Mr. Tomlinson

Darkness quickly falls, along with the temperature. I shiver moving closer to the fire. Louis moves closer to me, taking off a sweatshirt he had brought, and putting it on me. I turn to thank him, not realizing that I had subconsciously moved closer to him as well. Our faces, inches apart study each other. Louis leans even closer, and I move the rest of the way.

Our lips meet, the kiss passionate and rough. Thanks to the darkness, no one can see us. I reach one hand up to wrap around his neck. He cups my face in both of his hands, bringing me even closer to him. I suck on his bottom lip, and hear him quietly moan. I smile into the kiss. I'm about to reach my other hand up when Mia begins talking.


5. Volleyball In the Park... Sorta

I wake up at 11:20 and jump up. I grab some athletic shorts and a tank top, running into the bathroom to take a shower. About 20 minutes later I hop out and put on the clothes. I run in my room to do my makeup real quick. I finish and go downstairs.

"Hey mom! I'm going out to hang out with the girls! I'll see you later!" I shout "And I'm taking one of the cars!"

"Ok! Have fun!" She shouts back.

I run out to the shed to grab a volleyball. I shove open the door and almost trip over a bike lying on the ground. I scan the room looking for the ball. I move around some stuff when I can't. Finally, I find 3 of them. I shrug my shoulders and grab all three,just in case. I close the door of the shed and run out to the car. I jump in and start it, going out of the driveway. I quickly text everyone telling them I'll be a little late. I drive to a supermarket and grab some water and soda along with some snacks. i quickly pay for them and look at the time. It's 11:55. Luckily, the park is about 5-6 minutes away.

I grab the bags and run back out to the car. I throw the bags next to the balls and drive to the park. When I pull up I see Maggie , Sam, and Mia by the picnic tables. I grab everything and join them. We set everything out and decide to go play volleyball for a little bit. It's Sam and I against Maggie and Mia. I look around at the park. Not too far away is a group of guys playing soccer.

"I call serving the ball first!" Sam calls.

We nod and go on the court, pretending to trash talk each other. Sam serves, and it goes over the net. Maggie hits it back and both Sam and I miss it. We pass the ball to Mia, who serves it and it goes out. I grab the ball and serve it, we bump it back and forth for a while until Mia misses it. They give the ball back to me. I end up serving 5 more times, Mia and Maggie complaining that it's unfair. I just laugh and tell them to shut up. 

"Hey, you know that group of guys playing soccer?" Sam whispers.

I nod, getting ready to serve for the 6th time in a row.

"Well, they're all watching us." She says laughing.

I lower the ball and glance over. She was right, the group of about 8 guys was slowly walking over watching us. I laugh and look away, serving the ball. I get the point again, the boys all cheer. I blush and laugh, looking at Sam.

"Ok no fair! Chrissy plays volleyball! Give us a break!" Maggie shouts. 

In the corner of my eye I see one of the guys push forward and watch. He looks familiar, but I ignore it.

"Do you want to do 3 against one?" I ask, chuckling.

Sam, Maggie, and Mia all nod. Sam moves over to their side. I see all the guys walk forward.

"Ooh! It's just getting good now!" I hear them shout.

I blush, rolling my eyes. I decide to give the girls the ball. I roll it under the net and watch as Maggie serves it. I bump it over the net. We volley it back and forth for a while, the guys cheering. All of us are laughing, trying to ignore them. Mia tries to spike the ball and I dive to try to stop it. Right then, one of the guys has the great idea of kicking the ball in our direction. It hits me and I miss the volleyball falling to the ground and just lay there. All the girls cheer and laugh.

"Alright alright!" I yell, jumping up "Let's go eat or something"

We all walk over to the table. The guys walk forward, one of them straying to the back.

"Well that was quite the game ladies!" one of them says.

"Would've gone better if y'all had kept your ball to yourself" I say curtly.

The boys smile, "Well you have to admit, it was pretty funny!"

I roll my eyes and grab a water, laying on the ground again.

"I can tell you're working on your homework" I hear a voice say.

I shoot up and look in the direction I heard the voice. It was Mr. Tomlinson. I know it.

"Mr. Tomlinson?!" I screech.

Out from behind the group he appears, sweaty, grinning, and really hot looking.

"Very good! See if you had that volume in class it would be gerat!" he laughs.

I groan and look away. All the girls are checking out the group of guys he's with. I roll my eyes and look back at him.

"I didn't know you played soccer. Maybe you should've mentioned that in your little introduction thing Mr. Tomlinson" I say jokingly.

"Well first of all, where I'm from it's called football. Second of all, yes maybe I should have. Third, call me Louis when we aren't at school."

"Well I would, but I don't want to get detentions for the rest of the year." 

Louis smiles and laughs, "It's alright."

I nod, "Alright... Louis"

The guys stay, and Louis and I talk for a while.

"Hey! We should have a campfire!" suggests Sam.

Everyone agrees and grabs starts to pack up our stuff. I walk away from the group to go get our stuff from the volleyball court. Louis follows me.

"Won't you get in trouble for hanging out with your students?" I ask him.

"Only if they catch me. Besides, you guys are close enough to 18 right?" He asks.

"I'll be 18 in 2 weeks actually" I say.

"But aren't you a junior?" he asks confused.

"Yeah haha I started kindergarten really late" I say laughing.

He nods and smiles, looking away. We walk back to the group.

"Ok so the plan is to meet up at my house to swim and for a campfire, maybe a movie" Says Mia.

We all nod, and head back to our cars.

"Hey Chrissy can I get a ride?" asks Sam.

"Yeah, do you just wanna borrow one of my suits or do you wanna go to your place and grab one?" I ask.

"Oh you guys can borrow mine!" Offers Mia.

I nod my head, "Ok! I call the black one with the little skirt though!"

The girls laugh and agree. We give the guys Mia's address and get in our cars.

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