Adopted By Who?!?!

This is about a girl named Makayla and her friend Hailey. They escaped from their abusive parents they're best friends. They knew each other since they were born. They went to a orphanage. They always have to go to a lot ofdifferent orphanages because the head leader orwhat ever throwsthem out. But you have to read tofind out more. And sorry ifi misspell something.


11. The note

*Zayn's POV*


"Guys look she wrote a note." I said. "It says:  Dear Hailey, Thank you for being there no matter what. I want you and Steff to keep my 2 necklases that you guys relly liked. And I want you to know That this is for the best, I just want to be in a better place. Thank you for everything I will always love you for ever and always <3


Dear Steff, You know why I'm doing this. You know that I love you and always will. Please never forget me. You are the best sister ever, even though we weren't blood related. Even though I was adopted, I'mglad I was, because if Iwasn't, I wouldn't have met you. I love you <3


Dear Harry, even though we didn't knoweach other that much I could tell you would be like a brother <3 I love you too..


Dear Louis, I haven't met you personally, but I knew im my heart and in my mind that we would be bsbe (Best Shopping buddies ever) and Bffs (Big Fat friends) I love you too <3


Dear Zayn, Your amazing even thought I don't know you, well I do cause i'm a major fan and all  , but you didn't meet me, BUT I still love you <3. 




Dear Liam, Thank you for comming when Niall didn't, Thank you for letting me use your shower because Niall's door was broke, and Thank you for everything :) I love you <3


Dear Eleanor, Ialways wanted to meet you, but I never could. :'( I will Love you too <3


Dear Danielle, Your an amazing dancer, You were always my inspireation. I Love You <3


Dear Perrie, Your Music Is awesome!! I have Snuck into one of your concerts before because I wanted to meet you and the band, but couldn't meet you, but I still watched your concert and you were Fabulous like always I love you <3




"NIALL WHAT THE F**K DID YOU DO OTHER THAN KILL MY F**KIN' BEST FRIEND?!?!" Yelled Hailey while crying, but she wasn't the only one crying, we all were even Niall "It's not my fault, all I did was brake up with her, because she was cheating on my with Liam." Niall said and Ran out of the house.

*20 minutes later* *Haileys POV*

The ambulance just got here, andI rode in it with Makayla. And once we got to the hospital they rushed Makayla into surgery right away. I knew she probably woldn't make it, but she's strong, so we never know. We are all in the emergency room ecsept Niall, and I swear as soon as I see him he will regret it, and I had to reschedule the gender appointment thing.

*Niall's POV




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