Adopted By Who?!?!

This is about a girl named Makayla and her friend Hailey. They escaped from their abusive parents they're best friends. They knew each other since they were born. They went to a orphanage. They always have to go to a lot ofdifferent orphanages because the head leader orwhat ever throwsthem out. But you have to read tofind out more. And sorry ifi misspell something.


17. Commet

Ok so umm that you my wonderful potatoes for reading this... Ok so if you want me to continue. Comment. And I won't update unless you comment. I know I know. It seems like a lot of people do this, cuz they do. Well they do it cause they want to idk why but ya know (I'm tryna prove my point ppl so go with me) but I do it so I know if you like the book or not. It takes a lot of time to do, and I've had my iPod taken away from me in school cause I'm trying to update but the stupid teachers have to take it away. So yea . Ya know.... Mmmkay bye my wonderful potatoes!!! (Ö). Yep that a weird messed up potato with a face. So byyyeeeees!!

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