Adopted By Who?!?!

This is about a girl named Makayla and her friend Hailey. They escaped from their abusive parents they're best friends. They knew each other since they were born. They went to a orphanage. They always have to go to a lot ofdifferent orphanages because the head leader orwhat ever throwsthem out. But you have to read tofind out more. And sorry ifi misspell something.


16. The call to mum




im so confused right now, my mum didn't tell me I had another sister. Oh well, she would've been my sister anyways because we were going to adopt her as my sister. I called my mum and it rang 4 times before she answered. (A- Anne  h- harry)


a- hi harry how are you?

H- horrible! How could you not tell me about my sister?!?

a- what do you mean harry? I've told you everything that Gemma told me to tell you.

h- I meant Makayla.

a- how did you know? And I can explain it all. Who told you? Did Gemma tell you? That blabber mouth.

h- no mum. I'm at the hospital. I told you we were going to adopt someone as my sister and the Louis adopt a sister. Well Niall broke up with her and accused her of something. I don't know the story, but she has cut in the past. And she cut because she got accused. And the people who adopted her, a-abused and r-r-raped her."


a- oh my gosh! What hospital are you at? I'm coming! 


H- Saint Joesphs hospital (idk if its a real hospital)

a- me, robin, and Des are on our way.

(end of convo.)




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