Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


25. Good Or Bad

~Niall's POV~

"We need To get Harry, Josh and Liam" I growled.

"We know!" Zayn yelled.

"Dont Yell At Me." I growled again.

"What is you're problem." Perrie asked.

"Perrie dont you'll make him more angry." Zayn said.

"Why is he acting like this.'' She asked.

"He misses Katie.." Zayn said softly.

"I heard that!" I growled laying down and looking at the car ceiling.

"Sorry." Zayn said softly.

I intended to ignore his comment.

It hurt though knowing Katie is with my old boss, i don't really trust him, but yet. I don't trust anyone.


"She will be fine Niall, i know Katie, She's strong." Perrie said.

"Thanks." I said closing my eye's trying to ignore them.

I heard as they sigh and stopped.

"Keep going!" I growled as i heard Perrie whimper.

I sat up but felt someone push me down.

"Get on the floor and cover up!" Zayn said.

I did what he said as i heard a evil chuckle, its bot the chuckle i wanted to hear.

"Hello Zayn.'' The man said.

"Uhh Hello." Zayn said soflty.

"Hello perrie." I heard the man smirking through his voice.

"Hello." She said.

"So how are you guy's on this fine evening." He chuckled. (Again with the creepiness.)

"Good, i guess." Zayn said.

"Well i have a task for you and this goes for everyone." He said.

"Uhh what is it." Zayn laughed nervously.

"I want you to find Niall, bring him Dead or alive." The man said.

"Ok.." Zayn said.

"Have a good day." I heard as the man left and shut a car door an heard the car drive off.

"Ok Niall you're good." Zayn said driving again.

"What happened." I asked.

"Simon came." Perrie interrupted.

"I know that! I wanted to go out and kill that fucker!!." I yelled.

"Calm Niall." Perrie said.

I looked at her as i growled making her turn around in fear, i knew i won that battle.

"Let's just go get the rest." Zayn suggested.

"Sounds good to me." I said laying back down on the seats as we drove to my head quarters that no one knew about.






"Welcome back lad's." i said as everyone came into the room as i heard a cough.

I looked over to see Casey, Kryistin, Ariana and Perrie.

"Oops and Laddie's." i blushed.

"What's the plan." Harry asked.

"I cant say what were going to do but i know where the girl's are going, Perrie will be with them, so if alan does something stupid, she will do something about it." I cleared up.

"Ok i feel better now." Liam said.

"Yeah they will be safe.'' Perrie smiled.

"Good." The boys said.

"So anyways, Perrie will take them now." I looked at her and nodded.

"Ok girl's come this way." She smiled as she pecked Zayn's cheek and walked out.

"Bye harry." Kris said smiling as she pecked his lips.

"Dont worry when this is done ill take you on our first date." He smiled making her blush.

I looked over to see Liam and Ariana not making out but they can't say good bye.

It was sad to watch them.

They really reminded me off me and Katie.

I just hope she is ok.

I really miss her.


"Bye guys." The girls smiled fakely as they left.


"You ok Niall." Josh came up behind me.

"Yeah i'm fine." I said sofly.

"No you're not." He stated.

"Ok I'm not alright!!." I yelled causing the boy's to look over.

"Stop starring!!" I screamed getting out and slamming the door behind me.

I really Missed Katie, and no one know's how much i feel about her.






"Niall lets go!." Harry yelled running to the training room.

"Im coming." I growled.

Today was the day to train new people, i realize some of these are girls but luckily its not Our Girls.

"Hey Harry." Some girls giggled as he started to walk up straight and smirks.

"Flirt." I mumbled.


"Hey Niall!" I heard a female voice that sounded like Katie.

I got really excited to finally see her, i know its been a few hours but i cant take it anymore.

"Ohh Hey Becca.." I said to the girl.

"Hey Niall again." She smiled an laughed.

"Are you gonna be training." I asked.

Yup!" She smiled and pulled out her weapons.

"Damn.." I said softly looking at guns, bows knifes.

"What." She asked confusedly.

"Nothing just. How old are you?" I shaked my head.

"Im 16." She said looking around.

"But we only use 17 and up.." I said softly.

"But Niall, thats not fair! I was hunting since i was 5! She argued.

"Well show me some stuff an if i think you're ready, ill let you join." I commanded.

"Fine, ill prove you wrong Horan!" She yelled getting ready for the archery test.

"Yeah yeah yeah." I said sitting down next to Josh.

"Who is that?" Josh asked pointing o Becca.

"Thats my friend. We known each other since... Well just never mind and watch." I growled.

We continued to watch as soon it was becca's turn. Nobody hit the target that was 50 Yards away. I knew she couldnt do it.

She is short.

She has had bad aim the first day i met her and almost got killed. Twice.

"On the sound of the bell becca you may shoot." Harry declared.

I kept watching.

"Come on Becca you got this just focus." Liam said down where the target was.

The bell rang and i saw her let go of the bow.

I was ready to kick her out until i heard cheers.

She made it.






~Katie's POV~

I laid in bed as i looked through pics of Niall i took with out him Knowing.

I miss him. I miss him to much, my heart tells me to go see him. But my mind says no. I should listen to it.

"Katie you have company." Alan said as he passed the bedroom.

"W-who is it." I asked.

I wasn't expecting any company, and i truly don't trust Alan. Not At All.

"Katie!" I heard girl's scream.

"H-hello." I asked nervously as kris came around the corner.

"Kris!." I screamed and ran up to her and gave her a big hug.

"I missed you girly." She laughed as Arianna and Casey came.

"Guys!." I smiled as i hugged them all.

I looked up to see Perrie. I wonder if she still thinks I'm mad at her.

"Perrie, where's my hug.'' I smiled.

"Right her girl." She laughed ad hugged me.

"Why are you guy's here." I asked sitting criss-crossed on the bed.

"Niall ordered us." Ariana sighed.

"Ohh." I said looking down.

Just saying or speaking about Niall is going to make me cry.

"He will be back before you know it Katie." Perrie said sitting next to me.

"Thanks." I smiled as i heard yelling from the living room.

"Katie hide." Perrie said locking me in the Closet with Ariana and Casey.

"What's going on." Casey said softly.

"I dont know..." I sighed.

"Let me See her!" I heard a male voice growl.

"That sounds like josh." Ariana said.

"But it's not." Casey said.

"Then who is it." I asked softly.

"Dont go in there!!!." Alan yelled.

"Oww." I complained.

"What's wrong Katie." Casey asked.

I pulled up my sleeve to show my arm covered in bandages.

"Ohh funny story. I was looking at a vase and it broke and shattered and pieces of glads cut me im fine." I smiled.

"Ok good." Casey said.

I heard are door trying to open as it was kicked down as the light burned our eyes.

I heard gasps from Casey and Ariana as they were taken out.

"Hello Katie." The man smirked.

I know him...

The leader.


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