said.

"The weakness of what.'' I said bandaging him up.

"Off Niall they want to destroy him." He said.

"Ohh." I said as i finished up and closed the kit.

I heard greg gasp but i didn't think of anything put hear a gun snap.

I turned around as fast as i can to see Louis standing in the dark corner.

"Nice work Greg." He smirked.

"N-not you again.." Greg cried out.

"You thought i left." Louis laughed. "You're crazy." louis smirked.

"Katie you need to go." Greg said as i stood up to walk to the door as louis pointed the gun at me.

"Don't Move Katie." Louis growled as i dropped the kit.

"Good girl." He smirked.

"What do you want.." I said looking at him.

"I want you." He smirked as he got closer.

"Just leave me alone.." I cried out.

"And why should i?" He asked.

"Or ill hurt you!" I yelled.

"Hurt me hurt me!?." He burst out laughing. "A pathetic girl like you can NOT hurt me!!" He laughed harder.

"I am not pathetic Lewis!!." I yelled.

"You did not just call Me Lewis!." He yelled triggering the Gun.

Shit I'm in deep trouble.

I heard a gun shot as i felt a impact against my leg. I held my leg as i brought my hand up to see blood trickling down my hand. Im hit.

I was hit by the enemy that wanted me dead. I can let Niall be in here, no matter how badly i want him. They can take me away but not him he needs to live.

"Katie!" Greg yelled as i heard the door bang straight open as i fell to the ground as my vision is blurry.

"Katie!!" I hears Niall scream as he ran to me and caressed my cheek with his hand.

"N-Niall." I said weakly feeling the Darkness trying to take over.

"Don't leave me Katie you're strong!" He said.

"I know... I know." I said a i heard him scream more, as the darkness finally took over.

GoodBye Niall.

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