That Little Fire Girl (1D Fantasy Fan Fiction)

They always said fire was just something to light up a room when the night cast it's dark blanket to scare children. They always said people who could control that element didn't exist. They also said people who could control anything other than their television or their own mind didn't exist. But these people, you'd find are wrong. I'm Elena, a girl who was born with the most extraordinary gift. I can control fire. I never intended to show anybody, and only my auntie knew about it. My auntie was a "myth expert", and recognized an odd looking symbol (apparently an ancient fire symbol given to people "blessed" with my gift) on the left side of my hip when I fell and cracked the bone there some time ago. So, I lived as a normal girl in school and outside of it. Senior year is here, and many new people have to school. Most of them, obviously, are boys. Cute boys at that. Louis Tomlinson is among them.


1. Seniors

     I watched the new students pack into the hallway in a single file line and head towards the main office. From the two doors in the classroom, many were attempting to do the same as me. I got pushed and shoved, but I never moved. 
     "Come on! Give me a turn!" 
     "Move it, door monger."
     I hogged the window in the main door that read "Room 17" at the top. Soon enough, our first-day substitute teacher would have had enough and call us all away to sit down. As well as so more people could actually get inside, including the new people. Just as I expected, everybody was forced back into their seats to wait patiently for the first announcement of the year. "Psst!" I heard come from my right hand side. "Psst!"
     I looked over to see Rodney, a red haired boy with thin blue glasses and bright blue eyes, leaning over and laying his arms on my desk. "Hey, you're looking fine this year," he purred with his "charm". I shook my head in disappointment. I slowly plucked his arms from my desk and returned my attention to the front of the room where the substitute was writing his name on the front board, as well as our first-day plans and time schedules. After home room, I would move onto first period across the hallway; which was math.
     Minutes passed, everybody shuffling their feet around the hallway. The new students, aside from freshmen, were the ones that stuck out most. They awkwardly moved around looking into rooms and bumping into others by accident when they wouldn't move out of the way. I quickly walked through the traffic jam into the class across the hall. Room 18 was Mrs. DeAngelo's classroom. I had her last year, and she didn't very much like me. I struggled too much, and she doesn't take too kindly to students who don't do good in her class. 
     I found my seat, and waited. I received plenty of ugly glares from Mrs. DeAngelo, but I gave them right back. When she turned away for the third time, I flipped her the pesky o' mighty Tweety Bird. More poured into the room, some rubbing their arms as they came in. They all gave me a look of shock when they found not so much as a scratch on me after the horrific nightmare we here call hallway #2. Paying attention to only my nails at the moment, I hadn't noticed the crap-load of new students that were in the class. 
     "Alice Heffer..." "Here!"
     "Brianna Avery..." "Presente!" 
     "Benjamin Little..." "Here!"
     Mrs. DeAngelo called out the names of every student. I was surprised when she didn't skip over my name, considering I was one of the only people she had met before in the classroom. Every time she called a name, I looked over at them and studied them until the next name was called. "Louis Tomlinson..." I watched as a taller boy raised his hand, not saying anything. He was definitely new here, and damn was he hot. The look I gave him must have attracted attention, because when I looked around again, I was getting a lot of stares. I hadn't even realized that Louis was looking back at me with an odd, confused smile.
     Class began, and my mind was having a hard time getting back into school mode. I raised my hand in the middle of Mrs. DeAngelo giving out papers on the basics of our senior year (The year everybody goes wild). "Yes, Elena?" She finally asked in her "much thicker than mine" British accent after about a minute of me holding up an arm with strained muscles.
     "Can I go to the restroom?" I asked her tiredly.
     "Go sign out, but you'll have to read the directions yourself if you take too long." I heard a hint of snarky-ness in her voice. I left my desk and skipped over to the sign-out sheet nailed to the wall. Clearly a violation of Code Blah-Di-Blah, no nailing items to any school property. I took the pen and filled it out. I hurried down the quiet, empty hallway, going past the restroom. I stopped outside of Mr. Alex's class and waved to him while he himself gave out papers to the freshmen class he had. He was my favorite teacher, and still is! The only teacher with style in this whole building. He waved back and shooed me away with a smile. Freshmen peered out the door curiously, some in awe at seeing a senior. I smirked and walked away.
     Yeah, being a senior had it's benefits. Having freshmen stare at you star-struck, getting out of school, etcetera. Now this time, I did go back to the bathroom. The stalls were enormous, just like how I remembered them in my junior year. I went into the one in the back and sat on the floor. I leaned my back against the hard, tiled wall. I held my hand out, pointing it at the opposite wall. My hand heated up, and a small flame burst from my skin. My hip heated up as well, a simple side-effect from my power. It helped relieve the stress that I had built up inside me, and remove my thoughts. But thing is, I couldn't get that new Louis boy out of my head. Those blue eyes, that hair, that face.
     Typical for a girl my age to be sitting on the restroom floor playing with fire and thinking about boys. All the things a typical girl would do on the first day of school, am I right? "Louis, Louis....Loouis. Heh.." I smiled and looked at the fire swishing in the palm of my hand. It swerved and curled over itself. It shaped a face, slowly showing eyes and a nose, lips too. Before I could put away the flame, I had created Louis's face. I laughed and closed my hands together. A puff of gray smoke emerged between my closed hands, and the flame was gone. Sometimes, I wished I could do something with that flame, and not be threatened to be exposed to crazy scientists who would lock me up and try to figure out how my gift works. But for now, I'm just simply that little fire girl. The one with no purpose.

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