Adopted By Who?!?!

This is about a girl named Makayla and her friend Hailey. They escaped from their abusive parents they're best friends. They knew each other since they were born. They went to a orphanage. They always have to go to a lot ofdifferent orphanages because the head leader orwhat ever throwsthem out. But you have to read tofind out more. And sorry ifi misspell something.


7. The Answer

Sorry for the long wait my laptop is in the shop still, but I'm barrowing my dads laptop. Soooo, I really hope you enjoy this chapter! Like Comment Favorite, or anything. If you want, I would love it if you commented the name of a movellas that you wrote, and i promise i will read it asap....



                                                              Steffany's POV                                        Time: 6:12  am             same day as last chapter     


          I woke up at 6:00 exactly, and went to Kayla's Play house thing. She wasn't there so I started to get scared. I decided to yell for Hailey. Hailey was like another sister to me and Kayla. She was there for us no matter what, she even took the beating from our parents. She came rushing to me and gave me a very big hug. She always knows how to calm me down. "Where's Kayla?" I asked camly. "I don't know, I try finding her, you stay here." she replied, and with that she left.


                                                          20 minutes later                 still Steffany's POV                                                                        


               It's been 20 minutes and they haven't came back yet, and I'm getting worried. I started heading out the door to go and find them, but I heard my name and about 3 other people which was a total of 5 people. From the sound of the voices, it sounds like they're were 2 british 1 irish and Kayla and Hailey. *thinking* *thinking**thinking* O.M.G. It's One Direction. I tink I want to see what they're saying, but Hailey toldme to stay. They might be talking about "grown up" stuff. Ok I guess I'm staying.


                                                                   Hailey's POV                                                                                                            

             I forgot to tell Steff where Kayla is."Hey Kayla I'm going to get Steff, Ok? Or do uwant her to stay there?"I asked Makayla. "Go ahead, but Harry, Louis, and Niall, you guys better keep the conversation approprite." Makayla replied to my question, but with an extra comment. "Hey Hailey, can I come with you?" the curly flirt asked. STOP TRYING TO GET INTO HER PANTS HAROLD" Louis yelled randomly. then Hary sternly said "I'm not trying to louis, I just want to, uhh, ummmm, I-I-I I just want to s-mm eerrrmm, streachmylegs" Te last part he said quickly. "ok come on Harry" then Louis burst out laughing. "Why are you laughing?" I asked. "You.... Said.... Cum......" Louis replied between laughs. I ignored it and left with Harry. I never noticed until now, but Harry and Kayla Look A LOT alike. Green eyes, dark curly hair, both of them tall. Just everything. Weird?

*Makayla's POV*

     "You..........Said............Cum...." said Louis. Then I Said "One more thing like that, and I will tell Liam and Paul" "please don't"


"Hey MAkayla, Do you want to live with us until you are ready to leave?" Niall asked out of the blue."I can't, thats wrong." Then Harry got a call from someone. Harry's convo H= Harry, P= Person on the phone. : h; Ok we already got a person for that, 3 people actually. P; Ok,now come home. H' ok bye. *end of convo* " Who was that?" Iasked." Paul, he said that simon said we had to adopt some one. and your the people."WHAT?!??!!?!" I asked. " Haha now you have to come." Niall said "FINNE" I whinned

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