That Little Fire Girl (1D Fantasy Fan Fiction)

They always said fire was just something to light up a room when the night cast it's dark blanket to scare children. They always said people who could control that element didn't exist. They also said people who could control anything other than their television or their own mind didn't exist. But these people, you'd find are wrong. I'm Elena, a girl who was born with the most extraordinary gift. I can control fire. I never intended to show anybody, and only my auntie knew about it. My auntie was a "myth expert", and recognized an odd looking symbol (apparently an ancient fire symbol given to people "blessed" with my gift) on the left side of my hip when I fell and cracked the bone there some time ago. So, I lived as a normal girl in school and outside of it. Senior year is here, and many new people have to school. Most of them, obviously, are boys. Cute boys at that. Louis Tomlinson is among them.


2. Important

Hi! I know, a lot of people are awaiting the next chapter to That Little Fire Girl, and I had 3/4 of it done. I was cleaning out my Notes app and I had it in copy and paste, when about an hour later I forgot I had it there and copied something else...and I didn't have it in Notes any more...which means the whole chapter is lost, and it was pretty long ;-; So, I will try my best to rewrite the chapter, but it won't be newly as good as it would have been. Way to go Radioactive. Way to go. Thank you all for being so darn patient with me! I hope to have Chapter 2: THAT RUMOR, up very soon. Love ya!


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