Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


60. Turkey!

Kasey's POV

after a long drive, we finally arived. everyone got off the bus. i got off first.

i looked at Louis, he looked away.

i looked at Harry, he looked away.

i looked at Liam, he looked at the ground like he was hiding something.

i looked at Zayn, he half smiled.

i looked at Niall, who just kept eating his sandwhich.

i looked at my yellow toms. i looked up. then i relised, we were in a lobby.

"were are we-"

"we are in our hotel in which we will be staying in tonight." Liam said.

"and then in the morning we get up and leave for our next destination." niall said.

"okay.." i said.

Liam went up to the front desk. we all followed.

"Direction." Liam said.

the man looked up at liam, and then he looked at the time.

"room 205." he said while giving Liam a room key.

we all went to our room. we walked in. it had 3 beds, a TV, a small couch and a fridge, and a bathroom.

"me and Niall!" Liam called.

"me and Zayn!" Harry called.

i looked at Louis.

"i'll take the couch." Louis said.

i rolled my eyes. i threw my bag of stuf hard onto my bed.

"so we have a consert tonight?" i asked.

"yes we do. at 5." Liam said.

"what time is it now?" i asked.

"1." he said.

"i'm taking a walk." i said.

"no your not, our hair stylest/ clothes designer is coming in 5 minutes." Niall said.

"whats her name again?" i asked.

"i don't know he old one, but she just changed it too Mia." Zayn said.

"alrighty then?" i asked.

Mia came through the door.

"Hello, Hello!" she said.

"Kasey what happened to your hair?" she asked taking off my bandana.

i looked at Harry. he looked down in dissipointment.

"I-I thought it would look nice short. i was wrong." i said.

Harry looked up at me.

"well, i'll start with outfits then, all the guys get Grey Tux's, and Kasey, you get this." she said handing me a dress.

i was a tight fitting dress, that went to the floor, it was gold and sparkly, it was strappless, she gave me black heels to wear.

"i love it." i said.

"hey, i think i will need to work on Harry and Zayns hair longer now." she joked.

i half laughed.

"i'm joking, yours is still going to take longer because i need it 170% perfect, you are in a famous band you know" she said.

i grinned.

we all put on our outfits.

"makeup time!" Mia said.

she did all the boys, just hiding pimples and stuff.

"now Kasey." she said.

i sat down. she did cover up, then she gave me pale pink lipsick and smokey eye shadow, she gave me a little bit of blush, then she did my eyebrows, and eyeliner and maskara which was black.

"done!" she said.

it looked beautiful.

"now Hair!" she said.

Niall was First.

she gelled his hair up and a bit to the side,

Then Louis,

she did the same, but in the other direction.

For Liam, his hair was starting to grow back, it was about an inch long.

she gelled it back for him.

For zayn, for the first time,

she brushed it down, he had bangs and it was flat. it looked cute.

and for harry, she slicked it back so there were no curls.

i sat down.

"what can i do with your hair.." she said.

"what time is it?" she asked.

"3 why?" Zayn said.

"we have time." she said.

she took my brown hair and gave me blonde highlights, just like zayn's, and then she curled my short hair, (it was hard because it was so short) but she did it, and then she took all my hair and put it too the right, so it was curled to the right, and she put a gold clip on the left side of my head, i looked amazing.

"thanks so much Mia!" i said hugging her.

"well it's time to go!" Liam said.

we all got into the limo. i sat beside Zayn.

"you look beautiful." he said.

"thanks." i said with a big smile.

"your hair just like mine but shorter and a lighter brown." he said.

"so basicly we both just have blonde highlights?" i asked.

"well yeah." he said laughing.

once we got there we all went on stage. from left to right it went, Niall, Louis, Me, Liam, Harry, Zayn

i always end up in the middle, well in the middle with someone else, i guess because i'm the only girl.

"i'm nervous." i wispered to Liam.

"you will do fine." he said.

we sang all the songs, but on the last one, i had needed to use a very powerful voise, and i did, but my voice cracked a bit.

after we went off we went into a little room for preformers, it had couches and a TV

"we were great." Niall said.

"but my voice cracked a bit at the end, but oh well, it happends." i said.

i smiled.

"i'm gald youur thinking positive." Zayn said.

"why would she? she's a singer now, she needs to make sure the doesn't happen. REAL singers don't have mess ups." Louis said.

i stood up. i was inches away from Louis.

"you know what? i've had enough of you. You avoid me, now your making fun of me, my voice cracked louis, it's no big deal, you don't need to make me feel bad about it. Louis, your being a real JERK you know that? do you really hate me that bad?" i said.

"i don''t-"

"shut it Louis, your just as bad as the other bullys." i said.

i turned around.

everyone was stairing at me. i held back tears.

"did you just call me a bully?" he said.

"because your acting like one." i said.

a tear came down my face.

"so your saying i'm being a JERK?" he said.

"YES! I AM! now, please, be a bully somewere else, because i don't want to put up with it." i said.

"you listen here Aurther, I'm in love with you, don't treat me like that." he said.


everyone stayed in silence.

"Kasey, i was trying to stay away from the problem, i didn't mean to hurt your feelings-"
"Louis, you might have been trying to avoid it, and it has been working. for you. meanwhile i'm hurting inside." i said.

"Kasey i'm sorry."

"Louis, i forgive you, but that doesn't mean i'll forget, i'll never forget." i said.

i walked out of the room. i was going into the bus. i went out the front way. i didn't care about the fans. i was crying.

all i could hear was,

"Kasey what's wrong?"

"what happened to your hair?"
"get away you don't deserve to be in one direction."

"why is she by herself?"

"why is she crying, she famous, she has no worrys!"

"i wish i were her."

i kept walking, i finally got into the bus. they might be staying in the hotel, but i'm staying in the bus.

Paul was in the bus.

"Kasey are you alright?" he asked.

i said no as i sat down.

"weres the boys, i thought you guys were staying in the hotel?"

"they might be, but i'm not." i said.

"i guess you can stay in the bus with me then."

"okay. thanks Paul."
i changed out of my dress and into one of my PJ's.

i was so tired.

Paul was asleep. i was about to get into my bed, but i stoped, then i got into Zayn's bed. it smelt like him. i fell asleep.


Zayn's POV

Kasey just left, i think she's going to the hotel, we will let her got to cool off some steam.

"i said i was sorry?" Louis said.

"yeah well Louis, sometimes sorry doesn't always cut it." harry said as he left the room.

"she said she forgave me?" Louis said.

"but she will always remember." Liam said.

"let's get back to the hotel room." i said.

we all went back. Harry was there. but no sign of Kasey.
"Harry were is-"

"i don't know!"

"well were could she be?" i said.

Niall's phone beeped.

he looked at it.

"it's from Paul, he said she's in the tour bus with him." Niall said.

we all grabbed all our stuff and went to the tour bus,

"we wont be needing the room." Louis said as he put the keys on the front desk.

we went to the bus.

as sson as we got in, we put our stuff to the side, then Harry and Louis went right into their beds and  fell asleep.

"were's Kasey?" Niall asked.

Liam, Niall and I went into the bedrooms.

and there Kasey was.

sound alseep.

but in my bed.

Why was she in my bed?


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