Change Your Life (Dark Niall FanFic)

Katie is just a normal girl, she decides to out to the club with her friend Kyrstin she hasn't found her since. She gets in a little trouble with a stranger but once Niall appears she feels all safe, but what happens with some things he reveals to her will she stay by his side, or will she leave so she doesn't get in more trouble then she is already in?


28. Breaking In

~Niall's POV~

I pull up at the end of his street not look to suspicious. I didnt want anyone to knwhoe suspiciou i am, dont worry in not a rapist sex offender or a robber i just want me girl back.

I go up to the side of the house as i start to hear yelling.

"Niall is Some where men!!." Simon yelled.


"No really?!" One guy said.


"How are we going to catch him." Another one said.


"We dont." I head simon said.


"Why not.." Louis asked.


"Because we have his girl." He said laughing as the other ones joined in.


This man was sick, why not just kill me, he attacks random, and innocent people, it is not right.


I ran around the back to look for a entrance and there it was.


I started to climb the vines on the side of the house.


"But how is Niall going to save me." I heard Katie say as she tries not to cry.


"It's alright he will come and i will be with you i love you." A male voice said.


He loves her?! Who is this guy!!


I literally climb into the window and pulled a gun straight towards the man who was holding her.


"LET. HER. GO." I growled as i saw Katie look up at me.


"Niall its not." It was too late i cut her off.


"Katie Shush right now." I growled again.


The man let her go as she fell to the ground.


I couldn't see his face and i knew i could kill him in one second straight.


"Niall no!" I felt a impact of something hitting me, next thing i new i was on the floor.


"Katie what the hell were you thinking!." I yelled trying to get my gun.


"No!" She cried as she pressed her lips against me hard.


I couldnt help but kiss back, i thought i would never get the chance to do that. I mean she was kidnapped for God Sakes.


"P-please dont kill him." She cried resting her fore head on mine.


"Who is he." I said looking up at her and wiping her tears away.


"It's Max, Niall." She said getting up and taking my hand.


I was shocked what is he doing here..


"Niall." He smiled a bit hoping he wasn't going to get hurt.


"Hey max." I smiled as i gave him a hug.


"Great to see ya again." Max chuckled.


"Yeah it's been awhile" i laughed.


I watched as Katie laid on the bed.


"You alright Katie.'' I asked walking towards her.


"N-no.." She cried in pain.


"What's wrong." I started to panic as i looked at max. "What's going on?!"


"I-i dont know." He said running over to her.


"Hey, hey, whats wrong." I asked her.


"My stomach hurts.." She said gripping on my stomach.


"Was it something you ate??" I asked her.


"I-i dont know.." She said now crying and trying not to scream.


"We need to get her to the hospital fastly!" Max said as i picked her up.


"Are you coming.." I asked him confusedly.


"Yeah, i promised her i would Never leave her side again.


"Then Let's go!" I yelled climbing down the wall with her on my back.

"Hang on tight Katie.." I said as she tried to.


I knew she was falling Off.


"Ok.." She said weakly as we made the bottom.


I ran as fast as i could with max and Katie on my back as we finally made it safe.

I tossed max the key's. "drive." I nodded as i got in the back seat with Katie.


"Yes sir," max said getting into the car buckling up and pulling and speeding out of there quickly.


"You're going to be alright Katie." I said rubbing her back.


"I know ill Be ok when im with you.'' She said smiling.


"That's my girl." I smiled as i planted a soft kiss on her head.


"I love you." I smiled.


"I love you too".




I watched as the doctor came in. "Any results." I asked nervously.


"We havent gotten the results back yet but she needs some rest." He pointed at her Sleeping as i nodded.


"Thank you." I said as he left.


"So now what.." Max said looking at me as i held on to her hand.


"I dont know. Say, how did you get into this group." I said raising my eye brows.



"They wanted to take my dad to the gang, and he's really sick... So i took his place and I've been her for awhile now." He sighed.


"Sorry to hear about that." I said rubbing my thumb on Katie's hand.


"Its Fine, but i have a question." He said softly.


"Yeah what is it." I asked.


"Well that night that we well he kidnapped her she remember a child hood memory." He started.


"What was it about." I asked as she moved a bit.


"Remember the tome me and her were inw the woods." He asked.


"Uhh not really why." I asked confusedly.


"Well she fell into a pond and she was well drowning." He started.


"Ohh that one." I said softly.


"Yeah and she said you were there an i know you were.."he said looking at me.


"I know i was but i left right away, i knew you're parents never liked me." I said.


"Yeah i know." He said.


"N-Niall." Katie said softly.


"Shh it's alright baby girl i got you." I said pulling her close letting her lean against my side.


"Im sorry." She said softly.


"It's not you're fault." I chuckled a bit.


I knew its mine.


"Ok." She said as the doctor came in.


"I have some good news and bad news." He said.


"What's the bad news." I asked as i felt her tense up.


"Bad news is she hasn't been eating right but we will help her gain that back." He smiled a bit.


At least that wasn't that bad of news.


"And the good new's." max said.


"Ohh yeah." The doctor chuckled. "Mrs. Horan, you're pregnant." He finished




~Katie's POV~


"Mrs. Horan you're pregnant." He finished.


Im pregnant!? Oh dear oh dear oh dear!! Niall is going to leave me.


I cant do this anymore!


I don't wanna see his face.


I did anyways.


The blank on his face he looked directly at me as i felt tears running down my face.

"Shhh don't cry." Niall said comforting me.


"I never wanted this to happen. I cried. "Heres the problem." I started.


"What is it." He said looking at me.


"I don't think it's you'res."



~Simon's POV~


"What a day, what a day." I sighed siting in my chair organizing what i shall do next.


It's been hard work lately just to hurt Niall. I should have done it before he met Katie, now he's been rougher.


He was very weak after he left Becca, i remember that. And i want her to get on my side for revenge.


But that will never happen since she is with The Boy's .


What they don't know yet is i have Hannah. An she is a assassin. Just i don't know how she work's yet, im still having her be trained. She need's it.

"Simon sir." Louis came in holding his hand to his fore head.


"Speak boy." I said waving my hand letting him talk.


"It's about Katie and Max." He said.


"What about them." I said furrowing my eye brows together.


"There missing." He said.


"Bloody Hell!." I screamed throwing paper every where off my desk.


I watched as louis was watching.


"Just don't stand there! Find them!" I yelled.


"Sir yes sir." He said rushing out.


This time, I'm actually going to kill them.

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