Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


4. Calling For Help

~Katie's POV~

"Come on come on pick up the damn phone!"

I looked around too see no one coming, I heard laughs down stairs, but no one trying to approach me. I'm scared, really scared. I don't want to be caught, knowing what punishment Niall or his "Buddies" will give me.

"Hello.?" I hears on the other line.

"Kyristen! Thank god I got a hold of you!"

"Katie!? Where are you I'm worried sick!"

"I'm at some strangers house please get me out?"

"Yeah what's the addresss.."

"Shit, i don't know."

"That's going to help.."

"Wait.. My phone has a GPS that is hooked to yours! Come get me... NOW"

"I will I'm coming, do not move!"

"I wont."



I watched as the call end, I'm scared, what if I get caught, Niall, I'm scared of him and his New Friends... I'm terrified, Im only 18 and he looks like he's 20.. I'm really terrified now.


"Katie?" I heard him call.

"Shit.." I whispered.

"Katie where the hell are you.?!"

I ran onto his bed and got under the covers as I pretended to sleep, only this time, I don't think he fell for it.. Again.


"Katie I know your awake. Get up." He announced.

"Why don't you go away." I mumbled.

"Get up now!" He said louder.

"If I do will you leave me alone?!"



I stood up and looked straight at him. I could tell he looked scared by his expression on his face.

"Niall whats wrong?"

"There coming."

"Who's coming."

"I can't say."

"So your telling me they are coming but you can't tell me who!"

"I'm sorry, but I don't want you in this mess, he's watching."

"Who's he!"

"I said to much."


"Get your things together."


"No buts and doo what I say!"

"Umm ok.."

I look at him as he rushes out of the room, what is his problem.


I get he up 'my things' and head down stairs as I heard a knock on the door. I went over but Niall was there to stop me from opening it.

"Princess no!" He said yanking me back.

"What did you just call me!?."

"Umm nothing now stand back." He said pushing me away.

"Aww Niall don't push her away." Josh said smirking as Harry laughed with him and a girl...

She looked young, brown hair Brown eyes, she was pretty but she was hanging on josh.

"Josh babe your soo funny." She said giggling.

EWWW what a giggler "aww josh hunny your soo funny" yeah he's a flirt! Don't trust him hun!

"Who's this." I asked softly.

"Who is that thing." She pointed to me and looked at josh.

"This thing." I said pointing to my self. "Has a name."

"Aww I'm sorry love please continue." She faked smiled.

"It's Katie.." I said softly.

"Ohh well I'm Casey." She said smiling.

"Nice to meet you." I said rolling my eyes and looking at Niall.

"You gonna open the door?" I asked.

"Uhh yeah stand back." He said looking at me for a few.

"Ok.." I said softly.

I watched as he opened the door, the next thing I know he was on the ground knocked out. Whoa! Did somebody just punch him?!

"Greg!" Harry shouted.

"Hello styles." He smirked as he walked inside with another older man.

Is that can't be! Is that Simon Cowell?!

"I'm looking for Katie Smith." He smirked.

This was not happening.... Where's kyrstin...



Hello my Irish Snow Flakes! Hope you enjoyed this storyy(;






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