Adopted By Who?!?!

This is about a girl named Makayla and her friend Hailey. They escaped from their abusive parents they're best friends. They knew each other since they were born. They went to a orphanage. They always have to go to a lot ofdifferent orphanages because the head leader orwhat ever throwsthem out. But you have to read tofind out more. And sorry ifi misspell something.


9. No more.... Please?

*Makayla's Pov*


I didn't think he would actually kick down the door, but he did. I tried to cover the cuts, but it didn't work, cause I think he saw them. He looked right at my wrists, (yes both of them) then I saw 1 tear trickle down his left cheek. then another, then another, then more. Then he busted out in tears. I don't know why he did, I'm the 1 who cut, not him. "W-w-w-why.. woul-would you d-d-do this?" "Because Niall, you have no idea of what i've been through, you dont know how much anything can affect me. Even embarrasment. I just stared at you. One of my biggest idols, one of the people who saved me from dying, one of the hottest people on the world, one of my best friends, and one of the five people who care about me. AND YOU WERE NAKED!" and once again I was in tears. Just then 6 more people were running in the room. "MAKAYLA WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?" said Harry. "YOU PROMISED ME YOU WOULDN'T DO IT AGAIN!!" Hailey yelled at me. Then I told Steff "Go Back to bed Steff" "OK. night everybody" mumbles the very very very sleepy Steffany. By now everybody knew what happened. They were also some  crying *cough hailey and niall cough* then the ones that were on their way of crying. "Oh my gosh people. STOP FUCKIN' CRYING FOR ME!!" Said me. "Can we just get some sleep and introduce ourselves tomarrow. We have to get up early for an interview, then photo shoot, then concert." said Daddy Payne. "I agree. Now GOOD NIGHT!!!" I yelled.. hahaha i always yell. "Ok. Come on Makayla, lets get your cuts cleaned up." Nialler said. "Ok. and sorry for stairing." I said that with my head down because i feel guilty, and I was blushing. Niall place his fingers on my chin and lifted my head to face his. "And when you smile at the ground  it aint hard to tell, that youdont know-ow-ow, u dont know ur beautiful" Niall sang to me befored leaning in. I leant in to and before i knew it, our lips were touching, then i, turned into a passinate kissing session. "Lets go to bed" Niall said. *getting in bed and almost asleep* Then right before I was about to close my eyes i spoke up and asked Niall something. "Hey Nialler" "yea?" "where does this leave us?" "Well no where yet, butI wuld love to change that. Makayla, I know we havent known each other that long, but will you do the me the honor of makiing me the happiest Irish man and become my princess?" "of course I will. I love Ni, always have always will. I watched all of the X Factors, and was so happy when you guys won 3rd and got a record deal." "I love you too. But Kayla, will you promise me something? and you can't brake this promise like you did to Hailey ok?" "Ok what is it?" "No matter what, you promise to try and not cut?" "I Promise to TRY and not cut, but i dont promise I WONT" "If something ever bothers you, doyou promise to at least talk about it first?" "Yes Niall I promise." "Good night love." "Night" and I had a wonderful night:)


(A/N... i hate them to)


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