Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


11. Let's Play A Game


"Dammit Louis," I cursed under my breath.

"Look guys I'm sorry," he replied. "It was an honest mistake!"

"Honest mistake my arse!" Simon boomed. "You listen here. Horan is trying to destroy what I have built. That girl was the only thing that would get Niall to so as I please. And now she's gone. She's with HIM!"

"Well Mr. 'Let the girl get away' it was your fault she's gone. What do you suppose we do now?" I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

Louis sat there thinking to himself as the room grew completely silent. He concentrated on his shoes as if it would give him some kind of inspiration.

"Okay I got it!" Louis jumped making Simon and I jump for the scare. "We just have to take out his weakness first."

"We tried that remember?" I added.

"But this will work. Niall trusts you Zayn. He would trust you with Katie."

"Kill the weakness," Simon said in a dark voice. "Sounds like a plan."



Kaites POV

"What do you mean someone was there?" Liam asked as we sat around the small dinner table in his kitchen.

"I mean like there is people after us," Niall replied.

We all started at something aimlessly trying to figure out what just happened. "I don't want Katie, let alone Ariana to get hurt."

"Ariana is my girlfriend I'll take car of her," Liam replied with a stern voice. Someone was protective.

"What really needs to happen is Katie needs to learn a defense mechanism of some sort."

"Like karate or something?" I finally spoke up.

"No as in like..boxing."

"There is no way I'm letting Katie in that arena Liam," Niall nearly yelled.

"It isn't bad Niall. Ariana trains there. I don't think the guys will mind if there is another girl."

"The fact that over 15 buff guys staring at her is my problem. Also what if she got hurt?" Niall really wasn't up for the boxing.

"I can take a hit Niall," I added.

"If Ariana and Katie train together, there will be no need to constantly worry!" Liam replied.

"I know it relaxes my nerves to know Ariana can make a grown mans nose bleed." Niall looked at his finger, thinking long and hard. It was silent for most of the time we were there.

"If she gets hurt so help me Liam. It's all on you," Niall said finally agreeing.

Me. Boxing. This should be.. Fun?


Boxing. Boxing. What is it with me? I can't even think!

"You okay?" Ariana asked as she pulled on her gloves.

"Just nervous," I replied.

"Just watch." She walked towards her boyfriend, getting in defense motive. Liam held up the gloves for her to punch as he stood his ground. Hitting them with the leather gloves looked simple. "That easy. Just take a few hits at the gloves and block if you challenge swings a hit."

"Ready babe?" Niall asked as we took our position in the mat. I shook out the nerves, getting ready to his the target in front of me. I know Niall would go easy on me the first time but.. I can't be to sure. "Just hit the gloves." I nodded, swinging my fist I to the padded gloves that Niall held. "See?" Whenever Niall would try to swing towards my face I would block.

Swinging my arm, I nailed Niall right in the nose. He made a girly scream, bringing his hands to his nose. "Oh my god. Are you okay?"

"I was not expecting that," he replied removing his gloves. His nose was covered in blood.

"Woah! Katie has a freaking arm!" Liam laughed, only earning a hit in the stomach form Ariana.

"I'm so sorry Niall," I said as we walked to the bathroom. "I didn't know- I mean. I didn't mean too!"

"Katie," Niall laughed. "It's okay. At least I know you can hit."

"I feel bad though," I said dabbing his nose with a rag.

"Don't." He leaned down kissing my lips softly. I could taste a little of the salty blood from his nose.

"Okay gross," I laughed pushing him away.

"What you don't like bloody nose taste?" He said wrapping his arms around me. "Just kiss me!"

"Not until you have your nose cleaned!" I pushed him away. He just laughed, kissing my cheek.

I was really wandering what the relationship between me and Niall was. He never officially asked me out. And we act like a couple. But what are we? I want to ask but I don't think I can.

Soon though. I will soon.

"Katie?" Niall asked cutting me from my thoughts. "You alright?"

"Yeah." Perfect..

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