“ the life of Hermione"

In harry potter complete saga never NEVER show us the life of ron or hermione or neville etc.Here I write the “life of hermione" read it!


5. Chapter 5

It's 1 of september!!!

Hermione and her parent go to the train station and run into the  platform 9 and  3 quarters! And they found the Howarts Express.

 But something strange passed.The train is only the normal, isn't has the premium part (Hermione is very happy because now she can seet with Harry and Ron).

The hours  passed very fast because she and her friends passed very very very very very good they laughed ALL the time in the train.

When ALL the students are in Howarts, the selection of the first year begin."Malfoy is in Howarts?" asked a new student of Gliffindor. “yes, do you know him?" senteces and asked Ron. “yes, he has bouling in the past in my child garden." said the student.“WOW now I know because we have bouling for HIM!!!"say Ron and Hermione.


 "Begin the Feast!" says Professor Dumbuldore.ALL the students start eating: potatos, meat, poultry, nugets, fish, rice, lettuce, etc.. and many sweet dessert.

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