Bad Cat

I don't expect it to be really good seeing as wrote as a piece of homework for my English class. It's about a girl called Anna who gets a kitten on christmas


1. Christmas

           I wake-up, before I open my eyes I try to think what day it is. Monday. I peek my eye open just enough to see what time it is 6:58 any minute now I will hear my mum shouting up. My mum's like an alarm clock - I press snooze then she shouts back longer and louder.

           I must've fallen asleep again. I open my eyes and look at the clock 8:00. I jump up. I'm late for school I shove my blazer on and head for and head for the door but before I do I check the calendar, I can't believe I slept in on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!! I take off my blazer and run down the stairs. Under the tree there is millions of presents! I start ripping off the paper of the smallest one. It's a ring, a beautiful heart shape with an A on it. My name is Anna so this means a lot to me. The next one I open is pretty small but not small enough to be another piece of jewellery. It's a book I know it doesn't sound like much but it's the latest book from my favourite author, Cathy Cassidy, Coco Caramel. I try not to ponder over I for too long and move on to everything else I just got the usual clothes, make-up, and something I never thought I would be getting a KITTEN!!!!!! I screamed when I saw it. It was the best Christmas EVER.

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