Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


31. He Will Return

~Niall's POV~


It was 3 am and we were still in the hospital, i knew i promised her i wouldn't leave her but i had to do this mission.

"Niall where you going." Max asked still Half Asleep.


"Im going out, please take Katie home tell her im with my brother in another hospital please." I smiled weakly.


"Sure, sure, what ever.'' He said trying to fall asleep.


I pecked Katie's lips one more time before i left.


I knew i had to kill Louis and Simon and that's what i'll get.




I pulled up to my house as i tried to find the spare key.


Once i found it i opened the door to see a medium size figure maybe my height standing in the living room.


"Can i help you." I asked as i heard a chuckle.


"Yes, yes you can." A girl voice said.


"Who are you." I asked looking for a light.


"The name is Alexa.'' She said as i turned on the light.


Her dark hair and tan skin her curvy body. She was actually attractive.


"So Niall tell me, how's Katie doing?" She asked picking up a picture of me and her.


"She's with her parents and she is doing well." I declared.


"Good that's good." She smiled putting the picture down as she came closer.


I wasn't afraid of her but i did back up against the wall, i knew she was apart of louis' team.


"So tell me Niall, why did you leave us." She pouted as she leaned her body against me.


"That is none of you're concern." I struggled as she put a finger to my lips.


"Shhh, we dont want you hurt do we." I smiled a bit.


"What do you mean hurt." I asked.


"Don't worry there coming." She said putting her lip's to mine.


I didn't like it not one bit, but the shocking thing is i kissed back.


I felt a gun on her and i was going to fool her in order to get it.


As much as i hated i kisses her back running my hands up and down her body.


"Let's take this to the bedroom shall we?" I smirked as she jumped and wrapped her legs around my torso.


I knew what she wanted and i was not going to give it to her.




~Katie's POV~


I woke up at 8am to find my bed colder then usually. That's right, Niall's not here. NIALL'S NOT HERE?!


"Max wake up!" I screamed throwing a pillow at him.


"Ah is the house on fire?!." He woke up falling out of his chair.


"No Niall is missing!!" I began to panic.


"Shh dont worry about it." He said calmly getting up.


"Dont worry about it?! He's missing what if he left me! He broke the promise!!" I cried.


"Noo he didn't. He is with his brother right now." He assured me.


"T-thank god." I said softly.


"Guess who came to take you home!" Two girls came in as max took out his gun.


"AHHH!." They both screamed.


"Hold it hold it! Were with Niall!!." One girl screamed.


"Who are you!" He answered.


"Her name is Becca and this is Athena." Liam said pointing to them and walking in.


"Liam!" I cried as i got up and ran towards him and hugged him.


"Hey Katie." He smiles and he lifted me up and placed me in bed.


"So there is a party and nobody invited us?" I heard as i looked up to see.


Josh, Harry, Ariana, Casey, Kyristin.


"You guys!." I smiled as they walked in.


"Where is Niall, josh asked concerned.


"He went to visit his brother." I smiled a bit.


"Ohh, ok." He said.


"I was worried sick about you girl!" Kyristin said.


"Well if we didn't go to the club i wouldnt have been here huh!" I said to her.


"Then i wouldn't be dating her." Harry said wrapping his arms around her.


"Say how did you guys end up dating." I asked.


"Long story." Kyristin said laughing.


"Well it all began when i met her at the hotel lobby." Harry started.


"Instantly i knew she was the one, after we all went our separate way's i aske her out for lunch. Of course she said yes. Then after i saw this boy flirt with her. I yelled at him saying she was my girl friend. After we left she asked if i ment it and i said yeah and we kissed and now here we are." Harry said with a cheeky smile.


"You can do better." I looked at kyristin and laughed.


"Thanks." She rolled her eyes and kisses harry's cheek.


"So Niall is coming back right." I asked max.


"Yes im positive. He Will Return." He smiled.


"Ok." Wa all i can say.


"Alright Mrs. Horan you can leave now and make sure the baby has tons of food." The nurse said.


I really wish she shouldn't have said that now im going to be asked a lot of questions on the way home.

And some news will be shocking.

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