Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


29. I'm Pregnant

~Katie's POV~

"Niall i didn't.." I looked at him as he got up fast.

"Save it Katie, im glad that it is our's but your only 17.." He said softly.

"But Niall there is a problem." I said softly.

"What is it." He said not turning around.

"I dont think it's ours." I said softly as his face turned red from anger.

"What do you mean not ours.'' He said.

I started to cry i couldn't tell him who i think it was, that would get him killed.

"I w-was w-when you were gone and t-they took me the first t-time he r-raped me.'' I tried to cough out.

"Who did." Niall said coming closer to me.

"Niall i don't want you to die, you'll try to kill him then he will end up killing you." I cried.

"Shhh i won't leave you." He said climbing in next to me as he rubbed my back. " i still love you." He said softly.

"I love you too Niall don't forget it."

"Even if it isn't our baby im still going to take care of him, will tell the baby some day." I smiled weakly.

"Ill be more of a dad then the bastard who rapped you." He growled.

"I know you will." I smiled as i kissed him.

"I love you." He mumbled against my lips as he tried to deepen.

"I love you too." I smiled kissing him passionately.

Just when am i going to tell him that Louis Raped me?

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