Mr. Tomlinson

Darkness quickly falls, along with the temperature. I shiver moving closer to the fire. Louis moves closer to me, taking off a sweatshirt he had brought, and putting it on me. I turn to thank him, not realizing that I had subconsciously moved closer to him as well. Our faces, inches apart study each other. Louis leans even closer, and I move the rest of the way.

Our lips meet, the kiss passionate and rough. Thanks to the darkness, no one can see us. I reach one hand up to wrap around his neck. He cups my face in both of his hands, bringing me even closer to him. I suck on his bottom lip, and hear him quietly moan. I smile into the kiss. I'm about to reach my other hand up when Mia begins talking.


8. Monday

'It's radioactive! Radioactive!' I hear as soon as I wake up. I sigh, rolling over to stop my alarm from going on. I lay back in bed, thinking about what all has happened this weekend. The kiss with Mr. Tomlinson, the sleepover with Sam. It's going to be so awkward in class today. 

I finally get up, knowing there's no way my mom would let me stay home today. I get ready in silence, thinking about how to avoid him today. I walk down the stairs, eating my food in silence. My mom glances at me occasionally, but understands that I don't want to talk to her, even if she doesn't know why. 

I say a quiet goodbye, and head out the door. I meet Sam on the way there.

"Hey girl. How's Niall?" I ask winking.

"He's good! We actually have plans for tonight!" She says, blushing.

"Ooh!" I laugh.

"Oh shut up! What are you going to do about Mr. Tomlinson?" She asks.

I sigh, not wanting to answer, "I don't know yet."

"Well you better hurry, he's right over there." She answers as we walk in the school.

I look in the direction she gestures to. There he is. He stands by the doors, looking around. Our eyes meet, his face brightens when he sees me. My gaze is diverted to his uncovered neck. Shit. The hickey. Why the hell would he just leave it uncovered?!

"Holy shit! Is that what you did to him!" Sam asks, surprised.

Instantly, I know she means the hickey. 

I nod, too nervous to speak.

"Damn, he's brave, letting it be uncovered. Oh my god! Maybe that's a sign that he's not afraid of being with you! That he doesn't care about any consequences!" She babbles, excited.

"You're a hopeless romantic!" I laugh.

Sam sticks her tongue out at me and walks towards her homeroom. I roll my eyes, turning away to go to my homeroom. The entire time, I feel his eyes on me. I glance his way and he motions for me to come talk to him. I clench my teeth and walk away. I can hear him groan behind me, and I quicken my pace. I need to avoid him... at least until 4th period.

Sadly, the world seems to work against me. As I'm sitting in my 2nd period class there's a tap on the door. My teacher, without looking motions for the person to come in. 

"I'm sorry to interrupt your class, sir. I need to talk with Chrissy Danielson for a few minutes." I hear a familiar accent say.

I slowly lift my head up, and there he is, standing by the door watching me. My teacher agrees, and motions for me to go with Mr. Tomlinson. I sigh, and slowly stand up.

"What?" I snap as soon as we're out of the room.

"I wanted to talk to you about what happened this weekend." he say quietly.

"Nothing happened Mr. Tomlinson!" I say.

"I said you can call me Louis." He mutters.

"You said out of school I could." I argue.

I sigh, turning around to go back into class. Before I can do that, he grabs me and pulls me to an empty classroom.

"No. We're going to talk about this weekend." He states.

"It was a mistake, ok? We'd both be in serious trouble if anyone found out! Just.... just forget about what happened." I say.

I swallow hard, walking past him to leave the room.

"I don't want to forget." He whispers.

I stop for a second, surprised that he would even admit that. I quickly shake it off and start walking away again, slower this time. I don't know if I really want to forget about it as well. It's what I should do but, I don't want to. 

"This isn't over yet." I whisper, slowly turning around to face him.

Louis smiles for a second before pushing me into a wall, our lips quickly finding each others. We have long kisses, breaking apart every so often, pecking the others lips before kissing again. I run my hands around on his back, as he moves his head down to my neck, softly kissing and sucking. I gasp as I feel his teeth graze my skin. I hear him chuckle against my skin, as he sucks harder, kissing more often.

Eventually, he lifts his head, softly blowing on the spot. I lift my hand to the spot and gasp.

"Louis, how am I supposed to cover this?" I ask, slightly annoyed.

He pulls my hair to cover the spot, rearranging it.

"Just make sure your hair doesn't move until you can find some makeup or something" He says, shrugging. 

I sigh "Whatever. I gotta get back to class ok?" 

Louis pouts, nodding.

"Whatta baby! I have you in like 2 periods silly!" I giggle.

"That's too long!" He says.

"At least you have me for an hour!" I say.

Louis smiles. I giggle and walk out of the room. As I reenter my class, my teacher squints at me.

"That was quite a while. What was it he needed to talk to you about?"

"Oh, it was about extra credit for class." I lie.

My teacher nods, continuing on with his lesson. I sit down, patting my hair to make sure it stayed. Luckily, Maggie is in my next period class and she usually has makeup with her. 

At last the bell rings. I jump up, walking as fast as I can to my 3rd period class. I spot Maggie, about to walk in.

"Mags!" I shout.

She looks in my direction and smiles. I point to the bathroom and gesture for her to follow me.

"Do you have any foundation or cover up with you?!" I ask once we're in the bathroom.

"Uh yeah, here" She says, rummaging around her bag.

She hands me both the foundation and cover up. I take it from her, thanking her and tell her that I'll meet her in class. She nods, walking out of the room. I race over to the mirror, moving my hair. I quickly apply some of the foundation and cover up. I look around in my purse for some blush. Once I find it I quickly apply it to that spot, to make it look like my skin color.

Once satisfied, I grab all my stuff and run in the classroom. I hand Maggie her stuff and sit down.

"Why'd you need my makeup?" She whispers.

"I forgot to put that on this morning" I lie.

It's not that I don't trust Maggie, I just don't want to tell her in the middle of school. I'll tell her later, along with the rest of the girls.

3rd period goes along pretty quickly. The bell rings, I smile to myself, getting up. Maggie and I walk to class together, talking about what movie we should see. When we walk in, I see Louis leaning against his desk, watching the door. I smile when I see him. 

"Holy shit girl! Look at his hickey!" Maggie whisper yells to me. "Who the hell gave him that!

I chuckle and shrug my shoulders. We sit next to Sam and Mia.

"I gotta tell you guys something... after school" I whisper.

"No tell us at lunch!" argues Mia.

"After school!" I whisper back.

"NO! AT LUNCH!" Mia yells, causing people to look at us.

I blush and look down, "Ok! Ok at lunch!"

I turn to the front of class when the bell goes off. Louis pushes off from his desk and stands in front of everyone.

"Alright everyone! How was your weekend?!" He asks, clapping his hands for everyone's attention.

"Looks like yours was better man!" shouts one of the guys.

Louis chuckles, his eyes flickering to me.

 "Yeah, mine was pretty great. But we're not talking about me! We're talking about you all!"

Sam nudges me and winks as he says that. Making my already red face get redder.

We spend the rest of class talking about everyone's weekend, and our plans for after school. The whole time, Louis' attention would always stray to me. Sadly, the bell rings. I get up with my friends, preparing for what I was about to tell them.

"Chrissy! Please stay after class. I need to talk to you about something" He calls.

I blush, nodding to my friends to go to lunch. As soon as everyone is out the door, Louis closes and locks it. We move to a spot that you can't see from the door. I grab his head and crash his lips to mine. I've never broken the rules before now. It felt amazing. We kiss quickly, knowing that my friends are awaiting my return. 

"What are you doing after school?" He asks.

"Nothing" I reply.

"I'm coming over"

I nod my head, breathless. I kiss him one last time, then move away, walking out the room. 

I head down to lunch. My friends are all sitting down, waiting for me. I sit down, taking a deep breath. I begin telling them everything, Sam already knows some of it but when I get to the part about how he gave me a hickey her mouth drops open. Once I finish, everyone is dead silent, their eyes wide.

"Holy shit! YOU'RE TURNING INTO A REBEL!" screams Mia.

I shush her, laughing.

"I'm so proud of you! Breaking the rules and all! Oh my little girl is growing up!" Maggie fake cries.

I roll my eyes, "Yeah yeah! You guys just have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?!" 

"Of course!" Maggie begins.

"Does this mean we can spend more time with his sexy friends?" Mia interrupts.

I laugh, "I'm sure I could arrange it! I mean, Sam is kind of with Niall now!"

They all look at Sam in surprise.

"Look at you girls! Going for the older guys!" Jokes Mia.

"We all know you two will be on their other friends" Sam teases.

"Uhhh duh?" Maggie and Mia say in unison.



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