Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


8. Car Ride Home With Some News

~Katie's POV~


It was a very awkward ride home. No talking. No noise coming from the speakers. Just the sound of the tires rolling against the road.

"She's staying here," Niall said taking me out by gripping my arm tightly. "Come over tomorrow or something."

Harry nodded as he got out of the car and into the passenger side taking off down the road as Niall and I watched.


He began to walk inside without saying anything to me. "Are you coming?" I followed him, letting him shut the door behind me. "What did I say?"

"Niall I'm-"

"No Katie!" He boomed, hitting his hand against the wall. He pushes me up against the door, hot breath hitting my face. "I hate you so much." He nearly spat. "I hate you and your hair. Your sassy attitude. And I hate you."

"Then why keep me here?" I asked in a soft voice. "Why keep me trapped here? Why can't I just go home?" I began to feel weak as his eyes burned into mine.

"Because," he whispered inching closer to my face. "It's hard to hate someone when I'm falling in love with them."


He's falling in love with me?! How come?! I'm nothing but a Whinny bitch right?


"I bet your just using me."

"If I were using you would I do this." He's asked as he brought my lips to his.

I have to say there were really warm an soft, way better the louis' way better!

We moved are lips in sync for awhile until stuff started to get more interesting.

**Sex Scene Starts** 

~Niall's POV~

I pulled away and looked Into her eyes for a while until I broke the silence.

"Should I continue or.."

"Just kiss me you idiot." I laughed

I didn't not hesitate after she told me to join her. I too took of my shorts and ran towards her picking her up and kissing her gently but with force.

I licked her bottom lip asking for an entrance. At first she didn't let me but I finally was able to enter.

Our tongues wrestling, I was fighting for dominance. I finally pulled back letting us catch our breath.

"Gosh that was great". She smirked still breathing heavily.

"Trust me I'm not done". I smirked and started to kiss her jaw line to her neck to gain access to her sweet spot.

I finally heard her moan as she played with my blonde hair. Her touches were gently. It felt so right, this felt so right.

I started to nip and leave love bites knowing I am her's and only her's. she started to moan and started moan louder. Gosh every moan was making me turn on.

I felt my erection grow inside as it wants to be in her right now.

I started to unclip her bra as we find each others lips again. I finally threw her bra off as I start to go down she stops me.

"Please be gentle". Her blues eyes look into mine.

"I promise princess". I said before making my way down to her chest.

"Ahh Niall please! More I need more!." She yelled.

I started to suck and turn her nipple slightly making her beg for more. I started to grind on her a little but making her scream in pleasure. I knew I was doing this right.

I get down to her stomach and leave tiny kisses while using one hand to massage her breast softly, as my other hand trailed down her pants.

"Please I need you now Niall!" She screamed.

I knew this was my chance, and I was never going to miss it or mess it up.

I stopped what u was doing an took of my pants as she did the same leaving me in my boxers and light blue panties.

"Gosh babe they make you so sexy". I said rubbing her clit lightly making her moan in pleasure.

"Oh baby don't stop please harder!". She moaned loudly.

I felt her get more wet and it was turning me on making my erection grow bigger. I finally go down and take her panties off with my teeth. Gosh it felt warm.

I rubbed over her clit slightly making her come and moan for pleasure.

"God babe your so tight." I smirked.

"P-please don't stop". She begged.

"Oh trust me this is only the beginning" I say before taking off my boxers and looking at her with a smirk.

"What do you mean by that?" She said smirking.

"I mean this". I say getting ready for my entrance.

"Ohh noo". She smirked.

I slowly started to thrust in her making her moan with pleasure. Finally my hips moved on there own going faster and slower making my thrust sloppy.

"Ohh god niall!" She screamed.

I smirked and flipped her over as she laid on her back.

"I'm gonna take you from the front side now". I said beginning to thrust again.

"Ohh Niall no! Please don't stop! I need more". She screamed.

Ohh I'm getting there trust me.

I started to go faster ands I'm hovering over her. I massage her breasts as I leave a trail of kisses on her stomach.

"K-Katie I'm gonna cum". I groaned.

"Please don't back down love". She said looking at me with glassy eyes.

"I won't promise." I say reaching my climax point and clasping on the bed.

I pulled her in my arms so we are spooning.

"I love you so so much princess". I said drawing circles on her back.

"I love you too ni, don't ever forget that." She says before falling asleep in my arms.

I pulled a blanket over her so she couldn't get cold. I burried my face in her neck and finally joining her in her slumber. Sweet dreams baby girl. I love you.

**End Of Sex Scene ;)**


~Louis POV~

Damn it what am I suppose to tell Simon?!

Oohh hey Simon well umm I made out with Katie and Niall Came in and destroyed me soo umm she's gone, then I should smile? No! Hell never buy that!

"Louis I'm back." Simon said while opening and closing the door.

"Simon sir welcome back." I said in a big tone.

"Some one seems happy?" He asked.

"Uhh no.." I sighed.

"What's wrong boy? Cat got your tounge?" He laughed softly.

"Uhh bigger problem then that."

"Just spit it out!"

"Katie's gone!" I shouted.


"Niall took her back with him and they aren't at his house they checked every where."

"I bet he is, there were just not there when you go there or they hid until you guys left." Simon said.

"Well either way we have to get her back, right." I asked.

"Yeah, we doo." He smirked.

"But how." I asked.

"Kill her weak spot."

"And that is?" I waved my hand trying to get him to continue.m

"We need to Kill Niall James Horan." He said smirking directly at me.

How I wish this day came sooner.

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