Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.



Kasey's POV

I still can't belive that i'm in one direction. Simon has put in the 6th bed and we leave for touring in 3 hours! i need to get packing!

i grabbed out my suitcase Louis and Harry go me... Louis.

i put all my clothes in and i put bathroom stuff, and a hairbrush, and everything else needed. the suit case was HUGE. i put on my outfit i left out to wear. It was Black jeans, and a yellow top. i put on my yellow toms- yes they make those, and i put on eyeliner, maskara, and red lip stick. i put a bandana as a head band. i let some strands out hair back and some in front of the head band. i put on a brown belt. i grabbed my blue sweater. i was just neon today. i went downstairs.

"going hippie?" Niall joked.

"just like me." Harry joked. harry was wearing colourful shorts and his beanie.

i laughed.

Paul got all of our suitcases into the bus

"1 more hour." Zayn said.

i ate an apple.

"the bus leaves early, everyone on!" Paul said.

we all got on the Tour bus. it was big and red.

"which bed it Kasey's?" Niall asked.

"i think the pink one." harry said.

we all laughed.

Niall got the green one

Zayn got the red one

Harry got the orange one

Louis got the blue one

Liam got the purple one

and i got the pink one.

we all sat down on the big black couch.

from left to right on the couch was Niall, Liam, Me, Zayn, Louis, Harry.

"i thought you said this bus had a TV?" i asked Zayn.

"it does." he said as he clicked the remote. the TV came out of the roof.

"wow!" i said.

"so we stay on this bus all the time besides preformances?" i asked.

"pretty much." harry said.

"get use to the fans, our bus isn't as private as the cottage we just stayed at." harry said.

"that naibourhood is private." niall said.

"thats why there was only a couples fans, and they were'nt even crazed." i joked.

"were are we preforming first, well we start in Turky.-"

"hey el's there. maybe she's the right girl for me." Louis said walking into the bathroom.

i looked down at my toms.

Zayn rubbed my back.

"why is he being so mean?" i asked not looking up.

"I don't know." Zayn said.

i put my head on his sholder.

"how long is it untill we get to turky?" i asked.

"1 day, so 24 hours." Liam said.

"this will be a long drive." i said.

"yup." niall said poping the p.


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