“ the life of Hermione"

In harry potter complete saga never NEVER show us the life of ron or hermione or neville etc.Here I write the “life of hermione" read it!


1. Chapter 1

Hermione is a girl whith brown eyes, light brown hear, and she is a very good and bautifull person.


“get up Hermione" says her mum. When Hermione gets up,  she goes to the kitchen and says “I am ready to go to Diagon Alley mum" 

Hermione and her parents go to Diagon Alley.“Hermione go to Ollivaders my love" says her mum.

When Hermione found Ollivandres, she goes into de shop.“hello" says a man withwhite hear.“¿Can I help you?" says the man. “yes please.I need a want. My want is very old now " says Hermione with enthusiasm. “¿Are you the best friend of Ronald Weasly and mr. Harry Potter? Says the man. “yes, ¡I am!" she says.

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