Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


26. Zayn's Back!!!

Zayn's POV

"Perrie i have to go home.." i said.

"why can't you stay here with me." Perrie said hugging me.

"i've been here for like a week." i said.

"move in with me?" she asked me.

"Perrie.." i said.

"what you don't want to?" she asked me braking up the hug.

"it's just so sudden.." i said.

"zayn malik, it's either move in with me now or leave me forever." Perrie said.

was she really telling me i have to move in with her or we have to brake up...?

"well, i guess the only thing i have left to say is.... have a good life." i said as i grabbed my jacket and put it on.

"oh Zayn.." she said.

"goodbye Perrie."i said.

"zayn please, move in with me." she said.

"goodbye." i said as i closed the door.

she opened the doorand followed me.

"Perrie.." i said as i walked to my car.

she followed close behind.

"zayn i love you.. please.. let's get married and have little children, named sammy and tommy.." she said.

"no Perrie." i said.

i got into my car.

"I LOVE YOU ZAYN MALIK!" she screamed as i drove off.

-Skip Drive Back.-

i walked through the door and saw kasey crying and liam and niall trying to comfort her.

"Kasey what wrong?" i asked as i took off my jacket and went to her.

"everyone important in my life is leaving.." she said.

"what?" i said.

"When i was little my dad left me and my mom, then i got a boyfriend and then he left me, and then my mom left this word, and now Lori's gone..!" she cried.

"gone gone or she went home?" i asked.

"it turns out she only liked us for money and fame.." niall said.

"so i told her to leave.." Kasey said.

i hugged Kasey, nothing is going her way in life.

"i promise you things are going to change." i said.

"you guys are the onl people i have left in life.... no one likes me, they just think of me as that week, poor, loner girl.." she cried.

"i promise, we are not going anywere." i said.

"can i have a moment with Kasey.. alone?" i asked.

niall and liam left the room.

"Kasey i really like you, will you please go out with me?"i asked.


Kasey's POV

did he really just ask me out?

"Zayn.. i like you, or i did, then, you left, you dated Perrie, you like her more, she's your girlfriend, and i don't like you like that anymore because you just left me like that for Perrie. sorry zayn but no." i said.

"i broke up with Perrie, now we can be together." he said.

"no zayn, i'm always the second choice, and this time i'm not falling for it." i said.

"Kasey.. i love you." he said.

"well good for you, but you broke my heart zayn." i said.

"and i'm sorry i loev you." he said.

"zayn.." i said.

"kiss me." he said.

"i'm not having my first kiss with someone i don't like." is aid.

"you have never had your first kiss?" zayn said.

"no. and i'm not having it with you." i said as i got up and left the room.

i walked over to liam.

"save me?" i asked.

"from who?"liam asked.

"zayn." i said.

"what did he do?" liam asked clunching his fists.

"it's not what he did, it's what i stopped him from doing." i said.

"what was he GOING to do then?"liam asked.

"he wanted me to go out with him, i said no, he was going to kiss me, i said no and just came over to you, i don't want to be anyone's second choice again liam, i just don't" i said.

"were is he?" liam asked.

"living room." i said.

liam went into the living room.


Liam's POV

"she said no mate, you need to stop." is said to him.

"i don't know what has gotten over me liam, i just can't stop myself." he said.

"well you need to snap out of it, she's got to much on her hand right now, she doesn't need someone trying date her at the same time." liam said.

"i know, i know, just i don't know why i just can't stop. i want to be with her every second." he said.

"what happened to you and perrie??" i asked.

"she was being clingy wanted me to move in with her." he said.

"mate, i'm afraid to say, your becoming the clingy one, to Kasey." i said.

"i am?" he asked

"yes.'' i replid.

"i need to get my mind off of Kasey, maybe Lori? no she's like gone evil or whatever, uhm, i think i need to get a new girlfriend." zayn said.

i laughed.

"just stop freaking out Kasey, okay?" i said.

"okay." zayn said.

i walked back to kasey.


Kasey's POV

Liam came back.

"so is he going to stop?" i asked him.

"yes he is." liam said.

i hugged liam.

"thanks liam, i have a lot to handle right now. that really helped." i said.

"what do you need to handle?" he asked.

"i'm still bummed about Lori, and i want to talk to harry about something, and just, i don't know. i've been getting a lot of messages from Donnie, he wants to get together with me, but i keep saying no. i don't know how he got my number anyhow. " i said.

"want me to talk to Donnie?" liam asked.

"no i think i'm going to talk to Donnie in person." i said.

"want me to come?" liam asked.

"That might help.'' i said.

"we can go later then." liam said.

''thanks liam, i don't know what i would do without you." i said with a smile.

i walked into the hall. i heard music coming from the theatre. i walked in. niall was singing with his gutair.

"hey rock star." i said.

he froze and put down hair guitar.

"did you hear any of that?" he asked.

"no." i said.

"good." he said.

i sat down beside Niall.

"we should hangout again." i said.

"we should." niall said.






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