Mr. Tomlinson

Darkness quickly falls, along with the temperature. I shiver moving closer to the fire. Louis moves closer to me, taking off a sweatshirt he had brought, and putting it on me. I turn to thank him, not realizing that I had subconsciously moved closer to him as well. Our faces, inches apart study each other. Louis leans even closer, and I move the rest of the way.

Our lips meet, the kiss passionate and rough. Thanks to the darkness, no one can see us. I reach one hand up to wrap around his neck. He cups my face in both of his hands, bringing me even closer to him. I suck on his bottom lip, and hear him quietly moan. I smile into the kiss. I'm about to reach my other hand up when Mia begins talking.


4. The Talk

I face him, still near the door. I wait for him to say something but he doesn't.

"What did you need me to stay behind for?" I ask impatiently.

He looks at me nervously, "I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday."

I tense, and wait for him to continue.

"It wasn't right for me to do that. Especially not in front of the class. I know now you're a shy type of person." He says looking down.

I shrug, "It's fine. You didn't know"

"I know but it still wasn't right of me to do. I won't do it again." He says apologetically.

"You don't need to worry about it, I'm asking to switch out of this class." I say awkwardly.

Mr. Tomlinson's mouth drops open, "Wait what? After one day?!"

"I didn't want to be in this class anyways!" I argue.

"Well you'd need my signature for that wouldn't you?" He asks.

I nod, not sure where he's going with this, "Yeah I think so."

He smiles mischievously, "Well I won't sign it!"

"WHAT?!" I yell.

"Just give my class a chance okay?! Give it a month and see how you like it then. If you still don't like it then I'll sign the paper." he bargains.

I sigh and nod, "Is that all?"

Mr. Tomlinson nods, and I turn around to go to lunch.

"Have a good day" he winks.

I walk out the door and run down the hallway to the cafeteria. I see my friends at a table, I rush over there and sit down to eat my food.

"So what did he want?" Sam asks.

I swallow a bite of my sandwich and tell everyone it was just to apologize for what happened yesterday. We all start talking about what we should do over the weekend, since it was already a Friday.

"Lets just go to the park. I don't know about you guys but I have no money" I say.

They all nod.

"I think the volleyball nets are up! I'll bring a ball and we can play volleyball or something." I continue.

"Oh my gosh that would be so much fun!" says Maggie.

We all agree to meet up at the park at 12, we'll bring some food too.


The day goes on and finally ends. I walk to my locker and see Mr. Tomlinson standing by it again. I scrunch my eyebrows up in confusion. I wonder why he's here. I walk over, he hasn't seen me yet.

"Uh, hey. what are you doing here?" 

He jumps, finally noticing me, "Oh hey!"

He sounds almost... nervous. But I shake that thought off.

"I uh, I just wanted to make sure you're ok." he says.

I nod, "Yeah, I already told you I'm ok"

he nods, looking down. He opens his mouth to say something then closes it again.

"Well, over the weekend work on speaking louder. That's your homework!" he says quickly, walking away.

I chuckle and roll my eyes, opening my locker to put away my books. I close it and see him standing at the corner, watching me. I wave and smile to him. It looks like he blushes, then walks away. I shake my head, still confused. I decide to forget about it and go home.


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