Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


23. Zach Effron

Kasey's POV

i woke up in Liam's bed.

"no no no no.." i said.

"morning." Liam said finally waking up.

"did we??" i asked him.

"no, no, no, you fell asleep in the car so i brought you here." liam said.

"what's wronge with my bed?" i asked.

"it has someone sleeping in it." liam said.

"who?" i asked.

"lori." he said.

"why isn't she staying in the guest bedroom?" i asked.

"because that has a guest sleeping in it." liam said.

"who?" i asked.

"why don't you go ask Louis?" liam said.

"fine i will." i said as i walked out of the room. i went downstairs in my PJ's.

louis was sitting in the living room alone.

"who is staying in the guest bedroom Lou?" i asked.

before Louis could say anything a deep voice behind me said " i am."

i spun around and saw Zach Effron standing right there.

"wa-wa-wa-wa.." i began.

"remember how you said you have always wanted to meet Zach?" louis asked.

"I'm Zach. and you are..?" Zach Said sticking his hand out for me to shake.

"kasey." i said shaking his hand.

"i'm just going back to the kitchen with Harry." Zach said.

i sat beside louis and gave him a big hug.

"thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" i said.

"no problem" louis said.

"Does Lori know he's here?" i asked.

i heard a scream.

"i think she just found out." i said.

i walk into the kitchen and saw Lori clinged onto Zach and Harry with a sad face.

i went up to harry and rubbed his back. i think he might like Lori.

"lori, i think Zach need's to you know, BREATH!" i said.

"i'm sorry i'm sorry." lori said geeting off of Zach.

"don't worry, i have a fan bite my hand. this is nothing." Zach said.

"she does this to everyone. she did it when she met me." harry said acting to good for anyone.

"don't be cocky." i said hitting his chest in a playful way.

"i'm going to talk to Lou." zach said leaving the room.

'Oh and i have something to ask you Lori." harry said looking at Me.

"yes?" lori asked.

harry looked back at Lori.

"will you be my girfriend?" harry asked.

"YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!" she said hugging Harry.


Harry's POV

I got jelous, Lori was clinged onto Zach and i think Kasey is falling for Louis, i don't want to be the only single one, i can't let that happen.

so i asked Lori out.

"i have something to ask Lori." i said looking right at Kasey, for some reason i wanted her to hear this.

"will you go out with me?" i asked Lori.


we hugged.


Kasey's POV

for some reason i couldn't help but be jelous. i don't think i like Harry in that way, but i'm jelous for some reason.

so i stormed out of the room. going into the living room and sitting beside Louis, Zach was in the armchair.

"why are you so mad?" louis asked.

"gag me." i said.

"what why?" louis asked.

"them." i said.

louis looked behind him in the kitchen and saw harry already kissing Lori.

"why do you like Harry?" Zach asked.

louis eyes flashed to me.

"not in that way. i use to. not anymore." i said.

"than why are you so jelous?" Zach asked.

"i don't know." i said.

Niall and Liam walked  into the room.

"Hey Kasey do you want to hangout today?" niall asked.

liam and louis looked at niall.

"what? i haven't hung out with her much yet." niall said.

"sure." i said.

"wanna go to the park tomorrow?" niall asked.

"i would love too." i said.

"were zayn?" Louis asked.

"still at Perrie's." liam said.

Anger flashed in my eyes once again.

"i'm going to my room." i said storming upstairs.

i went into my room and closed the door and sobbed on my bed.

why am i getting so jelous/ i don't like harry nor zayn anymore, why am i getting so jelous? am i gettig so overwhelmed with relationships?

i heard a knock at the door and a " can i come in?" it was Zach.

"sure." i said wiping my tears away from my eyes.

Zach sat beside me on my bed.

"why are you so sad?" he asked me.

"i don't know.." is aid.

"it seemed you got mad when harry and zayn came up with girlfriends." zach said.

i flinched at the word 'Girlfriends.'

"yeah that's what's getting you down." zach said rubbing my back.

"i-i-i don't know why i don't like zayn nor harry anymore, whya md i crying? i dont usally cry, you must think i'm a cry baby." is aid.

"no. i don't." he said.

"has there been relationship problems with you or anything?" zach asked.

"what are you DR. Fill" i joked.

"No... i'm Dr Effron." he said with a smile.

"okay well, louis likes me, and i thought harry liked me, and i use to like zayn but he is with perrie now, and liam i just found out likes me too and i want to get to know niall and i think liam is pretty sweet and zayn hasn't talked to me in forever and harry purpusly asked my best friend out right in front of me and i don't knwo what to do!" i said realy fasta nd then started crying.

"it's okay." zaxch said.

"i think you are just overwhelmed. you need to get over zayn and harry, they are crazy for not wanting you, and as for niall, don't worry. he's nice, he's really great to talk to too, and as for liam and louis, you can't help it if they liek you. don't worry about it. just go were life takes you." zach said.

"thanks Zach." i said while hugging him.

"now wanna go back downstairs?" zach asked.

"sure." i said.


Zach's POV

i think Kasey is really cute, and i think if i get to know her better i think i mught like like her. but i can't tell her that... nor can i show it. she has too much relationship stuff going on right now.

 me and her walked back downstairs.


Kasey's POV

Zach is right. i just need to get my mind off things. maybe a day with Niall will be good for me. maybe he will be a great bestfriend, seeing as i'm kinda mad at Lori right now, it's not her fault, i think i'm just mad at harry, Lori didn't know better, did she?


Lori's POV

i can`t belive i`m dating Harry styles. i think Kasey got mad because me and him are dating now. oh well. i need harry, not because i like him, because i wish secretly follow in my mother`s footsteps.

Money and fame, here i come.






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