“ the life of Hermione"

In harry potter complete saga never NEVER show us the life of ron or hermione or neville etc.Here I write the “life of hermione" read it!


4. Chapter 4

The next day hermione and her parents go to the potter's house.Hermione enjoyed it very much with Harry.When harry's mum call, they low to the  dinning room  to have tea in yhe afternoon.

It's half past eight or so, and Hermione  had to go to her house.When she is caming to house in the car she saw  Dobby, across the window (of the car obviously) and she cry dobby but he  not hear. (seems that his big hears do not help)

The day next to tomorrow she's go to Howarts!!!!! That emotion!!!

But she doesn't emotion very much, because yesterday her mum  bought a ticket for the premium train of Howarts and Hermione has to seet next to Colin Creevey. O.o

The next day  Missing just 24 hours to to be way to Howarts! Next to Colin Creevey!!!! “ajjj.... My luck and I.."

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