A New Start

Macey Tomilson used to have a perfect life, and the perfect boyfriend, Harry Styles. Her step-father Max Tomilson started abusing her after One Direction, in which her brother, Louis Tomilson, her boyfriend , Harry Styles, and 4 guy- best friends, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik,and Liam Payne is made up of, started going on tour. Her mother died two years ago of cancer, so no one knows about this , not even her girl- best friends, Mia Kings, Emily Ashtun, and Kimberly Kuillsy.One day the beating got so bad that she had on choice to run away and leave behind her boyfriend, brother, and best friends..........
Hey guys this is my first movellas so it might not be sooo good, but if its bad, tell me, i can take the hate, ill just turn it into advice. Thank you for reading!!!!!! Please Like and Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


1. Prolouge

It has now been 2 months since my boyfriend, brother, and guy-best friends, left on tour. Its hard. It really is. I just want them to come back. Ever since they left my step-dad started abusing me, and once it got to the point were he almost killed me. I cry my self to sleep everyday. I have no one. My mom died, my brother, boyfriend, and guy-best friends left, and my girl-best friends aren't aloud to see me. I feel so alone and desperate. But i stay strong, knowing that my family will be back in a week.  My bedroom door slams open to reveal a drunk and angry step-dad. I didn't say anything when he started walking closer because i knew i would just trouble myself even more. But i was still worried . and scared. massively scared. one he reached my he pushed onto my bed and did the unbelievable.

he pulled off my clothes. 

then my undergarments, yes i was naked. 

i wanted him to stop but i knew my stopping him wasn't going to help.

then he started taking his close off. i got scared. i knew what was going to happen and just got scared. 

hen he did it. he pushed right into me.

 i started crying realizing, i was getting raped by my own step-dad. 

he started laughing, he clearly enjoyed me being tortured.

then, he started to thrust, And god help you if you don't believe me when i say it hurts.

After about 30 mins of torture, he left. 

I started bawling my eyes out. I just couldn't do this. I just couldn't .I need to leave. leave this hell hole,

After 20 mins  heard snoring from my step- dads room so i knew it was the perfect time. i packed a bag with clothes and grabbed my phone and $100,000 i stole from my step-dad. i need my phone just to see if anybody even tries to contact me. And $100,000 to buy myself and apartment. Before i left i grabbed all my shoes and stuffed them into my bag. Then i wrote a note, it said:

I just cant take it anymore, sorry.

-Macey xx

I left the note on top of my dresser and left. Good bye.

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