Mr. Tomlinson

Darkness quickly falls, along with the temperature. I shiver moving closer to the fire. Louis moves closer to me, taking off a sweatshirt he had brought, and putting it on me. I turn to thank him, not realizing that I had subconsciously moved closer to him as well. Our faces, inches apart study each other. Louis leans even closer, and I move the rest of the way.

Our lips meet, the kiss passionate and rough. Thanks to the darkness, no one can see us. I reach one hand up to wrap around his neck. He cups my face in both of his hands, bringing me even closer to him. I suck on his bottom lip, and hear him quietly moan. I smile into the kiss. I'm about to reach my other hand up when Mia begins talking.


14. Shush

I take a breath to calm myself before the storm hits. Whoa, I am so poetic, maybe I'll be a writer or something.

"I've been out" I answer, moving towards my bed.

My mother takes a deep breath, just as I had done just a few moments before.

"You publicly embarrassed our family. Our family is shamed because of what you have done! Your little brother has even been poisoned by you! You took him for 3 hours; never responding to my calls or anything! How do you think I have been feeling?!" She hisses.

I clench my teeth, not being able to believe what I'm hearing.

"I've embarrassed our family? It was ME who has shamed us? No. No, that was all you. You were too busy acting like a hussy! You are the one who ripped our family apart! James misses Daddy just as much as I do. You're just too much of a pussy to notice it! I haven't been feeding James lies, that's also just been you! Obviously, you haven't been feeling too bad, considering you've been here. Well, I assume you've been here for like what, half an hour... an hour tops. I bet you stayed with that asshole at the restaurant, didn't you!" I scream.

I'm surprised; I've never said anything like this to anyone! Let alone my mother. I mean sure, I've thought about it before, but never voiced it. By the end of my rant; her eyes are narrowed, narrowed to the point where I can't actually tell if they're open or not. When she doesn't respond I know she's shocked, and that what I said at the end was true. She had stayed on her date even when her children ran out. It was unbelieveable.

"HOW DARE Y-" She begins screaming.

I cut her off, "Shush. You'll wake up James. Now I'm tired, we can finish this in the morning when we both have time to cool down."

"Don't you dare tell me what to do young lady!" She orders more quiet than before.

I stay silent for a few moments, "I'm not ordering you around. I'm suggesting we do this before we both say something we regret."

"I think it's a little too late for you." She answers smugly.

I chuckle, shaking my head.

"I don't regret that. I never will. You needed to know how I felt." I answer.

Her smile falters, "I don't know what I've done to deserve this attitude from you."

My mouth drops open, "Are you kidding me?! You know exactly what you've done. In my opinion, I should be a lot worse, but no, I think of other people, not just myself."

My mom huffs, "Well it's getting old, this attitude of yours!"

I roll my eyes, she's getting ridiculous.

"I think it's only fair to tell you; I've decided that I want to get in contact with Dad. Nothing you say will be able to stop me." I inform her.

"You will do no such thing!" She orders.

"Nothing you say will be able to stop me." I repeat myself.

I point to the door, "Now get the hell out of my room."


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