Mr. Tomlinson

Darkness quickly falls, along with the temperature. I shiver moving closer to the fire. Louis moves closer to me, taking off a sweatshirt he had brought, and putting it on me. I turn to thank him, not realizing that I had subconsciously moved closer to him as well. Our faces, inches apart study each other. Louis leans even closer, and I move the rest of the way.

Our lips meet, the kiss passionate and rough. Thanks to the darkness, no one can see us. I reach one hand up to wrap around his neck. He cups my face in both of his hands, bringing me even closer to him. I suck on his bottom lip, and hear him quietly moan. I smile into the kiss. I'm about to reach my other hand up when Mia begins talking.


13. The Park

Louis and I walk hand-in-hand to his car, James on his back. We reach his car and I buckle James in the back before hopping in the front seat.

“Will he be ok without a car seat?” Louis asks worriedly.

I glance back at James before answering, “It’s just to the park. He’ll be ok.”

He shrugs his shoulders, still worried. I grab his hand.

“I do it all the time. It’s our little secret.” I say, looking back at James with my eyebrows raised.

It was true. We’ve been doing it for about a year; he was still pretty young but was really smart. He’s only 3 and a half. He always insists on people carrying him because he’s lazy. I don’t mind though; I miss when he was a baby. At least then I didn’t have to come up with excuses of why he’s never seen our dad. He has seen him, he just doesn’t remember because he’s too young.

“It’s true. Mom will never know!” James pipes up.

I make a face when he mentions my mom.

“What’s up between your mother and yourself?” Louis asks curiously.

I hesitate before answering, I don’t want to bad mouth my mom in front of my little brother.

“We disagree on a lot of stuff I guess.”

Louis glances away from the road, “We’ll talk about it later.”

I nod my head, looking out the window. I really hate talking about my problems. I hate being pitied, it makes me feel weak. I’m not weak, I’m just… quiet.

“We’re here!” Louis shouts suddenly.

James lets out an excited yelp.

“Chris! Hurry up! Let me out! My people are calling for me!” He yells.

I laugh, “What people? No one is here!”

“The birds, idiot.” He answers seriously.

I roll my eyes and unbuckle him. He shoots out of the car, running to the slide as fast as he can. He’s a little pudgy so it’s amusing to watch. Louis chuckles watching him.

“He’s great.” He comments.

I nod my head, agreeing.

“Come on.” Louis holds out his hand.

I place my hand in his and he leads me towards the swings.  I keep a close eye on James who was on the monkey bars trying to go across. I’d go over and help him but he yelled at me the last time I had tried to help.

We reach the swings. I sit in one next to Louis. We sit and swing in silence for a few minutes. I relish the chance to get my thoughts together before he will continue the conversation about my mother and I’s relationship. Unfortunately, it’s not long enough.

“So what’s happened between you two? I have sisters, so I understand that mothers and daughters fight. You however, look upset whenever I mention her.” He breaks the silence.

I stay silent for a few more moments.

“It was 3 years ago. My life, in my eyes, was perfect. At least it seemed so. Apparently, every night my parents would fight. One night I woke up and heard their fight. My mom was having an affair with some guy. She blamed my dad, saying that he didn’t love her anymore. He did, I know he did. You could see it. Everyone could, except her. My mom decided that blaming my dad and making him seem like the bad person, would, I don’t know, like justify her cheating on him. My mom got pregnant. That was when my dad found out what she had been doing.”

I pause for a few seconds, to collect my thoughts. What I was about to say, I had never told anyone before… ever. Not even my best friends. Louis waited patiently for me to continue.

“My mom thought that if she got rid of the baby, my dad would love her. She got an abortion. That destroyed my dad. It wasn’t even his own child; yet he was appalled that she would do that. As was I, it made me think: What if she had done that to James, or even me?”

I pause again; this time to wipe away the fallen tears, fighting back more.

“I was going to be a big sister again. I will never meet that kid. It’s horrible. But back to the story, my mother realized that she had just made my dad angrier. She filed for a divorce. I guess she realized that he didn’t want to be married to a cheater. After the divorce, she refused to let us see him. It’s been hard. My dad and I were really close. I could tell him… everything. But because of her, that was all taken away. I don’t even know where he is now.” I finish, choking back sobs.

We had stopped swinging a while ago, Louis is silent. The only sound I hear is James playing. Then, Louis gets up from the swing and pulls me up. He crushes me into a hug, letting me cry. Softly, he strokes my hair in an attempt to calm me down. It’s soothing, and my tears slowly come to a stop.

“I think you should find your dad. It would give you some closure.” He finally speaks.

“I don’t even know where to start.” I whisper.

I nestle my head in Louis neck, he rests his chin on my head.

“You could always look him up on the computer, narrow it down one by one I guess.” He suggests.

I stay quiet, thinking it through.

“I’ll help you if you want.” He offers.

I grin, “Really?”

“Of course!”

I stand on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek, “Thanks Louis. For everything.”

Louis nods, and kisses me.


That breaks us out of our embrace. James stands in front of us with a disgusted look.

“I will NEVER do that.” He says grossed out.

Louis and I laugh, “Just wait till you get older!”

James just makes a face, making me laugh again.

Chris, I’m tired.” He yawns.

I gasp and whip out my phone. I had put it on silent on the drive here. I had over 30 missed calls from my mom; even more texts. We had been here for 3 hours. I don’t even know how all that time had passed! It was midnight; way past James’ bed time.

“I’m going to be in soo much trouble” I groan.

Louis picks up James and grabs my hand walking to the car. We end up partially jogging to the car.

“Sorry! I distracted you!” Louis apologizes.

We reach the car, practically shoving James in the back seat and buckling him up quickly. I throw myself in the front seat.

“It’s okay; I’m already in a lot of trouble. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to hang out anytime soon though” I admit.

He grimaces, not liking that idea.

“We’ll figure it out” He shrugs.

Suddenly, I whip around to the back seat.

“James. This is our little secret. Mom does NOT find out about this. At all. Do you understand?” I say urgently, emphasizing certain phrases.

He nods, sleepily, “Got it.”

I nod, satisfied that he understands. I turn back to face the front of the car, taking Louis’ hand and interlocking our fingers together. We drive in silence, when we get a block or so from my house I tell Louis to stop the car.

“I don’t want her to ask who I was with. I don’t think anyone would appreciate my teacher driving me home after spending 3 hours with me.” I explain, hopping out.

“What are you going to tell your mom?” He asks nervously.

I ponder for a minute, “I’ll tell her I walked to the movie theater and that James fell asleep during the movie, so I left early.”

I open the back door and pick James up. His eyes open up a little bit.

“Hey buddy, if mom asks, we just saw Despicable Me 2. Alright?” I tell him.

He drowsily nods his head.

“You can go back to sleep now baby. I’ll carry you.” I whisper kissing his head softly.

Louis gets out of the car and kisses me, “I had fun tonight whether you believe me or not. I hope you don’t get in too much trouble” He says hopefully.

“Not likely. I’ll see you at school Mr. Tomlinson!” I joke, pecking his cheek in the process.

I turn and walk in the direction of my house, I try to go as fast as I can without disturbing James. I pass my neighbors houses, coming to a stop at the front of mine. The entire house is dark. That’s strange. Knowing my mom, I would have figured every light would be on, with cop cars all over the lawn.

Maybe she’s out with that Max dude or something. Luckily, I had brought my purse. I rustle around, trying to find my keys. I hear them jingle at the bottom of my bag. I pull them out and quietly unlock the door.

Silence. I hear no noises, I guess my mom really isn’t home. Good. She’ll never know I was out this late with James.

I tip toe up the stairs, not wanting to wake up my little brother. I reach his room and open the door. I tuck him into bed and kiss his forehead. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth as quietly as possible. I’m too tired to do anything else.

I open the door and walk into my room rubbing my eyes. I reach for the light switch and flip it on. A squeaking noise catches my attention. I turn my head to see my swivel chair turning around to face me.





“Where the fuck have you been?”  My mom asks as calmly as she can.





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